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Research and Planning: Target Audience and Your Influences.

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1 Research and Planning: Target Audience and Your Influences

2 Children of men is age rated a 15. It is a 15 due to the violence and gore, profanity and mild drug use. There is no controversy with the certificate of this film but it is widely said that this film shouldn’t be seen by children younger than the certificate due to its incredibly brutal nature. The Island is rated a 12A. This is because of the strong use of violence, consumerism and it has mild use of nudity/sex references and drinking and drugs. There is a tiny bit of controversy with this age rating should be a 15 due to the fact that the characters drink, smoke, fight, and kill one another.The certificate is justified as the film shows old mild sex/ nudity references and the whole film is dystopian and it is set in the far future making the violence and sex references have less impact as it doesn't feel as relatable or realistic. Target Audience Research

3  28 days later is aged rated an 18. This is because of the strong violence and gore, language and nudity. The certificate is justified as the content is too explicit for anybody extremely younger than the age rating. Blade runner is age rated a 15. This is because of the strong graphic violence, the mild drinking, drugs, smoking and sex references/nudity. There is no controversy as the films content is justified by the 15 age rating, as the film has no extremely explicit content worthy of making it an 18 age rating.

4 Minority report is age rated a 12. This is because there is only very mild nudity and sex references and mild language and drinking drugs and smoking. But there is heavy violence and gore in this film, for example there is murder, suicide and a gruesome operation. The heavy amount of violence makes the age rating controversial as the majority of people believe that the film should be a 15+. The certificate is justified by the content as the explicit scenes are balanced out just enough for it to stay a 12. For example there is very mild drug references but strong violence which balances it out and also heavy violence is considered less explicit that heavy sex/nudity.

5 Total Recall ( 2012 ) is age rated a 12A. This is because there is only one sex reference and there is moderate violence with very mild gore. Also there is only one mild drinking reference. And very minimal profanity. This film is perfectly justified by the certificate as it is a very mild film in terms of explicit content and kids under 12 can see the film is cinemas if they are accompanied by an adult.

6 Planning for our film “Conspiracy” The target audience of our film is going to be anyone who is interested in conspiracy theories and the gender it is aimed at is both as it hasn't got extremely feminine traits or conventions or mostly masculine conventions. It is just about the idea of money becoming worthless, thus applying to the whole world and audience. It is aimed at people 15+ due to the complexity and It is age rated a 15 due to the violent content and the rude language shown. This is a situation that could happen as the economy in some countries is really awful at the moment. Also similar or close to situations to the narrative have happened like financial and economic crisis's like the 1929 wall street crash or the Great depression in 1930 making it relatable to our target audience as it is realistic. This will make the film appeal strongly to our target audience, making our film more successful. The age rating of a 15 is also justified because it has similar levels of explicit content compared to other films in the same genre with the same rating like “Children of men” and “Blade Runner”.

7 Planning – My influences /ideas  We got ideas and influences from a number of different films. Mainly we got inspiration from the film “In Time”. This is because it is from the dystopian genre and its narrative is focused the subject of money as it is about a future where people stop aging at 25, but are engineered to live only one more year, having the means to buy your way out of the situation is a shot at immortal youth. The main character Will Salas ( Played by Justin Timberlake) finds himself accused of murder and on the run with a hostage - a connection that becomes an important part of the way against the system. We took the idea of a conspiracy focused on money and the main character being set up and chased by authorities. We used the main character conventions in this film to help develop our main characters.

8 Planning – My ideas ( Continued) We gather ideas for the mise en scene from “28 days later”, where the mise en scne consists of a quiet, abandoned and destroyed city. This is a classic dystopian trait of a “ruined/unsettling” world. This plays a big role in our narrative as it shows a disturbed, unsettling and imperfect world which was the impact of money becoming worthless as society collapsed.

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