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“The Choice” Dorothy Parker

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1 “The Choice” Dorothy Parker
, member of the Algonquin Round Table, sold her first poem to Vanity Fair at 21 Girl is faced with a choice between two men- one has money; the other is offering love

2 Sonnet 130 William Shakespeare
, English poet and playwright, born in Stratford-on-Avon Poem begins with insults to a woman (hair, breath, etc.) but ends positively.

3 Sonnet 18 William Shakespeare (See previous slide)
Compares a woman to a summer’s day

4 “When the Frost Is on the Punkin”
James Whitcomb Riley , nickname is the Hoosier Poet, often wrote about rural Indiana life, born in Greenfield Poem includes imagery connected to life on a farm

5 “The Road Not Taken” Robert Frost
, won four Pulitzer Prizes, often wrote about New England Poem working on two levels- figurative and literal Literal- man must choose between two trails/paths Figurative- choose a path of life

6 “Describe Somebody” Jacqueline Woodson
Born in 1963, lives in and writes about Brooklyn, does not like to use an outline or a plan to write, we watched several video clips that featured her. Written in free verse, describes what students are doing in a classroom from a young boy’s perspective

7 “Cat” Eleanor Farjeon , from England, her poem “Morning Has Broken” was recorded by Cat Stevens Poem includes onomatopoeia associated with cat sounds

8 “Concrete Mixers” Patricia Hubbell
Born in 1928, writes poetry and children’s books Extended metaphor comparing concrete mixers and elephants

9 “Harlem Night Song” Langston Hughes
, loved Harlem and often wrote about it, played a significant role in the Harlem Renaissance Is similar to a love song; tone is very celebratory

10 “The City Is So Big” Richard Garcia
Born in 1941, poet-in-residence at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (at one time) Images include lights that move from house to house, stairways, and elevators

11 “O Captain My Captain” Walt Whitman
, wrote Leaves of Grass, worked in military hospitals, saw Lincoln from afar Extended metaphor comparing Abraham Lincoln to a ship’s captain

12 “Silver” Walter de la Mare
, British, government gave him a grant at 35 to retire and write full time. Includes imagery about the moon

13 “your little voice/Over the wires came leaping”
e.e. cummings , was imprisoned for 3 months because he was thought to be a spy, unusual punctuation and arrangement of words Phone call

14 “Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind”
Shakespeare (See previous slides) Lyric poem about false friendship

15 “Paul Revere’s Ride” William Wadsworth Longfellow
, went to college when he was 15, wrote poems about American history Paul Revere is riding his horse from town to town, (Revolutionary War)

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