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Congress is made up of: House Senate.

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1 Congress is made up of: House Senate

2 Which branch of government is established by Article 1
Legislative Branch What is the main function of the legislative branch? To make laws Where does Congress meet? Washington D.C. Name given to a two house legislature Bicameral

3 House of Representatives
How many members? 435 Minimum age 25 Which party controls? Democrats How many up for reelection every two years? All-435

4 How many reps in Washington?
9 What district do you live in? District 1 Who is your representative? Jay Inslee—Democrat Name the top five leadership positions?


6 What are crucial factors in the selection?
Seniority and majority party Members are elected for how many years? 2 A census must be taken every ______ years 10 Define apportionment Divide into shares or dividing seats in a legislative body

7 Reapportion To redistribute legislative seats after a census
Redistricting means: Redrawing legislative boundaries or districts after a census Gerrymandering means: To draw unreasonable or oddly shaped districts to benefit one political party over another

8 Gerrymander

9 Washington’s Congressional Districts

10 How many did constituents did the representatives have originally?
30,000 How many do they have today? About 650,000 According to paragraph 5, what is the power given to the House? Sole power of impeachment What does impeach mean? To bring formal charges against an elected official

11 Has this power ever been used against a president?
Yes, twice Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton

12 Senate Each state has how many senators? 2
How many members in the senate today? 100 Minimum age 30 Which party controls the senate today? Democrats

13 Who are Washington state’s senators?
Patty Murray -democrat Maria Cantwell-democrat Senators are elected for how many years? 6 Minimum age is: 30 Who is the president of the senate? Vice president of the US—Joseph Biden

14 What official presides when he is gone?
President Pro Tempore Currently Daniel Inouye When does the Vice President vote? When there is a tie Define filibuster Talking a bill to death; holding the floor at length in an attempt to avoid or postpone a vote

15 Define cloture: Parliamentary tactic used to stop a filibuster
Requires signatures of 3/5 of senators Who are the top five leadership positions in the Senate?

16 The House is given sole power of impeachment.
What related power is given to the Senate? The power to try the impeached official They are the “jury” What two penalties are imposed? Removal from office Never holding another public office Originally, senators were elected by: State legislatures

17 How was this changed? By the 17th amendment allowing for direct election of senators How often does Congress meet? Once a year 20th amendment says opening day is: January 3rd Who determines the rules? Each house decides its own

18 Congressional Immunity
You can’t be arrested for a misdemeanor while Congress is in session You can’t be sued for slander for speeches made on the floor Current compensation:

19 What is a bill? A proposed piece of legislation Define law:
A bill that has passed through both houses of congress, and signed by the President All revenue bills must originate in which house? House of representatives

20 Define Quorum The number of people required to transact business
218 in the house 51 in the Senate What fraction is required to override a presidential veto? 2/3 Name of official record is: Congressional record or Journal

21 Powers of Congress There are 17 powers granted to Congress by the Constitution Collect taxes Borrow money Establish rules of naturalization Regulate commerce (trade) with foreign nations Coin money

22 Powers con’t Punishment for counterfeit Establish post office
Issue patents and copyrights Raise and support an army Define and punish piracy Declare war A few others….

23 Elastic clause Article 1, section 8, paragraph 18
Also called the necessary and proper clause Gives congress “implied powers” Ability to make any law that is “necessary and proper” Very important part of the Constitution!!!

24 Loose construction Utilizing the elastic clause to it’s fullest
Stretching the interpretation to fit changing times Strict Construction Literal interpretation of the document Ver Batim –word for word Example—2nd amendment

25 SECTION 9 Powers Denied to Congress
Cannot deny a writ of Habeus corpus This is the right to know why you are being detained Cannot pass ex-post facto laws Punishment for something that was legal when you did it! No bills of attainder—punishment withjout a legal trial!

26 Powers denied to the States
No state may enter into a treaty

27 Review! “Rule of man, not of law” or rule by one Autocracy
“Rule of law, not of man” or rule by the people Democracy Rule by a few or a small group Oligarchy Rule by inheritance Monarchy

28 Review con’t A republic means to have elected officials
What are two ways you can “limil” a republic? Who can vote Who can run for office Define popular sovereignty “power to the people”

29 Review con’t Define delegated powers
Powers give to the federal government What is an example of a delegated power? Coin money, declare war, post office, punish counterfeiters etc. Define reserved powers Powers “reserved” or saved for the states What is an example? Set age limits, licenses, public education

30 Review con’t Define concurrent power Powers all levels can share
What is an example of a concurrent power? Taxation, making laws Describe /define a federal system of government State and central share power with the federal (central) being supreme

31 Review con’t Define/describe a confederate system of government
State and central share power with the state being supreme What type of system do we use today? Federal! What were some of the problems unfer the Articles of Confederation that caused this change?

32 Review con’t No chief executive No standing military
No common currency No court to settle disputes between states 9/13 had to agree to any changes No central mail service No control of interstate trade

33 Review con’t

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