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PARCC Transition & Implementation Institute September 9, 2011.

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1 PARCC Transition & Implementation Institute September 9, 2011

2 1 ©2011 U.S. Education Delivery Institute and Achieve Very highLowHighVery low Number of people Over time In order to build support, you must understand how different people view your Common Core implementation effort You may choose to focus less time and resources on those who are strongly opposed to the implementation effort Level of support

3 2 ©2011 U.S. Education Delivery Institute and Achieve An effective guiding coalition represents a diverse set of individuals who have a stake in the success of the implementation effort Possible “sources” of guiding coalition members Governor’s Office (particularly K-12 education advisers) Legislature (particularly crucial committee chairs or their advisers) Office of the Secretary of Education State Board of Education members and/or staff Higher education governing board members and/or staff State education agency leadership Workforce development agency leadership Business community leadership (chambers and/or roundtables) Philanthropic community leadership Advocacy and other third party organization leadership School Boards Associations Union and association leadership, including teachers and administrators Field: superintendents, principals, teachers, higher education faculty/administrators It is important to go beyond titles and identify the specific individuals from one or more of these groups who could be a part of your coalition

4 3 ©2011 U.S. Education Delivery Institute and Achieve Prime Minister’s Key Advisers on education: Andrew Adonis/Michael Barber/Peter Hyman ▪ Provided the policy impetus for major reforms and checked on progress/delivery Secretary of State for Education Charles Clarke ▪ Made sure the Department was focused on London as a priority and delegated resource Minister for London Schools Stephen Twigg ▪ Provided political leadership within the Dept and in London; managed the media Commissioner for London Schools Tim Brighouse ▪ Provided high credibility with the profession. Convinced sceptics of the value of work Lead Official Jon Coles ▪ Provided management and leadership of the work and credibility with local leaders London Challenge Advisers ▪ Worked directly with LAs and schools. High credibility as ex-heads or LA leaders Prime Minister Tony Blair ▪ Provided the political leadership, moral purpose and resources for the Challenge Who was part of the Guiding Coalition?What role did they play? Example of a Guiding Coalition: the London Challenge

5 4 ©2011 U.S. Education Delivery Institute and Achieve A guiding coalition is a group of powerful allies who can help you build support for your work A guiding coalition can serve as a sounding board for the system leader and others driving the implementation effort. Their support can help widen the “circles of leadership” for Common Core implementation. Users and the public A workforce that understands Mid-tier leaders Guiding Coalition: 7- 10 key people in positions of influence who will support your effort

6 5 ©2011 U.S. Education Delivery Institute and Achieve In addition, there were a number of other stakeholders who were critical to successful delivery Stakeholder group What was their interest and how critical was their support? What did we do to engage them and how did we reach out to them? London Councils ▪ Umbrella body representing local councils and political leaders. ▪ Suspicious of interventions but wanted to enhance LA reputation ▪ Regular briefings gave them opportunity to raise concerns and ask questions ▪ Shared early successes with them to reassure Teacher Unions ▪ Suspicious of turnaround efforts ▪ Supportive of additional resource ▪ Needed them not to oppose outright ▪ Met with them at start to brief them on plans ▪ Encouraged LAs/schools to work with if possible ▪ Involved them in celebrating schools successes The Media ▪ Historically had been very negative ▪ Needed them not to oppose outright ▪ Ideally wanted some positive stories ▪ Sold them message of backing London’s kids to do well; presented individual success stories ▪ When results improved, briefed heavily and gave them access to most improved schools Parents Groups ▪ Supportive in principle but suspicious of some elements of the reforms ▪ Critical to engage in young people’s education to support schools efforts ▪ Developed the idea of the Cultural Guarantee that offered all young people free access to a number of cultural events. Strong support from parents groups. Linked to Challenge. Employers/ Higher Ed ▪ Not heavily engaged to start apart from London Leadership Centre who provided training to Heads/Teachers ▪ Once some success had been achieved, keen to get involved with and support local schools ▪ Used as part of media campaigns to show how well London students had done

7 6 ©2011 U.S. Education Delivery Institute and Achieve How did we know the communication was working? Ways to monitor levels of support Feedback from Advisers Advisers were working with Local Authorities and Schools on a regular weekly basis and could report back on how messages were being received, any issues or myths that needed to be quickly addressed, and what messages worked best Independent Feedback The Department asked PMDU to undertake an independent visit to three boroughs to talk to those involved with the Challenge to ask them how they were feeling. We were able to report back mainly positive messages but highlighted one or two issues to be addressed Surveys and Polls The DfE undertook an annual survey of teachers and parents and was able to include messages about the impact of the work in London over time to see if changes were being picked up Tracking public information Tracking press and media coverage of London’s schools provided another indicator of progress being made – of course negativity remained but could monitor increase in positive news stories

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