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Service to Homeschooling Families Instructor: Adrienne Furness An Infopeople Workshop Winter 2008-2009.

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1 Service to Homeschooling Families Instructor: Adrienne Furness An Infopeople Workshop Winter 2008-2009

2 Question for the Group Has anyone had a difficult interaction or situation with homeschoolers in their libraries that they’d be willing to share? Any anxieties or concerns about working with homeschoolers?

3 Why Should You Care About Homeschoolers? From Homeschooling in the United States: 2003 by Daniel Princiotta and Stacey Bielick

4 78% of homeschoolers use the library as a primary source of learning materials.

5 Why Families Homeschool From Homeschooling in the United States: 2003 by Daniel Princiotta and Stacey Bielick

6 The Homeschooling Year Follow the school calendar Homeschool year-round Create a calendar based on family needs –religious considerations –medical needs –travel or special projects –Business Some follow no calendar at all

7 Daily Homeschooling Schedules Schoolwork in the morning/outings in the afternoon Chores in the morning/schoolwork in the late morning and early afternoon Schoolwork in the evenings or at night Some do no organized “seat work”

8 What is Unschooling? Term coined by educator John Holt The beginning of the contemporary homeschooling movement Child-led learning “Real world” activities “Radical Unschoolers”

9 A Sample Unschooling Day 8:00am – Wake up. 8:00-8:45am – Eat breakfast/get dressed/etc. 8:45-9:30am – Read 9:30-11:30am – Go to volunteer job at local animal shelter Noon – Lunch 12:30-2:00pm – Play outside 2:00-3:00pm – Work on article for area homeschooling group newsletter 3:00-3:30pm – Play math computer game 3:30-5:00pm – Play with neighborhood children 5:00-6:00pm – Make dinner for the family, eat—dinner discussion centered around current events

10 Conservative Protestant Homeschoolers Brought to conservative Protestants by educators Raymond and Dorothy Moore Popularized by “Focus on the Family” radio show Highly organized and vocal segment of the homeschooling population

11 Question for the Group What are some of the pros and cons of supplying materials, services, and programs specifically geared to a religiously-united group like conservative Protestant homeschoolers?

12 Other Homeschooling Philosophies Other religions (Catholics, Pagans, Jews, Muslims) Children with special needs Classical Charlotte Mason Military Artist Eclectic

13 Homeschooling Curriculums A number of prepackaged products available MANY are religously-focused Listing of some suppliers on your bookmark file

14 Question for the Group Why might it be important to have a basic knowledge of the laws governing homeschooling?

15 Homeschoolers and the Law Education governed by state Homeschooling currently legal in all 50 states, but the laws vary widely Be familiar with the ways people are attempting to comply with law NO LEGAL ADVICE

16 Complying with Compulsory Education Law in California Establishing a private school (Private School Affidavit Form) Tutoring (state certified teacher) Enrolling in a charter, public, or other school that allows for independent study at home

17 California Curriculum Requirements Private school requirements Instruction must be in English Grades 1-6: English, math, social sciences, science, fine arts, health, and physical education Grades 7-12: Gr. 1-6 subjects plus a foreign language, applied arts, vocational education, and driver education

18 Statewide Homeschooling Organizations HomeSchool Association of California (HSC) California Homeschool Network (CHN) Christian Home Educators Association of California (CHEA)

19 HSC and CHN Extremely similar organizations HSC founded 1987 CHN founded 1994 Inclusive (anyone can join) Provide information/support Protect rights Publications (HSC bimonthly, CHN quarterly) Annual conferences

20 CHEA Protestant Christian group Founded 1982 Ties to Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) Information/support Quarterly publication Annual conference

21 Finding Local Support Groups Ask homeschoolers who visit your library Websites for statewide organizations Google searches

22 Question for the Group Considering that many homeschoolers consider libraries part of the same government that runs the schools they’ve rejected, what are some ways we can reassure them that we’re an organization they can trust?

23 Question for the Group Based on what we learned this morning, what kinds of barriers do you think homeschoolers might encounter when they visit the library?

24 What Homeschoolers Have to Say about How Libraries Can Improve Their Services to Homeschoolers… Space to meet Increase borrowing limits Extended loans Reduce fees (ILLs, holds, overdues) “Teacher cards”

25 What Library Programs Do Welcome homeschoolers Increase their investment Increase their independence Increase your knowledge

26 Before You Start WHO am I targeting? WHAT do they want to learn? WHERE should I have the program (in-house vs. outreach)? WHEN is the best time for homeschoolers? WHY am I doing this? HOW will I implement this program?

27 Planning Successful Programs for Homeschoolers Wide age ranges/family programs Afternoons Partner with local organizations Recruit volunteers Focus on the library

28 Types of Programs to Consider Homeschool open house Library skills Computer skills Book groups College/scholarship information

29 Question for the Group SHOULD we buy special materials for homeschoolers?

30 Why Starting a Homeschooling Collection is a Challenging Task Homeschooling materials not widely reviewed Many are published by small presses or are self-published Some aren’t available through jobbers Some have a blatantly religious slant Almost all are biased in some way

31 Who Uses Homeschooling Collections? Homeschooling families Non-homeschooling families Teachers Tutors College students

32 Don’t Hide the Homeschooling Materials Separate collection Signage Spine labels Brochures, bookmarks, and fliers

33 Collection Development Resources Homeschooling periodicals Websites and blogs Books already in your collection Patron recommendations

34 Getting Started “Developing a Homeschooling Collection” “Homeschooling Periodicals You Should Know About” “The Less-than-$150 Homeschooling Collection”

35 Question for the Group If someone asked you why it’s important to provide library services to homeschoolers, what kinds of things might you talk about?

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