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Welcome to Parent-Ed Night Series #1 What Does a Successful Middle School Student Look Like?

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2 Welcome to Parent-Ed Night Series #1 What Does a Successful Middle School Student Look Like?

3 The Elementary School Child

4 The Middle School Child

5 School Problems Then & Now THEN Children at home or cared for by relatives One parent worked Large families Top school problems in 1940s 1.Talking in class 2.Chewing gum 3.Making noise 4.Running in halls 5.Cutting in line NOW Children at day care or latch key Both parents work Extended family away Top school problems in 1990s 1. Drug abuse 2. Alcohol abuse 3. Pregnancy 4. Suicide 5. Robbery

6 Characteristics of a Teen Teen rebellion Exploration Time away from family Put downs Putting you on Omnipotent Moody Friends Privacy Self conscious Mature at varying rates of speed.

7 Characteristics of a Teen BODENHAMERS LAW OF BEHAVIOR Human being (including children) prefer doing things in their own way, in their own time, and given an option, will sometimes do as they please.

8 Activity: What Interests Does My Student Have?

9 Family Meetings Schedule weekly meeting times – post it. Set the agenda and explain the purpose of the meeting. Start with positive: thank you or compliments. Establish meeting rules. Design rotating responsibilities (facilitator, encourager, recorder) Keep the agenda short Brainstorm ideas – no evaluation Choose an activity or solution everyone can agree on. Make a plan and write it down. End with food or fun.

10 Family Fun Ideas Directions: complete the following chart for your family. Places we could go… At home fun…Fee or $…..

11 Good Communication Is the Key Talk with you child about school regularly Know the names of his or her teachers Check Aries Grade book online weekly for homework assignment, tests and current grades. CMS website –Student bulletin for daily events –Teachers websites –District information –Most important Counseling –Habitat information –Carmel Middle School Newsletters –Lunch Information

12 Good Communication Is the Key Newsletters Voicemail E-mail Cougar Planner Back to School Might & Open House Progress Reports –October 7 th, January 20 th, & May 4 th Conference Week –Parents sign up online (Oct. 10-23) –If parents do not have a computer, the may call the office

13 Create a Learning Environment at Home Set up a study area for your student Help you student avoid distractions Set limits on the amount of time you students spends: –Watching television –Playing video/computer games –Chatting online or surfing the Internet (unless it is related to class work –Talking on the phone

14 Create a Learning Environment at Home Work with you student on a study schedule Post the study schedule so everyone can see Be in the near vicinity to monitor distractions Keep to the schedule, even if you student says they have no homework, they can always use that time to read of their free reading time. This keeps everyone on the same routine.

15 Helping You Child With Schoolwork Homework. –Try to help you student understand homework assignments if he or she is having trouble. –If you think your student needs more help, ask the school if there are tutoring services or homework help lines available. –Make sure you student has a phone number of at least one study buddy they can call for humor clarification. Preparing for tests-encourage you student to: –Start studying for a test early. –Help by quizzing home or her. –Read all instruction when taking the test.

16 Keeping Your Student Motivated Try to instill a love of learning in your student. Give your child feedback. –Praise you childs efforts on schoolwork. –Celebrate good grades and test scores. –Encourage you student to keep trying when he or she does not do as well as expected on a test. –Ask questions when your child talks about his or her day at school. Set a good example. –Spend time reading together as a family. –Visit libraries and museums together. –Let you student help with household tasks.

17 When It Comes to School Success You, Your Student, and the School Are a team!

18 Consequences Positive –Phone time –Friend over –Treats –Computer time –Fun time with mom and dad –After school activities Negative –Lose privileges for 24 hours ONLY

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