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Whirlpool Bath Whirlpool Bath.

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1 Whirlpool Bath Whirlpool Bath

2 Whirlpool Bath A whirlpool bath is essentially a local bath for extremities, with the limb submerging in rapidly circulating water. It can be created in any size tub or tank, making it possible to immerse the whole body for hydro-massage effect.

3 1.Therapeutic Effects The whirlpool bath combines the values of conductive heat and gentle massage. The hydro-massage effect accomplishes the following: A sedative action. A relief of pain by stimuli which act through the pain gait mechanism. A relaxation of muscle spasms.

4 2. Actions Producing vasodilatation
Improving local arterial and lymphatic circulation. Softening of scar tissue. Breaking down old adhesions after fractures of sprains. Cleaning and stimulation of wounds. Mechanically removing dirt, dead tissue and pus. Causing regression of the inflammatory process. Diminution of edema and effusion.

5 3. Types of Whirlpool Baths
Combination of arm/leg and hip whirlpool tank. The electric turbine ejector produces a stream of aerated water. A seat provides comfort and security to the patient. Vibra bath unit: the water is agitated or circulated by means of air blown into water or by turbine or by one or several ejector placed water jets. There are portable whirlpool for the elbow. The Whirlpool bath use can be started as soon as the second day after a soft tissue injury. Jacuzzi ( hydro-massage unit): can be used in any tank to provide a controlled supply of whirling aerated water.

6 4. Technique of Application
The whirlpool tank is filled with water. The water temperature is checked by hand and thermometer. Adjust the patient’s position in accordance to the treated body part and considering both comfort and security. Explain the procedure and reassure the patient. Place the body part in the water. Encourage the patient to move while keeping the body part under water during the treatment in case of joint involvement. After completion of treatment, dry the body part and wrap it keeping it warm.

7 5. Water Temperature 6. Treatment Duration:
The advised temperature varies between 36°C and 41°C, starting gradually until reaching the maximum tolerance of the patient. 6. Treatment Duration: Between 15 to 45 minutes

8 7. Indications Poor circulation. Chronic edema. Separate dead tissue.
Pain relief in amputations ( phantom pain). After removal of plaster cast (fractures). Stiff joints. Infected wounds → with added antiseptic agent. Arthritis with stiff and swollen joints. Polyomyelitis and paraplegia to improve circulation. Traumatic and chronic inflammatory conditions. Weak and painful feet. As preparation to massage, passive stretching and exercises.

9 8. Contra-indications Diabetes mellitus. Varicose veins.
Advanced arteriosclerosis. Advanced peripheral vascular diseases.

10 9. Note When the size of the whirlpool bath is not adequate for treatment, the Hubbard Tank is recommended as it permits the entire body to be immersed and all the muscle groups exercise in a water medium. The whirlpool bath can be used in giving ultrasonic treatment for the extremities. The water in this situation is used as a coupling agent.

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