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Performance Enhancement in the UK Police Service - A Bristol Perspective Chief Superintendent Jon Stratford Bristol District.

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1 Performance Enhancement in the UK Police Service - A Bristol Perspective Chief Superintendent Jon Stratford Bristol District

2 Headlines Defining our role The complexity of Policing The challenges of measurement The performance journey we are on The relationship between Performance and Quality Leadership and the way forward Questions

3 Bristol District : “Front Line” Service delivery: Crime and Anti-social behaviour levels Public safety Standards of crime investigation and victim care Including major crime community impact management Policing of major events Critical incident management Proactively resolving community tensions Partnership work with: Bristol City Council and other Community safety agencies Local Criminal Justice Agencies Some 900 Police Officers and 250 Police Staff Their selection and development £50m+ budget

4 Video

5 Role of the Police Service “ The purpose of the police service is to uphold the law fairly and firmly; to prevent crime; to pursue and bring to justice those who break the law; to keep the Queen’s peace; to protect, help and reassure the community; and to be seen to do this with integrity, common sense and sound judgement.” Police Service’s Statement of Common Purpose

6 Jacqui Smith Home Secretary, Mar 2009 'I have a single-minded focus on building public confidence in policing and that means the police should be answering to the public, not the Government. That is why I have scrapped all but one central target for the police - to raise public confidence.’

7 Theresa May Home Secretary, August 2011 “ As Home Secretary, I've been clear from the beginning that the test of the effectiveness of the police, the sole objective against which they will be judged, the way in which communities should be able to hold them to account, is their success in cutting crime”

8 To Come… Police and Crime Commissioners Plus: CSR 2010+ Winsor Review Leveson Inquiry’s recommendations Etc etc…

9 What is ‘Good’ Police Performance? “Good police performance means different things to different people. From the perspective of a victim of crime, good performance might mean a prompt police response and competent investigation. A police manager may judge good performance by counting the number of arrests or detected offences recorded by individual officers. A local politician may consider that a reduction in the overall crime rate indicates good performance. Others may have different interpretations” Inspector Simon Guilfoyle, Blog - April 2011

10 Complexity - managing a crime How do we performance measure all of this?

11 National Context – Some Facts Crime having peaked in 2003-04 is now falling steadily 136,261 Police Officer’s, 15,469 PCSO’s and 69,407 Police Staff England and Wales (30/9/11) Avon and Somerset Constabulary, 3,029 Police Officers, 379 PCSO’s and 2,056 Police Staff

12 Bristol District – Crime and Satisfaction Bristol has: 42.5% of total Avon and Somerset Constabulary crime 52% of total Avon and Somerset Serious Acquisitive Crime Victim Satisfaction - measures Ease of Contact95.6% Actions to deal with incident76.9% Follow up/subsequent activity79.8% Treatment by Police Officers/Staff 94.2% The whole experience82.4%

13 Performance Enhancement - Where we came from 10 years ago we waited weeks for the monthly crime figures to be reported to us Our first attempt at a performance framework (2004) Our information hierarchy reflects the need to: 1. Manage daily operational outcomes 2. Make progress with our development activities 3. Keep a close eye on the vital few measures, whilst allowing a drill down to all other measures

14 Performance Enhancement – Where we are now


16 Carl Von Clausewitz 1780-1831

17 Going Forward 1. Focussing on People not Processes Building a Service Orientated Culture Recognise “Voice of the Customer”– developing Emotional Intelligence appropriate to our role Developing our First and Second Line Leaders to drive this 2. Providing the environment and tools for success Seeking to further encourage and empower our leaders Developing better linkage between individuals’ work and corporate objectives Moving from a one year planning cycle to one with a rolling three year horizon 3Balancing Progress with Risk Managing the internal and external tensions… 4Continue to improve within a changing environment of shrinking resources and changes to leadership with both a Police and Crime Commissioner and elected Mayor in place by the end of the year

18 Any Questions?

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