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A Leadership Focus Compiled by Parking & Traffic team Presented by Steve Nagle Parking &Traffic 27 November 2008.

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1 A Leadership Focus Compiled by Parking & Traffic team Presented by Steve Nagle Parking &Traffic 27 November 2008

2 Where we’ve come from OmbudsmanReporting Review Management Review 2006 The Way ForwardOperational Review Whistleblowers Act People engagement 2007 Media Scrutiny/Media Leaks Below Above Low morale Not achieving budget Internal scrutiny Threat of outsourcing No auditable processes Customer dissatisfaction Staff performance issues

3 2008 People engagement 3 Strategies: - People Management - Business Management - Compliance 12 months later, whole of branch input into developing our business strategy framework:

4 Where we are now Branch Strategies: –People Management –Business Management –Compliance 184 EFT – including two new teams Permits & Street Compliance Revenue budget $44 million Total operating budget approximately $75 million Issue approximately 450,000 PINS per annum Now effectively managing our infringement debt Reporting and audit framework in place to manage the business Mission statement: We work in partnership with stakeholders to raise awareness of and manage permits, compliance and parking services within the municipality, in a way that provides the greatest benefit to the whole community while imposing the lowest possible impact on amenity and environmental quality.

5 Reflecting on the journey As a leader, the challenge is to hold on to the strategic direction whilst working on the operational To respond to the chaos and not react Hold the business focus whilst you keep pushing for change Listen to your people and value their ideas Unlock barriers and step outside the hierarchy Engage helpers whether their your staff or others i.e. consultants Encourage staff mobility and empowerment and value their contribution Create an environment for organic growth Demonstrate courage by being creative

6 Creative leadership Sometimes the best messages can be obscure The key achievements: Re-branded branch Re- engaged and empowered staff Re-positioned the branch 360 degree turnaround on media coverage Re-focussed the above and below the line noise Created change Pushed the boundaries Most of all it put the focus back on the people and therefore, set the new direction

7 Business Management Strategy Compliance Strategy People Strategy The Way Forward

8 Compliance Strategy Support city amenity through safe, efficient and equitable permits Compliance and parking turnover services using smart technology, data management, planning and efficient deployment of resources Use the on-street presence of Officers to ensure a city envoy role and customer focussed services

9 Business Management Strategy Deliver quality infringements, permits, risk, financial, planning, reporting, quality control and data management services Ensure all services are best practice, robust, transparent and customer focused, and provide a positive customer interface

10 People Strategy Develop and foster a culture in which people feel empowered, skilled, informed and courageous; in which people display integrated thinking, and healthy and engaged behaviour in line with the City of Melbourne’s Values Develop leaders to drive management, performance and accountability, with a whole of business focus

11 People Strategy Their highlights: In the recent organisation wide culture survey of the 14 dimensions measured the branch ranked highest in 10 and then divisionally the highest in 12 dimensions. Dimensions included: Increased job satisfaction Staff engagement Inclusion The values Clarity of business purpose Reward & recognition Engagement in their work

12 People Strategy Highlights continued Initiation of local government accredited training in Certificate 4 Regulatory Services Establishment of equipment technical team Consultancy Training services for externals Risk management framework completed In-house Learning and development team Reporting framework in place Individual team reward and recognition packages/budget Cross organisation working groups on key issues Active secondment program –internally/externally Team presentations at branch and divisional meetings Personal Development Review framework linked to corporate strategies Recently new aligned structure

13 People Strategy The 5 leadership attributes identified by the branch Courage Engagement Inclusion and Consultation Accountability Empowered and Supported

14 People Strategy Courage The teams key message is “…that it is a willingness to make tough decisions and explore new ideas and ways of doing things”

15 People Strategy Engagement The teams key message is “…ask for and value our input”

16 People Strategy Inclusion and Consultation The teams key message is “…if we are involved in the decision we will own the outcome and demonstrate it”

17 People Strategy Accountability The teams key message is “…if we accept personal responsibility for decisions and actions we are then accountable for achieving goals and objectives”

18 People Strategy Empowered and Supported The teams key message is “…with support we can achieve greater thing”

19 Leadership

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