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Macadamia Presentation January 2013 Presented by Kees Blokland.

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1 Macadamia Presentation January 2013 Presented by Kees Blokland

2 Content  Introduction  Growing areas  Current supply worldwide  Future supply  Demand  Price development  2012 highlights  Key Factors for future

3 Global Trading & Agency BV  Broker in nuts and dried fruits since 1993.  Macadamias and Cashews are our core products.  Sourcing Macadamias and Cashews worldwide for various customers.  Strong relations with suppliers from South Africa, Malawi & Kenya.  Stockholding in Europe.  A broker crazy about macadamias!

4 Macadamias – A global crop Australia, South Africa, Hawaii, Kenya, Guatemala, Malawi, Brazil, China and many others.

5 Supply Worldwide

6 Supply Summary – International Remarks:  Australian crop has mainly faced some difficulties due to weather conditions.  South Africa has shown steady healthy growth.  Kenya is growing steadily, but crackouts are much lower (20% on average).

7 Future Supply  About 5% growth of production worldwide. Remarks:  Hot weather could have an impact on the quality and volume from Australia.  China production is a guestimate.

8 Is supply finally growing?  China starts having a crop.  Kenya is growing fast on kernels.  More trees are getting into productions in the new growing areas in South Africa.  Bundaberg region in Australia is getting in production.

9 Worldwide Demand

10 Consumption per capita vs income per capita

11 Price development

12 2012 Highlights  Decent crops in all growing areas.  Continuous demand due to stable prices.  Emerging markets (Asia) playing a significant role in the macadamia industry. Product is seen as a premium product.  Growing consumer awareness.

13 Key Factors for Future  Generic marketing  Growth in supply.  Demand from emerging markets.  But very important will be maintaining the existing markets!


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