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The Villain in the Atmosphere Isaac Asimov

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1 The Villain in the Atmosphere Isaac Asimov
Text Unit 5 The Villain in the Atmosphere Isaac Asimov There is one gas present in the air we breathe that is essential to life. … 大学英语精读第二册第五课课件 创思英语

2 The Villain in the Atmosphere
Useful expressions Text interpretation Word family Sentence structure Translation Reading skill Guided writing Homework

3 Useful expressions 破坏友谊 香精油 皈依伊斯兰教 面纸,化妆纸 表面优势 沿海城市 一小部分
Poison friendship Essential oil Convert to Islam Facial tissue Apparent advantage Coastal cities A fraction of

4 Useful expressions 平稳增长 内陆国家 有失尊严/身份 流行病 处于压力下 社会关系 油箱 Steady increase
Inland country … one’s dignity A … disease Under pressure Social connections Gas tanks

5 Useful expressions 透明皂 独特风味 蔓延植物 不利因素 (火)吞噬房屋 从…角度 替代能源
Transparent soaps A distinct flavor A creeping plant Adverse factors Consume houses From the … of Alternative energy

6 Text interpretation Warm-up questions
Have you ever noticed any weather changes where you live? Do you have any idea of the greenhouse effect? What is the cause? What is the effect? What is a way out? Background Information外教社课件

7 Text interpretation Answer the questions
Ⅱ Comprehension on p.106 What type is the text, generally? A. narration B. exposition C. description D. argumentation 记叙文 说明文 描述文 议论文

8 Text interpretation What is the main idea/topic of the text?
It explains the green house effect. The text is mainly in the pattern. A. general-specific B. problem-solution C. cause-effect 总分 问题-解决 因果

9 Text interpretation Try to pick up those words or sentences that serve as links between paragraphs or parts of the text. 2 it 3 what’s more 4 but here 6 eventually 7 not only…but 8 and all because of 9 it begins with 10 however 12 this means 14 but why 15 to blame 16 to make matters worse 17 whatever replaces 18 but this 19 what is to be done 20 first 21 second

10 Text interpretation Part division Paras Main Ideas Parts 1 1-7
CO2 doesn’t seem to be but is a villain. CO2 keeps us warm but its continued concentration is disastrous. 2 8-13 Why is the concentration of CO2 steadily rising? 3 14-18 4 19-21 What is to be done?

11 Text interpretation What can we individuals do to reduce and stop the greenhouse effect? Your answers: 1. 2. 3.

12 Text interpretation Picture talk 看图说话

13 Text interpretation 1. Ill air slays sooner than the sword.
污浊的空气杀人比刀还要快。 2. Exercise, temperance, fresh air, and needful rest are the best of all physicians. 锻炼、节制、新鲜空气和必要的休息是最好的医生。 名人名言 经典语录 3. Fire and water are good servants, but bad masters. 水火是忠仆,造灾成元凶。

14 Text interpretation Plants covert it into their own tissue, which serve as the basic food supply… In all likelihood, it will continue to rise and do so at a greater rate… Where there are…, the water will advance steadily, forcing people to … Florida will disappear beneath the waves, as will much of the British Isles… And all because of carbon dioxide. It begins with the sunlight, to which …

15 Text interpretation Sunlight, striking the top of the atmosphere…
…the Earth cools by radiating heat into space in the form of infrared radiation. …the atmosphere is not quite as transparent to infrared radiation as it is to visible light. Carbon dioxide in particular tends to block such radiation. Less heat is lost…than would be lost if carbon dioxide were not present in the atmosphere. Without the small quantity of that gas present, the Earth would be distinctly cooler…

16 Text interpretation …that is where the villainy comes in.
Each year since, the concentration has crept upward and it now stands at … It is estimated that by 2020 the concentration will be nearly twice what it is now. Something like 90 percent of the ice… To blame are two factors. …new sources of fuel that do not involve the production of carbon dioxide.

17 Word family Bad egg, wicked, toxin, inessential, essence, conversion, exchange, substance, release, seeming, self-evident, hidden, latent, possibility, high land, proportion, portion, unsteady, instable, outland, spill, epidemic, fashionable, structural, fall down, stress, gasoline, radiant, ultraviolet, invisible, visibility, extension, distinctive, crawl, calculate, square meter, displace, placement, bushes, consumer, nucleus, exterior, lunar, competent, militant, etc. More words on pp

18 Sentence structure Florida will disappear beneath the waves, as will much of the British Isles, the crowded Nile valley, and the low-lying areas of China, India, and Russia. It is estimated that by 2020 the concentration will be nearly twice what it is now. Do the exercises on pp 112-3

19 Translation If the rich countries spent more money on green industries, instead of on building military machines and nuclear weapons, many of today’s widespread pollution problems would gradually disappear. The burning of coal not only consumes the oxygen in the house but also gives out poisonous gases. Apparently, finding alternative energy sources is essential to the steady development of our economy. Solar cells can absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity.

20 Translation If the temperature on the Earth continues to go up from year to year, the polar ice caps will begin to melt and, in all likelihood, half of the buildings in coastal cities will disappear beneath splashing sea waves. Because these creatures are small and tend to hide beneath leafy plants, they are not always visible to the naked eye. As a result of exposure to atomic radiation, he finally collapsed at work. There is distinct evidence of the connection between heavy pressure of work and some disorders of the body.

21 Reading Skill Looking for the thesis statement
A thesis statement is a single sentence that states the central idea of an essay and conveys the writer’s attitude or purpose. Some writers include a thesis statement in introduction; others prefer to omit this explicit statement and just to give a general sense of the topic or thesis. (p. 116, Book 2)

22 Guided writing Paragraph Writing
A paragraph is a set of sentences, all dealing with the same general idea and linked together in a smooth sequence. The sentences that support and expand the topic may include facts, examples, illustrations, definitions, and explanations. The progression from one sentence to the next is clearer to read if the writer carefully includes transitions. 外教社PPT

23 Recitation & Retelling
What is the green-house effect? How does it work? Do you agree that CO2 is a villain? Recitation Retelling

24 Homework Other exercises Recitation Passage Fast reading Review
Preview Don’t forget your plan & promise.

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