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The Cultural “Fit” Factor: Assess Culture and Value Systems for Fit and Employment Opportunity Lizz Pellet Fellow, Johns Hopkins University Copyright 2013.

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1 The Cultural “Fit” Factor: Assess Culture and Value Systems for Fit and Employment Opportunity Lizz Pellet Fellow, Johns Hopkins University Copyright 2013 all rights reserved

2 Program Information on this Session Identify key indicators of organizational culture using a defined evaluation process Discover your personal value system and how to identify stated value congruence Employment Brand and Personal Brand Alignment Use social networks to conduct “current state” evaluation of the employment experience Top 5 questions to ask

3 What Are We Looking at - Culturally to Determine Fit? Brand identity – employment brand and personal brand alignment Reputation and Relationships: employees, customers, community, awards Communication: social network signs and signals Insider information and history

4 Why is Culture Important to Everyone? Numerous studies show that organizations with performance-driven cultures have better: o Revenue growth – Built to Last o Employment growth – Greater opportunity o Stock Price growth – Shareholder value o Net Income growth – Personal wealth Bottom line: Companies that live their culture are high performing and better places to work Why wouldn’t you want to work for an organization with a high performing culture?

5 How is Culture Created? Executives Actions and Behavior of Executives Allocation of Attention & Resources What Gets Rewarded & What Gets Punished Culture What Leaders Pay Attention To

6 Executives Agree that Culture Can Be a Significant Advantage “We do a lot of things right but all those things can be copied by a competitor tomorrow. The only thing they can’t copy is our culture. Culture provides us a competitive advantage.” Colleen Barrett, President – Southwest Airlines “We have had firms study our processes and benchmark us for years, but they are hard-pressed to duplicate our success. When it comes to a sustainable competitive advantage, our GE culture is one of the most difficult things for others to copy.” Jeff Immelt, CEO – General Electric “We have no patent on anything we do, and anything we do can be copied by anyone else. But you can't copy the heart and the soul and culture of our company and that distinguishes us from everyone else.” Howard Schultz, Founder – Starbucks “We have a culture dedicated to creating a place where talented people want to work. This gives us a tremendous advantage when it comes to attracting, developing, exciting and retaining exceptional people.” Ian Davis, Managing Director – McKinsey & Company

7 Today’s Employees (That’s You!) Want Transparency Employees are looking for a meaningful, authentic and congruent work experience Cultural fit is paramount in finding a job you love (how long did you stay at a job that you didn’t fit) Potential employees are tweeting about their job interviews, the people who are interviewing them and how they are being treated. Potential PR nightmare or outstanding exposure opportunity. Values Alignment is KEY

8 Values Alignment Knowing your intrinsic values and gaining an understanding of a target organization’s values provides clarity

9 Values Alignment Exercise: Part 1 Accountable O Balanced: work/life balance is honored O Bureaucratic O Career Advancement O Clear Direction O Clear Expectation O Cutting Edge O Community Minded O Consistent O Continuous Learning O Cool Place to Work O Creative O Customer Service Excellence O

10 Values Alignment Exercise: Part 2 Differences in individuals are honored and respected O Energized O Engaged O Ethical O Fair O Family O Flexible O Fun O Honest O Independence O Innovative O Respectful O Results Oriented O

11 Values Alignment Exercise: Part 3 Risk Taking is Encouraged O Rewarded O Serious O Shared Decisions Making O Strong Leadership O Team-based O Trusting O

12 Next Step in the Values Analysis Take your personal values analysis and the company’s stated values and conduct a gap analysis. Can you live with the gaps? Narrow your top 10 values as a “must have” Next 10 “should have” Next 10 would be “nice to have” Redo your gap analysis based on this criteria to determine values fit and congruence.

13 Cult-like Cultures – What Do They Have in Common? Strong sense of identity – BRAND - a core ideology. They are VERY clear about who they are and who they are not Greater tightness of fit. Employees either “buy-in” or “get out” Self selection process... “this is just not for me” Show evidence of elitism. They create a sense of belonging [internally] and superiority [externally]

14 Cult-like Cultures – What Do They Have in Common?

15 The Starbucks Brand: Same Employee Experience No Matter Where You Are

16 A Picture Can Be Worth 1,000 Applications This was an actual picture on the career site for Harrah’s Casino in Las Vegas Interested in applying?

17 Values We believe in our values here at ReTargeter. So much so, in fact, that we've made them a part of our decor

18 In Your Next Position, Consider Quiet Clues Do You Want to Be Clever? Do You Want to be Empowered?

19 The Social Experience – Where Should I Look? Social networking is KEY. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are the new norms in communication and have changed the branding landscape YouTube: UAB Emergency Room Rap Glassdoor – a real look behind the curtain

20 How Many Social Conversations Have You Had This Week?

21 Social Media Key Social Platforms Blogging Micro Blogging RSS Social Networking Chat Rooms Message Boards Podcasts Video/Photo Sharing We cannot talk about cultural fit without talking about how Social Media is changing today’s employment. Social Media has created a fundamental shift in the way people communicate via real- time conversations online.

22 The Reality of Our Job Searches The future of placement in general is social. Talented people in your target industry are openly sharing their ideas, experiences, and insights online. It’s more important for companies to connect with people in the way they want to be connected with, than ever before.

23 Hires Through Social Media Companies that have successfully hired a candidate who was identified or introduced through a social network or social media? YES 73 % 58 % 63 % 2010 2011 2012 Through which of these networks was that hire made? 89 % 26 % 15 % Jobvite SOCIAL RECRUITING SURVEY RESULTS 2012

24 You Have to Have “Meaningful” All Star Status on LinkedIn

25 How to Create Your Promise of Value and Personal Brand Statement Sample Worksheet: Your unique promise of value and your personal brand statement are closely linked. The statement is an expression of the promise. Both of them focus on what your target audience expects from you - they create an expectation of what you can deliver. These are probably the most important pieces of your personal brand profile, so you want to get them right before you start to communicate with your target audience. You use your unique promise of value to write the all-important personal brand statement. When you work on your statement, envision your best self. To begin your thought process on what your brand might include, answer the following questions: What three or four key words describe your essential qualities quickly and clearly? 1. 2. 3. 4.

26 Goodbye Desktop for Internet Research and Communication Surprisingly, even though mobile recruiting is officially ‘here’ and that nearly 70% of you jobseekers would like to use their phone for career related purposes, only 3% of employers have a mobile job app. nearly 70%

27 How Employers are Using Social Media to Reach Candidates Facebook and Twitter recruiting adoption growing rapidly while LinkedIn becomes nearly universal Jobvite SOCIAL RECRUITING SURVEY RESULTS 2012

28 Do you search a potential manager’s LinkedIn profile before interviewing for a position?

29 Are you following the companies you want to work for on Twitter? Many recruiters are tweeting openings every day.

30 Start to Engage on Facebook It’s all about the conversation!

31 Start to Engage on Facebook It’s all about the conversation! Sodexo offers 16 ways for candidates to network with them. Very engaging!

32 What’s the Next in Social Site for Candidates?

33 5 Great Cultural Questions Candidates Should Ask 1.What are a few things that really drive results for the company? 2.What are the common attributes of your top performers? 3.What do you expect me to accomplish in the first 60 to 90 days? 4.What do employees do in their spare time? 5.How do you plan to deal with...? OWNERS' MANUALOWNERS' MANUAL | Jeff HadenJeff Haden Aug 6, 2012

34 Ask About the Onboarding Experience: Apple VS Facebook

35 Cultural Fit is Paramount in Attract, Retain and Repel!

36 Questions? (480) 221-9649

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