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Goodfellow Bros., Inc., is a fourth generation family-owned business with more than 90 years experience and expertise in general contracting on projects.

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2 Goodfellow Bros., Inc., is a fourth generation family-owned business with more than 90 years experience and expertise in general contracting on projects through out the United States and abroad. Our resume reads like a catalog of the nation’s infrastructure: airports, bridges, dams, golf courses, harbors, highways, housing developments, marinas, mining operations, parks, wastewater treatment facilities… plus a host of environmental projects, from wind and solar farms to fisheries and wildlife habitat protection. OUR MISSION To be the Contractor of choice by Clients, Employees and Communities in which we live and work. A PROUDTRADITION EXPERIENCE

3 In 1921, brothers Jack, Bert and Jim, Sr., founded a construction company in Wenatchee, Washington. The work of those early days – from road projects in central Washington to the first excavation on the Grand Coulee Dam – established Goodfellow Bros., Inc., as a leader in the construction industry, earning a reputation of trust and exceptionally high quality work. A PROUDHISTORY QUALITY

4 HELPING BUILD A COUNTRY, PROJECT BY PROJECT Over the years, Goodfellow Bros., Inc., helped transform regions throughout the United States and abroad building transportation systems, housing and recreational facilities, infrastructure and more – and building a solid reputation along the way. We still use the same bonding company we’ve been using for more than 90 years. And today a fourth generation of Goodfellow’s carries on the credo of our founders: Give premium services. Create a quality product, safely. Earn the client’s trust and respect. A PROUDHISTORY QUALITY

5 THE START OF GOODFELLOW BROS., INC – Early Project We Based On The Agriculture Needs Of Western Washington With Bureau Of Reclamation Projects 1924 – Created Portions Of The State Highway System Over Stevens Pass – GBI Started Work On It’s First Dam “Rock Island” In What Has Progressed Into Decades of Dam Projects – GBI Moved The First Million Cubic Yards Of Dirt and Rock At The Grand Coulee Dam. EXPANSION OF GROWTH 1921 – Washington 1956 – Idaho 1956 – Montana 1967 – Utah 1967 – California 1967 – Oregon 1968 – Alaska 1972 – Hawaii 1976 – Nevada 1988 – Colorado A PROUDHISTORY QUALITY


7 THE START OF GOODFELLOW BROS., INC. Family Traditions create many of the Core Values of Goodfellow Bros., Inc. – Safety of all employees is Paramount – Be involved and become a part of the Communities in which we work. We believe that building strong and lasting relationships is what allows for our continued success. A PROUDHISTORY QUALITY

8 BONDING RELATIONSHIP Travelers Casualty & Surety Company of America Bonded with the Same Company for over 90 Years Total Bonding Capacity - $1 Billion FINANCIALSTRENGTH & INTEGRITY BOND POWER

9 Banking Relationship U.S. Bank of Washington – Since 1989 Line of Credit - $25 Million Available Financial Stability Net Worth – In Excess of $100 Million Dunn & Bradstreet Rating – 5A2 FINANCIALSTRENGTH & INTEGRITY Financial & Banking Strength

10 Insurance Relationship American Contractors Insurance Group (ACIG) Captive Insurance Company with 40 Large Privately Owned Contractors Focus on Safety, Claims & Risk Management Strategies, Best Practices & Quality Control Insurance Limits - $25 Million FINANCIALSTRENGTH & INTEGRITY INSURANCE

11 Top Management is committed to Safety No level of harm to our employees or others is acceptable People are the source of all solutions Develop a culture of safe practices throughout our organization Opportunities for improvement are always welcome Encourage constructive feedback and participation from managers and non-managers ACIG GBI’s commitment to our employees, our clients, ACIG and the other contractors within ACIG SAFETYOUR FIRST PRIORITY Safety as a Culture

12 Developed Systems Safety Responsibility Matrix (Diagram) – Identifies the safety responsibility of each layer of management/supervision Pre-employment – Drug testing – Pre-employment physicals New Hire Safety Orientation – Each new employee goes through a new hire orientation – New Hires are shown a safety and GBI culture DVD – Each new hire is shown the project site and any hazards – Foreman to mentor new employees Spot the Trap Program – An established observation exercise to develop the hazard awareness of our employees – Reporting and incentive for submissions Close Call Program – An established observation exercise to develop an awareness of occurrences that do not result in an accident with a financial burden SAFETYOUR FIRST PRIORITY Fundamentals of Our Systems

13 Developed Systems Daily Pre-task planning process – To be produced and presented to the crew by our foreman prior to each working shift and prior to a change in activity – Identify the work activities – Identify the hazards associated with the work activities – Document the process to mitigate the hazards – Debrief how the process worked and come up with a lessons learned Safety Audits – Performed by GBI’s Safety Department on a weekly basis for each project – Observes and documents the work process and regulatory requirements – Develops a formal audit report – Establish a matrix and monitors matrix to make sure any discrepancies are fixed Preconstruction Meetings Preconstruction Subcontractor Meetings SAFETYOUR FIRST PRIORITY Fundamentals of Our Systems

14 Developed Systems Internal Claims reporting documentation Root Cause Analysis – Establish Root Cause for all Accidents Employee Training IRC Incident Review Committee GBI has a substance abuse policy GBI has a back to work policy SAFETYOUR FIRST PRIORITY Fundamentals of Our Systems

15 Environmental and Archeological GBI is sensitive to the surrounding Environment impacted by our projects GBI has performed work in many environmentally sensitive areas and take it very seriously GBI has performed work in many areas that have archeological significance GBI establishes procedures and training for our employees working in these sensitive areas SAFETYOUR FIRST PRIORITY Fundamentals of Our Systems

16 Zero Injury Process Corporate Statement Goodfellow Bros., Inc., Blasting Technology, Inc., and Pacific Rim Land, Inc. are dedicated to achieving a zero injury workplace. Each individual is responsible to help eliminate the barriers that prevent us from achieving a zero injury culture. We believe all accidents are preventable. (see attached corporate commitment letter) We are committed to take all necessary precautions to avoid placing anyone in harm’s way. We refuse to compromise our safety values under any circumstances. Before we begin any work, we will ensure all Safety Pre-Planning procedures have been met. Every accident is preventable. We will conduct a Root Cause Analysis after any accident to ensure that we evolve our safety culture, and learn from every incident. Each employee shares the responsibility for the safety of themselves and their co-workers. We fulfill that responsibility through safe work practices and by consistently alerting team leaders of any potential safety hazards. SAFETYOUR FIRST PRIORITY Striving to Achieve ZERO

17 MEET THE EQUIPMENT FLEET The Goodfellow Fleet is comprised of over 625 pieces of equipment valued at $90 million – 124 of our vehicles are outfitted with GPS – 501 pieces of Equipment with Maintenance Reporting We staff and manage our fleet to ensure that we are operating the latest and safest in equipment. Our fleet is primarily made up of CAT/John Deere/Hitachi EQUIPMENTRESOURCES Size and Quality of Fleet

18 We are able to mobilize our own fleet quickly and efficiently to meet any specific project needs. We will utilize our premier relationship with CAT and Platinum status with John Deere/Hitachi to resource any additional equipment needs we may need. Our standardized and preferred pricing with CAT and John Deere/Hitachi make new acquisitions and rentals efficient and seamless. Our strength is utilizing the best in our national and local connections for support in parts and mechanical support in new locations. OUR STRENGTHS ARE THE ABILITY TO RESOURCE AND PROVIDE THE PRECISE EQUIPMENT FOR ANY JOB EQUIPMENTRESOURCES Size and Quality of Fleet

19 JOHN STUMP Overall Manager for the Equipment Department CHUCK WYATT Oversees all Maintenance SCOTT GERE Provides Shipping and Logistics for all equipment DENNIS LOYOLA Provides the Logistics for equipment parts and local inventory. RICHARD KORNMANN Technology Manager for the Zonar System Provide safety and MSHA training in Hazardous Materials for all mechanics MARCIE MARTINEZ Oversees all shop administration including maintenance tracking and mechanics payroll EQUIPMENTRESOURCES The People Behind the Equipment

20 Zonar Technology provides the latest in equipment monitoring. We are able to provide the following reports weekly to help manage our fleet to prevent down time and potential accidents. Zonar enables us to monitor the following: Safety Red Alerts (when an operator feels a piece is unsafe) Idle time Report (equipment is not being used to the fullest extent ) Speed Report (equipment is exceeding specified speeds) Activity Report (equipment is utilized at unauthorized times) Path Reports (track where equipment has been) Visual Inspection Report (operator daily inspection) Missing Inspection Report (operator missed inspection) Unverified Inspection Report ( non compliant inspection) WE PRIDE OURSELVES IN BEING PROACTIVE IN SAFETY & MAINTENANCE USING THE LATEST IN ZONAR TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENTRESOURCES Leading with Technology

21 THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW AN OPERATOR WOULD IDENTIFY A HAZZARD. ZONAR TECHNOLOGY ENABLES THE OPERATOR TO IDENTIFY POTENTIAL EQUIPMENT HAZARDS BEFORE THEY BECOME A SEROIUS SAFETY OR MAINTENANCE PROBLEM PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE AND PROACTIVE SAFETY The Zonar information is directly transmitted to the manager and master mechanic to provide the information needed to help prevent problems before they happen and to keep the operator safe. Zone 1: Engine Components: Engine Oil Conditions: Leaking Trans Oil Radiator Cores Core Leaking Core Plugged Clamps Loose/Broken Fill Cap Missing Hoses Leaking Loose Mounting Damaged / Other EQUIPMENTRESOURCES Leading with Technology

22 WE ARE A PROVEN LEADER IN GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM (GPS) GPS involves the use of satellites and the cooperation of two receivers, one that is stationary and another that is roving around providing position and measurement The stationary receiver provides the key to help provide a solid local reference. GPS technology helps us plan and provide the ability to identify potential conflicts early in the modeling process and provide corrections prior to the start of construction. EQUIPMENTRESOURCES Leading with Technology


24 From Less Complex Projects Wind Farms Private Developments and Planned Communities Highways Golf Courses Private Facilities Blasting & Crushing PROJECTEXECUTION EXPERIENCE

25 To The Challenging Projects Reservoirs and Dams Environmental and Emergency Response Airports Harbors and Marinas Heavy Mechanical and Infrastructure Public Facilities Landfills PROJECTEXECUTION EXPERIENCE

26 Wind farms High Plains Wind Farm – Wyoming Over 28 Completed Wind Farms on our Resume. PROJECTEXECUTION EXPERIENCE

27 Underground Infrastructure Wet and Dry Utilities of all sizes and depths. Various soil types and influences such as In water work. PROJECTEXECUTION EXPERIENCE

28 Quarry Site Development Goodfellow Bros., Inc. Provides Blasting & Crushing Onsite recycling and product development. PROJECTEXECUTION EXPERIENCE

29 Mass Grading From the first million cubic yards on the Grand Coulee Dam, to hundreds of millions since. PROJECTEXECUTION EXPERIENCE

30 Working with the Environment Stream Re-Location by Protecting the Habitat and Releasing wildlife into the New Stream Channel PROJECTEXECUTION EXPERIENCE

31 Keeping Our Streams Pristine Thru Water Treatment Electroflocculation Water Treatment System Ability to treat 400 Gal per minute 24 hours per day. Discharges 10 NTU or Less. PROJECTEXECUTION EXPERIENCE

32 Widening a Public Roadway Within a Peat Bog Preloading and Dewatering Required PROJECTEXECUTION EXPERIENCE

33 We excel at Challenging In-River Pump Station Work for Fish Habitat below Lake Chelan, WA. PROJECTEXECUTION EXPERIENCE

34 Remote Locations Are not an Obstacle Holden Mine Remediation Required barging of all equipment, materials and supplies. PROJECTEXECUTION EXPERIENCE

35 Emergency Response Levee City of Tukwila, WA PROJECTEXECUTION EXPERIENCE

36 Structural Concrete Above is a Diversion Structure. Pictured to the right is a series of 3 detention vaults sandwiched between a road and housing development. PROJECTEXECUTION EXPERIENCE

37 Cold Weather Experience Huffman Elmore Inter., $2.0 Mil. Denali Park Rd MP 70, $1.5 Mil. Elmore Road, $4.1 Mil. TSAI No/So Taxiway, $6.5 Mil. Elmendorf Interchange, $10.0 Mil. NRRST Healy Roads, $2.7 Mil. Igiugig Road, $1.6 Mil. Richardson Hwy. Erosion, $1.5 Mil. PROJECTEXECUTION EXPERIENCE

38 Design Build – Queen Kaahamanu Highway Widening Project Cost: $76.5 Million – Owner: HDOT – Design Build 5.2 miles PROJECTEXECUTION EXPERIENCE

39 Thinking Outside the Box to Bring Valuable Engineering Solutions to Our Clients PROJECTEXECUTION EXPERIENCE

40 GBI Team brings all components together for best overall value. The Similarities Of Company Cultures – Emphasis And Dedication To Safety – Commitment To Bring All Necessary Resources To Ensure Project Success – Commitment To Building Long Term Preferred Client Relationships. The Financial & Corporate Strength, and Structure GBI Provides The Goals To Provide The Best Overall Value. PROJECTSUMMARY In Summation


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