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By Abid Husain & Zain Abbas

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1 By Abid Husain & Zain Abbas
Sura Yasin By Abid Husain & Zain Abbas

2 Intro I Will be showing you a PowerPoint about the wonderful meaning of the heart of the Quran This PowerPoint will include meaning and how we should apply it in our daily life

3 Ayah 1-9 You can’t guide those who fathers haven’t been guided and they haven’t got any wisdom. They are blinded from the truth.

4 Ayah 10-19 It doesn’t matter if you guide them or if you don’t guide them they still won’t believe the truth. We can guide those who fear God. They rejected 2 messengers but they believed the third. They threatened the third messenger and call his teaching a lie.

5 Ayah 20-29 Obey those who ask for no reward from you.
It would not be reasonable if I do not serve the mighty being that created us. I have faith in Allah listen to me.

6 Ayah 30-39 Don’t they see how many generations we destroyed before them. The earth is dead but Allah gives earth life to produce plants from which they eat. Allah produced everything in pairs as well as the humans.

7 Ayah 40-49 The moon can not overtake the sun and it is the same for the sun. A sign of my love is that I saved Prophet Nuh's followers Allah has given the non-believers a chance

8 Ayah 50-59 Allah’s messengers will be sitting in their thrones of dignity on the day of judgement. We cannot destroy our deeds.

9 Ayah 60-69 You didn’t listen to the message I sent, oh children of Adam don’t obey Satan. Satan is your enemy and he will misguide you. If you worship Allah you will be on the right path.

10 Ayah 70-79 They try to compare their self's to Allah and say “how will Allah give life to dust,” Allah replies “I will give life to you like the first time I created you.” They chose their own made up god. Who cant help them such as Idols.

11 Ayah 80-83 we shouldn’t forget:
Glory to him. After we die we will return to him If Allah wants to create something he says ‘Be’ and it happens . we shouldn’t forget:

12 How Should we use Sura Yasin in our life
It guides us towards the right path. It also tells us how to stay away from Satan. It also helps us to prepare for the day of judgement.


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