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Storm water management Adams Fairacre Farms Wappinger.

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1 Storm water management Adams Fairacre Farms Wappinger

2 Garrett Dyal: Assistant Store Manager 25 years old Rhinebeck 2004, UAlbany 2009 Bachelors in intercultural and interpersonal communication with minor in business Grew up in a very different industry

3 Adams Fairacre Farms Ralph Adams SR. started roadside stand in 1919 on rt. 44 in Poughkeepsie 1981 opened Kingston location 1998 opened Newburgh location 2006 began the process of a new location

4 Wappinger Opened on 11/1/11

5 Wappinger info: 75,000 sq ft store with 350 parking spaces and a nursery yard. 12 acre site, 9 to be developed of which 8 would be impervious 3 remaining acres wetlands Houses purchased and demolished except one…

6 water, water and more water North pond South pond

7 South Pond Pond on left fills during rain event. Flowing through hydrodynamic separator into pond on right. Filtered water settles in right pond.


9 Parking lot detention fields 3 con tech hydro dynamic separation systems with ZPG filters 2 massive underground detention fields in front parking lot Bio-filtration systems throughout parking lot Allows water to settle so silt and pollutants do not enter river

10 Detention fields

11 Bio-filtration systems

12 Retaining walls Contains wetlands from entering property Protects wetlands from outside pollutants Surrounds 75% of developed property

13 Adams going green White rubber membrane roof No tar no gravel This means no petroleum byproducts are dissolving into storm water drains. Reflects solar radiation lowering energy costs

14 Refrigeration Glycol refrigerant Uses less gas based refrigerants then normal systems

15 More green tech. Chemical free floor machines that use ion charged water technology Water softener for all incoming domestic water Computer controlled energy management system Grease traps and 2000 gallon retention tank Skylights in backrooms with day light sensored lights

16 What can be done? Rain water collection tanks HWPV and other PV tech LED lighting for all storage coolers Radiant floor heating Geo-thermal tech. Green roof tech.

17 What can government do to help? Keep promoting incentives!!!! Make process easier and less tedious Help keep energy costs down Promote renewable energy Invest in cryogenic transport lines to commercial areas

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