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KFC By: Connor Brill & Payton Stokes Block 7 2-10-11.

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1 KFC By: Connor Brill & Payton Stokes Block 7 2-10-11

2 KFC KFC, is very delicious but VERY unhealthy because it is fried and loaded with grease. KFC food is good but has very high amount of calories. When you exceed your calorie limit for the day it is a lot harder to burn off the fat you have ate in that meal.

3 Good Diet For an average 15 year old male, he should intake about 2,500 calories a day. For an average 15 year old female, she should intake about 1,800 calories a day. For a balanced healthy diet you need various nutrients. The food you eat should give you energy till your next meal and also drink water. Drink 8 cups of water a day.

4 KFC’s diet If you go to KFC and you get 1 EC Chicken Breast then that’s 510, which is already ¼ of your calories in a day not including the drink and side with your meal. If your trying to not eat fried food the grilled chicken breast is 210 which is half a meal in one piece of chicken… not to mention all the grease in it. If you eat too much of KFC or any fried food you are more likely to have a heart attack or heart problems.

5 Effects of eating fast food and healthy food. When you eat fried food and when you gain more weight than what your suppose to be, for every 20 pounds you are over weight it is 7 years decreased from your life. But if you eat healthy food and you have your daily intake of fruits and vegetables and don’t over do your eating then you will have a stronger body and you will have a longer life.

6 Summary KFC has very unhealthy foods so you should not eat it all the time. You should balance your diet out with a healthy diet and not eat fast food daily. If you eat KFC daily it could cause future heart problems and make you obese. You should always try and keep a good diet to keep your body healthy.

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