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Chapter 9 Ship’s Repair 3rd 2-hour Nov. 29, 2010.

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1 Chapter 9 Ship’s Repair 3rd 2-hour Nov. 29, 2010

2 1. Review and warm-up 1.1 Translate the following words and phrases into Chinese bulwark transom boottop topside anode anti-fouling paint bulbous bow port of registry Plimsoll marking curing time 舷墙 艉板 水线间 水线上干舷 锌板 防污漆 球鼻艏 登记港 干舷标志 凝固时间

3 1.2 Translate the following sentences into Chinese. 1. When the ship has been in operation for a certain length of time, damage resulting from natural causes (perils of the sea) or through human factor is bound to occur, and she will then need repairing. 2. In general, when hull structure covered by classification is to be subjected to repairs, the work is to be carried out under the supervision of the Surveyor to the Classification Society. Such repairs are to be agreed prior to commencement of the work.

4 1.3 warm-up questions 1.Can you list some paints used on board? 2.What are the principle shackles and shackle pins? 3.What are the functions of chains, hooks and riggings? For example, the red lead, antifouling and anticorrosive,etc. Anchor, anti-toppling and chain shackles are the principal types of shackles. Round, screw, and safety pins are the principal types of shackles pin. Chains are used in cargo handling operation and for anchor gear. Cargo hooks are usedfor lifting and lowering drafts of cargo. Standing rigggings are used to support booms and running riggings are used to handle cargo

5 2. The study of Part Two 2.1 Introduction Ship’s Maintenace Vocabulary expose [iks5pEuz] vt. (1) leave (something) uncovered or unprotected, esp. from the weather 暴露 e.g. expose the blanket to sunshine 晒被子 (2) make (something) visible, typically by uncovering it 揭露,揭发 e.g. exposeexpose a lie 揭穿谎言 expose a conspiracy 揭露阴谋expose

6 penetrate [5penitreit] vt. ( 1 ) pass into or through, often by overcoming resistance 穿透,渗透 e.g. The eyes of owls can penetrate the dark.penetrate 猫头鹰的眼睛可透视黑暗。 ( 2 ) come to understand 了解 e.g. She could penetrate what I was thinking.penetrate 她了解我在想什么。 ( 3 ) enter a group or organization in order to spy on the members 渗透,打入(组织、团体等) e.g. to penetrate far behind enemy lines 深入敌后penetrate adhere to vt. (1) come or be in close contact with; stick or hold together and resist separation 粘附于 e.g. The dress adheres to her body. 裙子紧贴在她身上。 ( 2 ) follow through or carry out a plan without deviation 坚持 e.g. They adhered to the original plan. 他们坚持按原计划行事。 ( 3 ) adhesive adj./n. 可粘合的 / 粘合剂

7 flake off (1) come off in flakes or thin small pieces e.g. The paint in my house is faking off. 我家的油漆成片状剥落。 flake n. a small, very thin layer or piece of something, especially one that has broken off from something larger 小薄片;(尤指)碎片 e.g. snowflakesnowflake retard vt. to make the development or progress of something slower 阻碍, 妨碍;减缓;使放慢速度 e.g. Lack of sunlight will retard the growth of most plants.retard 缺乏阳光会妨碍大多数植物的生长妨碍 They also used it for sunburns and to retard the aging process.retard 他们还用它来防治日光灼伤,以及延缓衰老过程。 cellular double bottom 组格式;双层底

8 When steel is exposed to the action of air, or of moisture, particularly if it be salt- laden, rust soon appears on its surface which penetrates into the plating and corrodes it away. Oxygen is necessary to the formation of the rust, hence the reason why it is necessary to exclude air from direct contact with iron and steel by keeping it well coated with paint. When corrosion sets in, all rust must be scaled or hammered off, the bare metal thoroughly scraped, cleaned and dried before applying a priming coat of paint. Several coats must be given in succession, allowing sufficient time between each to allow the previous coat to dry hard. Red lead is a very good first coating. It is strongly adhesive, and sets hard and dries quickly. White lead produces a hard layer and is used as an undercoating. White zinc is used for surface decoration work. Underwater paints are applied in dry dock. They are classed as anti-corrosive, anti-fouling and boottopping. They are manufactured with heavy pigments which settle rapidly, and quickly evaporating vehicle which causes the paint to dry almost as quickly as it puts on. exclude…from: prevent from entering; keep out e.g. He was excluded from entering this country. 他被禁止进入这个国家。 本句翻译:生锈需要氧气,这就是为什么我 们可以通过用油漆对钢铁进行很好覆盖的方 法使其隔绝与空气的直接接触。 priming coat: the first or preliminary coat of paint or size applied to a surface 底层漆 in succession: the action of following in order 连续地 ( 1 ) red lead: a reddish oxide of lead (Pb3O4) used as a pigment in paints and in glass 红丹漆,四氧化三铅 ( 2 ) white lead : a poisonous lead-containing white pigment 白铅漆 ( 3 ) white zinc :白锌漆

9 Anti-corrosive is first to act as a foundation and as an insulator to prevent the destruction of the steel. The plating must be freed from grease and scum as the paint will not adhere to greasy surface and will soon flake off. Anti-fouling is coated over the anti-corrosive, its purpose being to retard marine growth, barnacles and grass mostly. Anti-fouling composition consists largely of oxide of mercury, and if it comes into contact with the bare steel, it will set up corrosion hence the need of an anti-corrosive as an insulator. Anti-fouling coating is usually carried to the light load line and a cheaper paint called boottopping, applied between the light and load water marks when the ship is afloat. The cellular double bottom, inside of tanks, are usually coated with a layer of cement deep enough to cover the trivet heads or the landings of the bottom plating, then cement-washed occasionally. free from: to remove something that is unpleasant or not wanted from somebody/something 解除(或去除、 清除), 没有 e.g. free from pain/care 没有疼痛 / 没有牵挂 本句翻译:船壳板必须没有油污和浮渣, 因为油漆无法附着在油腻的表面并很快 脱落。 consist of :to be formed from the things or people mentioned 由 … 组成(或构成) e.g. A week consist of seven days.consist 一星期由七天组成组成 set up:produce 产生 本句翻译: … 它会产生 腐蚀,因此需要用防腐 漆进行隔离。 sometimes but not often 偶然;偶尔; 有时候 本句翻译:船舶的双层底和各 个柜子的内部通常涂一层水泥,水泥要 足够厚以便覆盖铆钉的头或底部船壳板 搭接部分,随后也要不时涂水泥。

10 2.2 Passage One Riggings and Fittings Vocabulary anti-toppling adj. 防摇的 shackle [5FAkl] n. a metal link, typically U-shaped, closed by a bolt, used to secure a chain or rope to something 卸扣 vt. to put shackles on somebody/something 用卸扣绑牢 mouse [maus] vt. 用小绳缠扎(钩口) splice [splais] n. the place where two pieces of film, tape, rope, etc. have been joined 胶接处;粘接处;绞接处 vt. to join the ends of two pieces of rope by weaving them together 绞 接,捻接(两段绳子)

11 tackle [5tAkl] n. gear consisting of ropes etc. supporting a ship‘s masts and sails 滑车;索具 e.g. tackle and block 滑轮组 cargo hook 货钩 sling hook 司令钩 slip hook 滑钩 grab hook 抓钩 box hook 箱钩 chime or drum hook 桶钩 sling hookslip hook drum hook pad eye: a flat metal plate with a projecting loop or ring, made all in one piece 眼板, 系缆环板

12 Chains Chains are used in cargo-handling operations for slinging loads and lashing cargo and as part of the ship’s rigging. Chains are used for anchor gear in marine work where the chains must withstand the corrosive effects of seawater. Hooks There are various types of hooks. The types are as follows: (1) Cargo hooks. Chains, fiber rope or wire rope can be tied directly to the load. However, for speed and convenience it is much better to fasten a hook to the lifting line. Cargo hooks are shackled to the cargo runners for lifting and lowering drafts of cargo. (2) Sling hooks. Hooks can be used in conjunction with slings in many different ways. They can be shackled, moused or spliced into an eye, placed on the sling before the eyes have been spliced to permit the hook to slide, or used with chain slings. Four general types of hooks available for slings are the slip hook, grab hook, box hook, and the chime or drum hook. sling: (1) vt. to put something somewhere where it hangs loosely 挂;吊 (2)n. a device consisting of a band, ropes, etc. for holding and lifting heavy objects (悬挂或起吊重物的)吊索,吊链,吊带 withstand: be strong enough not to be hurt or damaged by extreme conditions, the use of force, etc. 承受;抵住;顶住;经受住 e.g. They can withstand severe tests.withstand 他们能经得起严峻的考验经得起 本句翻译: 货钩通过卸扣与吊 货索相连以便吊起或放下货物。 本句翻译:在捻接琵琶头以便钩 住货钩之前,可以把司令钩同琵 琶头通过卸扣、小绳缠扎、或者 捻接的方法先行与琵琶头连接, 或者直接使用吊货链连接。 chain sling 吊货链

13 Shackles Anchor, anti-toppling and chain shackles are the principal types of shackles. Round, screw, and safety pins are the principal types of shackles pin. Riggings Standing rigging includes permanent and semi- permanent structures and gear. The principal function of masts is to support cargo booms. Masts also support signal lights, antennas and crow’s nests. King posts are two vertical supports, usually steel, one each side of the centerline of the ship used to support booms. King posts are also called Samson posts.

14 Running riggings include the moving parts of the ship’s gear. A cargo boom is a spar extending from a mast or a king post. It is used as a derrick arm to handle cargo. Booms are sometimes referred to as derricks. The cargo hoisting wire rope or line reeved through the boom blocks and used for working cargo is the cargo runner. The tackle that raises and lowers the boom is the topping lift. The lines or tackle used to steady or swing booms are usually known as guys. Guys may be outboard, inboard, or amidships. The preventer is a wire rope used in addition to the guys to reinforce against additional strain. The head block is the block at the head of the boom through which the cargo runner is led to the cargo hook. The heel block is the block at the heel of the boom through which the cargo runner is led to the winch. The guy tackle consists of the blocks and tackle used on guys. The gooseneck is a metallic swivel joint that connects the heel of the boom with the mast or the mast house. The bulwark consists of a raised plating along each side of the vessel above the weather deck. The plating is covered by a bulwark rail, which serves as a stiffener for the upper edge of the plating. refer to…as: 把 … 称作 e.g. I always refer to him as a bookworm.refertoas 我总是把他当作书呆子。 reinforce:vt. to make a structure or material stronger, especially by adding another material to it 加固;使更结实 本句翻译:辅助索是除支索外用于加固 防止额外拉力的钢丝绳。 本句翻译:鹅颈头是一个金属的旋 转连接件,把吊杆和桅座连接起来

15 2.3. Passage Two Extracts from the Dock Repair List Vocabulary dismantle [dis5mAntl] vt. to take apart a machine or structure so that it is in separate pieces 拆开,拆卸(机器或结构) reassemble [5ri:E5sembl] vt. to fit together all the separate parts of something again, for example a gun or a piece of furniture 重新装配 assemble vt. 装配 grease [^ri:s] ( 1 ) n. any thick oily substance, especially one that is used to make machines run smoothly 油脂;润滑油 ( 2 ) vt. to rub grease or fat on something 给 … 加润滑油;在 … 上涂油 (或抹油、擦油)

16 guide roller 导向滚轮 ball bearing 滚球轴承 gland [^lAnd] n. 压盖,格兰 socket 卡套 sheave 滑轮 davit 吊艇柱

17 Cargo gear Two pairs 3/5tons derrick at hatches No.1 aft port & stb’d and No. 2 fore port & stb’d, two pairs 3/10 tons derrick at hatch No. 2 aft port & stb’d and hatch No. 3 fore port & stb’d to be repaired as follows: 8 goosenecks, 8 topping lift blocks, 8 cargo blocks, and 8 heel blocks to be dismantled, overhauled, measured, well greased, painted and repaired if necessary, then reassembled in order. 2 topping lift wires of 3/10 tons derricks to be renewed with yard’s material (Dia. 22.5mm, 110m in length). The derricks load test to be carried out according to rule (6.25 tons for single boom of 3/5 tons derrick, 12.5 tons for single boom of 3/10 tons derrick). All measuring records and load test reports to be handed over to chief officer in triplicate. 本句主语为修理部位,后置定语较长,可翻译 为:位于一号舱后部左右舷和二号舱前部左右 舷的两对 3/5 吨吊杆以及位于二号舱后部左右舷 和三号舱前部左右舷的两对 3/10 吨吊杆 这类结构通常可视为在 if 与形容词之 间省略了 “ 主语 + 动词 be 的适当形式 ” 。 这类省略结构中有的已构成相对固定 的搭配,如: if necessary ( 如果需 要 ) , if possible ( 如果可能 ) 等 ,该结 构可置于句首、句中或句尾。 Yard refers to the shipyard( 船厂) 本句翻译:两根 3/10 吨吊杆的千斤 索钢丝绳用船厂的材料更新。 of a document copied twice, so that there are three copies in total 一式三份

18 Heavy derrick One set of “Stulcken” type heavy derrick SWL 60 tons, length 20m, located between hatches No. 2 & 3 to be repaired as follows: ( 1 ) The derrick to be laid down on deck, cargo blocks, span tackles, guide rollers and all moving parts of derrick to be dismantled, cleaned and greased with special grease. ( 2 ) Gooseneck pin to be dismantled, examined and measured. Ball bearing and glands in the socket of gooseneck to be cleaned, examined, repaired or renewed if necessary, greased and refitted. ( 3 ) Turning accessories on the posts to be dismantled, examined, cleaned, greased, repaired if necessary and refitted. an extra piece of equipment that is useful but not essential or that can be added to something else as a decoration 附件;配件;附属物 Post refers to the king post( 将军柱) lay down: to put somebody/something down gently or carefully (尤指轻轻地或小心地)放置,安放,搁 e.g. lay down the burden 放下包袱 re- 是最常用的前缀之一。它可以加在名词或动词 前面,表示以下三方面的意义: 1 .表示 " 回 " 或 " 向后 " 的意思。例如: return (回来,返回) recall (回忆,召回) retract (缩 回,取回) 2 .表示 " 再 " 、 " 重新 " 、 " 重复 " 的意思。例如: review (复习) reunion (团圆,重聚) restart (重新开始) reconstruction (重建) 3 .表示 " 相反 " 、 " 反对 " 的意思。例如: rebel (反叛,谋反) reverse (反转,颠倒) resist (反抗,抵抗)

19 CO2 fire extinguishing system (1) 120 CO2 bottles to be checked for liquid level and certificates to be issued. 3 empty bottles (45kg type) to be recharged. (2) Smoke detecting pipe lines to be cleaned and leakage tested by air-blowing. Smoke test to be carried out. (3) Smoke detectors to be examined and repaired if necessary. recharge: (1) refill 重新填充 e.g. recharge the ground water with rainfall 用雨水回灌地下水 ( 2 ) to fill a battery with electrical power 充电 e.g. recharge the mobile phone 给手机充电 ( 3 ) to get back your strength and energy by resting for a while 养精蓄锐;休整 e.g. Recharge your batteries with good sleep and food. 吃好睡足。 Recharge 省略句,应为: leakage (to be) tested

20 Life boat and davit (1) Life boat No. 2 (fiberglass boat, 65 persons) to be removed. One broken hole (size 50mmx150mm) at bow to be repaired. (2) All sheaves and rollers of life boat davit to be overhauled, cleaned, greased and reassembled. (3) All brake linings and bands of life boat winch to be renewed. Life raft Two sets of 12 persons inflatable life raft to be removed to service station, opened up, inspected, equipment renewed as found necessary, repacked or replaced in position. Certificate of inspection to be delivered to chief officer in duplicate. remove: vt. (1) to take something/somebody away from a place 移开 e.g. remove obstacles 拆除障碍物remove (2) to take off clothing, etc. from the body 脱去(衣服等) e.g. Please remove your shoes. 请脱鞋。remove (3) to dismiss somebody from their position or job 免除,解除 (职务等) e.g. remove a man from office 免除一人的职务remove sheave 滑车 brake lining 刹车片 in position : 在原位, 在适当位置 of documents, etc. as two copies that are exactly the same in every detail 一式两份的

21 3. Summary of this lesson In today’s class we studied the maintenance on board, riggings and fittings on board. Some extracts from repair list are included in this class, too. 4. Homework 4.1 Please go over the new words and the passages we studied today and get ready for the translation orally next class. 4.2 Do all the exercises of this chapter. 4.4 Preview Part Three.

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