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B. A. Miksic FNACE Entrepreneur of the Year Founder & CEO.

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1 B. A. Miksic FNACE Entrepreneur of the Year Founder & CEO

2 The Mission: Develop and bring to market corrosion protection products, utilizing the most environmentally responsible technologies available, that outperform all non-degradable, toxic or otherwise harmful and costly alternatives. Cost of corrosion in the US is estimated at 3.1% of GNP (NACE 2002)

3 Nitrite-based inhibitors Developed in 1940’s Contact inhibitor only –Chemistry does not vaporize Highly reactive with secondary amines –Skin irritation, nausea Listed by EPA as toxic substance Nitrosoamines are known carcinogens

4 Development of VpCI Technology Invented in 1977 Goals: –True Vapor phase Inhibitor –Non-Toxic, biodegradable –Multi-metal protection –Replaces harmful, costly, nitrite and amine based products.

5 VpCI Chemistry Physically adsorbed monomolecular layers Low toxicity amine-carboxylates Produced in ISO 14001 certified plant Many approvals –US Navy, MIL Specs, Norwegian North Sea Marine Guidelines, Nuclear NRC, Other Protects above, below and at the interphase –Remote, recessed, no direct contact areas

6 VpCI Chemistry Emitting from Source

7 Pipeline protected with non-toxic, multiphase VpCI’s

8 Industries Served by VpCI Technology: Oil and Gas Chemical Process Industry Military and Government Mining and Basic Metals Power Generation and Telecom Utilities Automotive and Transportation Electronic and Electric Industry Packaging, Pulp and Paper


10 Cortec Customers Include...




14 Some Independent Studies Commercial MCI ® offer excellent inhibition for longer times in contrast to the inorganic anodic inhibitors, i.e.sodium nitrite (Monash University, Australia) Lab Investigation…of calcium nitrite when used in surface treatments applied to reinforced chloride contaminated and carbonated concrete, appeared to be ineffective…In addition, enhancement of local corrosion…was observed (WS Atkins Consultants Ltd., UK)

15 VpCI Powders VpCI 609, VpCI 309, VpCI 307 powders Low toxicity (LD-50 = 5000 mg oral-rat) Bioaccumulation potential: Low (OECD Guideline 117) Applications: enclosed void spaces such as double hulls of ships, tanks, etc. Hydrotesting Mothballing and lay-up of oilfield systems

16 Tank Bottom Protection Fluctuating contact between floor and soil –Full/empty cycles –Less expensive alternative to CP Bottom plate corrosion protection –Research & fieldwork; paper by Rials & Kiefer of Conoco published in MP in 1993 – Field work (Conoco,BP, Citco, DuPont)

17 Protection of Above Ground Tanks

18 Application: Tank Bottom Protection New Tanks & Replacement Floors –VpCI powder spread evenly –Application dosage:5 to 10kg per 100 sq m Existing Tanks – Slurry of VpCI powder with water – Inject via several ports on the circumference


20 Proving Environmental Soundness of Products: Bioaccumulation Biodegradation Aquatic Toxicity Paris Commission Protocol (PARCOM)

21 Bioaccumulation Testing in accordance with OECD Guideline 117 (HPLC Test) Bioaccumulation in fish expressed as a partitioning coefficient P(ow) LogP(ow) for VpCI 609 is <3 indicating that no long term bioaccumulation occurs

22 Biodegradation Conducted on VpCI in accordance with OECD guideline 306 (BOD-28 Test) Determines the amount of time a substance will remain in the environment Criteria: 60% degradation within 10 days, 28 days complete = Pass VpCI 609 –76% Degradation after only 7 Days –100% Degradation after only 27 Days

23 Aquatic Toxicity EC-50 is the concentration of a substance that will negatively affect 50% population Conducted on organisms related to different levels of food chain EN/ISO/ 10253, 14669; ASTM E1367-90 All 3 organisms were within established limits for VpCI-609: EC50 240 ml/l, limit 100 ml/l (algae)

24 Corrosion Testing Substances placed in an enclosed system but not in direct contact with the metal Tests the ability of the corrosion inhibitor to protect when not in direct contact VpCI provided high level of protection (no evidence of corrosion) Static and dynamic conditions (Batelle Dynamic Flow and MIL-I-22110 Tests)


26 Combining VpCI Chemistries with Biomass-Derived Technologies The 21st century alternative

27 Biobased Technology Biodegradable Based on a renewable resource Equal or superior performance to conventional specialty chemical products


29 EcoLine Products Combine VpCI protection with the latest soy-based technology Allow safety/health/image conscious customers an alternative that outperforms conventional specialty chemical products

30 EcoLine Products VpCI Food Machinery Grease –FDA/EPA/USDA Approved VpCI Heavy Duty Grease VpCI Bearing, Chain & Roller Lube VpCI All Purpose Lubricant VpCI Long Term Rust Preventative VpCI Cutting Fluid VpCI Surface Cleaner & Degreaser

31 Eco Film is a non-toxic, fully biodegradable and compostable film for a wide range of applications. BPS Certification under DIN V 54 900 Available with VpCI technology –Eco-Corr Uses from agricultural films, food packaging (FDA), industrial packaging, community-wide programs


33 Eco Film Technical Does NOT incorporate starch –Increased water, heat, chemical resistance Degrades once composted, NOT before –Longer shelf and useful life Enzymes in compost trigger degradation –Can hold water –100% degradation into carbon dioxide & water

34 Conclusions It is possible to provide products, solutions and technologies that protect the environment, exceed the customer’s expectations and that remain cost effective. The market for biobased and environmentally friendly materials is increasing exponentially.


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