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Parts Washing Using ChemFree SmartWasher Bioremediation Technology.

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1 Parts Washing Using ChemFree SmartWasher Bioremediation Technology

2 What is Bioremediation? The use of biological agents, such as microbes or plants, to remove or neutralize contaminants.

3 How Bioremediation Works Converted into H 2 O and CO 2 Petroleum Contaminants Enter Solution Emulsified & Eaten

4 How Bioremediation Works

5 Are Parts Washer Microbes Safe?  Tiny fraction of all bacteria on earth harmful  Average human – 3 lbs!  No genetic engineering – all naturally occurring  American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) Class I organisms

6  American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) Class I Organisms –Have “no recognized hazard under normal conditions” –Pose minimal risk to animals/humans  National Safety Foundation (NSF) –Certifies microbes used in ChemFree SmartWashers as nonpathogenic & safe for use in food handling facilities SmartWasher at Ft Gordon Are Parts Washer Microbes Safe?

7 Temperature & Microbes  Hydrocarbon degrading microbe species reproduce most actively at 105 O F – 115 O F  Cold doesn’t kill – chilling/freezing slows metabolism

8 Lakehurst Pollution Prevention Equipment Program – Evaluation Results  Compared Safety Clean (solvent- based) with ChemFree SmartWasher (bioremediating)  ChemFree SmartWasher –Reduces waste-stream nearly 100% saving $1,800 in disposal costs –Solution can be used indefinitely with only occasional replenishment – Safe to use, does not require personal protective equipment servlet/DocServlet?wDID=87

9 Benefits of Bioremediating Parts Washers No flash point, non-flammable Extremely Low VOCs Eliminates hazardous waste generation No liabilities from employee exposure to solvent No EPA or OSHA paperwork Cleans as good or better than solvents Safe, non-hazardous, non-toxic No time-consuming regulatory reporting Lowers costs No hauling contracts

10 ChemFree Bioremediating SmartWashers  Designed specifically for bioremediation  Blowmolded high density polyethylene  Max Load: 450-500 lbs  Self-cleaning: recycles all system fluid  Holds 15-25 gallons  Portable, field deployable  NSN’s or GSA Contract


12 Anatomy of a SmartWasher

13 Bioremediating Parts Washers  “OzzyJuice” aqueous-based cleaning/degreasing solution –Cleans as well/quickly as solvents –Without dangers of solvent  Non-pathogenic "Ozzy" microbes –Eat away at toughest contaminants –Leave no hazardous by-products ChemFree SmartWasher at NAEC Lakehurst OzzyJuice cleans the part, Ozzy Microbes clean the OzzyJuice

14 OzzyJuice  Aqueous-based degreasing Solution  PH neutral  Uses no hazardous solvents  Not caustic  No flashpoint  Very low VOC (practically zero)  Available via NSN or GSA Contract

15 Available via NSN

16 OzzyJuice: A Different Way to Clean OzzyJuice Mineral Spirits Dissolves top layer of oil, without ever removing all oil from the part Separates grease from part so "chunks" slide off -- light brushing or rinsing completes the process Works by suspending oil/grease, which causes solvent to become dirtier and less effective the more it is used Retains its consistency over time without requiring disposal under normal use conditions Solvent degreaser/cleaning agent Aqueous-based, PH-neutral mixture of emulsifiers and surfactants Hazardous Nontoxic, biodegradeable, noncaustic and nonhazardous oil dispersant and degreaser If maintained properly, never requires change of fluid

17 OzzyMats  Particulate filter traps large particles of grease/oil  Impregnated with Ozzy Microbes – releases microbes into the SmartWasher  FL-3 OzzyMat: for light – normal usage FL-4 Multilayered OzzyMat: for heavy usage  Without Ozzy Microbes, bioremediation will not occur and SmartWasher will not work Critical Maintenance: Change the OzzyMat at least once a month

18 SmartWasher/OzzyJuice FAQ’s When do I add additional OzzyJuice? Due to evaporation and parts run-off, add one box (5 gallon jug) when Low Fluid Light indicates OzzyJuice is low

19 SmartWasher/OzzyJuice FAQ’s How do I avoid excess evaporation of Fluid? Set the temperature at lowest workable temperature (105 F) Ozzy Cap Lid Cover available for SW -28 SuperSinks

20 SmartWasher/OzzyJuice FAQ’s Are there any things I should avoid? Water: Avoid contaminating OzzyJuice with tap water, which can introduce water-borne microbes not compatible with Ozzy Microbes (small amounts won’t hurt) Gasoline and other Solvents: Dumping of excessive amounts of hydrocarbons and can kill Ozzy Microbes Insecticides & Poisons: Ozzy Microbes are living organisms, and will be killed by such chemicals

21 SmartWasher/OzzyJuice FAQ’s How do I dispose of OzzyJuice? New & Unused OzzyJuice/Mats: Because of its minimal environmental impact, new/unused OzzyJuice can be flushed into a sanitary; mats can be thrown in the trash Used OzzyJuice/Mats: Used fluid/mats will contain contaminants such as oil/grease/carbon in residual amounts as well as other non-digestible substances (metal shavings) that need to be disposed of in accordance with local, state and federal regulations

22 SmartWasher/OzzyJuice FAQ’s Where is the best place to buy replacement OzzyJuice, Mats and replacement parts? Purchase all OzzyJuice, OzzyMats, equipment and other SmartWasher items through authorized ChemFree GSA/Military Distributor: Black & Company 1936 S Lynhurst Dr, Ste L Indianapolis, IN 48241 Phone: (800) 892-5225 Fax: (317) 243-8773

23  ChemFree SmartWashers use Bioremediation: a safe process using naturally occurring microbes to degrade hazardous substances  OzzyJuice cleans the part, Ozzy Microbes (via OzzyMat) clean the OzzyJuice  Change the OzzyMat once a month to keep your SmartWasher working at peak efficiency  Add one box of OzzyJuice when low fluid light indicates the OzzyJuice degreasing solution is low Conclusions about SmartWashers

24 Adios Amoebas! Aaron Caplan GSA Service Co 1310 E. Maple Ave Sterling, VA 20164 Cell: (703) 731-8048 Fax: (703) 742-6818 Scott Johnson Black & Company 1936 S Lynhurst Dr, Ste L Indianapolis, IN 48241 Phone: (800) 892-5225 Fax: (317) 243-8773

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