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Exercising our Faith Christian Life Community in the High School.

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1 Exercising our Faith Christian Life Community in the High School

2 Identifying Real Needs ◦Hunger for personal identity ◦Hunger for intimacy in relationships ◦Hunger for life-giving spirituality ◦Hunger for meaningful work According to the USCCB Pastoral Plan for Ministry to Young Adults “Sons and Daughters of the Light” ~Community ~ Spirituality ~ Mission ~

3 Hunger for COMMUNITY Strength Challenge Accountability Comfort Companionship

4 Hunger for SPIRITUALITY Real experiences of Jesuit tradition and Ignatian Spiritulity Personal encounters with God Felt knowledge “sentir” Deepen retreat experiences

5 Hunger for MISSION More to Mission than acts of service Discovering our deep desires and natural giftedness Awareness of the world’s greatest needs Seeking the MAGIS

6 One Possible Means… CLC

7 What is CLC? CLC stands for CHRISTIAN LIFE COMMUNITY. It is a lay world community of people who meet weekly or biweekly for prayer, discernment, and sharing. CLC groups are usually comprised of 6-12 individuals from a common geographical locale, high school, university, or cultural community.

8 Key Components Community: we gather as a community of faith, as a residence community (in some situations), as a school community, as a larger CLC community Spirituality: grounded in the Spiritual Exercises, natural flow and continuation of Campus Ministry retreat experiences, deepening engagement of service experiences and immersion opportunities, finding God in all things Mission: we are not just about service acts, we are about discerning how to best live and work and challenge ourselves in this world. How do my greatest gifts coincide with the world’s deep needs?

9 What does a CLC look like? Through weekly small group meetings, co- facilitated by a student coordinator and an adult guide Participation in a variety of spiritual and mission-oriented events in the larger community.

10 Sample Meeting Opening Prayer Check In (how do you come?) Formation Topic (reflection, prayer, discussion) Evaluation and Review of Prayer (how do you leave?) Closing Prayer

11 Why CLC on a Campus? Many Involvements: a need to prioritize, reflect, and discern Ignatian means of sharing faith Non-threatening, welcoming environment to explore questions of life and faith

12 Student Growth in CLC Explore one’s personal vocation- a sense of being called uniquely by God Introduction to the graces of the First Week of the Spiritual Exercises Exposure to various methods of prayer: Awareness Examen, imaginative prayer, meditation, contemplation, review of prayer, colloquy, Sunday worship, annual retreat/days of recollection

13 Adult Guides and Student CLC Young people and the desire for relationships with positive adult influences CLC structure of adult guide, student coordinator, and peer sharing Ignatian model of companionship

14 Where to learn more… - national Youth and Young Adult CLC - national website for CLC in the USA - worldwide website for CLC dentlife/christianlifecommunity/ CLCPAMPHLET.pdf - Belen Jesuit Prep in Miami, Florida has a number of resources listed online for High School CLC dentlife/christianlifecommunity/ CLCPAMPHLET.pdf

15 CLC Contacts Jen Horan, Western Region and National CLC Christopher Nguyen SJ, Western Region Ecclesial Assistant Jerry Hayes SJ, Loyola High Campus Minister

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