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Looking Over the Rainbow and Understanding Its Dreams Jason Sininger East Carolina University 252-737-1720

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1 Looking Over the Rainbow and Understanding Its Dreams Jason Sininger East Carolina University 252-737-1720

2 If you must leave the program early, please do so in a manner that does not interrupt the presenters or the other program attendees. Thank you for your cooperation. ACUHO-I Annual Conference & Exposition Program Committee Please turn off cell phones, pagers, and PDAs or set to a silent/vibrate setting.

3 Outline Welcome Define Terms and Concepts Introduce Rainbow Timeline Review Theory Share Ideas Closing

4 GLBT Glossary GLBT -Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Coming Out – Act of telling others of your sexuality (life long process) Accountability – being responsible for ones behavior

5 Glossary Continued Intimacy – a emotional & physical connection Role Model – a person who others view and would like to be like Sexual Identity – how one defines and displays sexuality

6 Rainbow History hot pink - sexuality red - life orange - healing yellow - sunlight green - nature turquoise - magic blue - serenity violet - spirit Designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker

7 Wizard of OZ Celebrate the Dream Envision the Possibilities

8 GLBT Symbols Pink Triangle Red Ribbon Gender Symbols Lambda Freedom Rings Leather Pride

9 Rainbow Timeline Coming Out Role Models Sex Choices Intimacy Safety Accountability

10 Audience Participation

11 Generation Summary Generation - can be defined by a group of people who have shared experiences throughout a set period of time. Demographics by GenerationYear of birth Puritan Generation1588 - 1617 Enlightenment Generation1674 – 1700 GI Generation1901 - 1924 Silent Generation1924 - 1942 Baby Boomer 1943 - 1961 Generation X1962 - 1981 Millennial (Generation Y)1982 - 2002 Howe & Strasuss 2000

12 Millennial Characteristics Self Focused Indulgent Parents Team Oriented Desire to Achieve Able to Multi-task Have Global Concern Odd Interpersonal Skills MTV / VH1 Pop Culture Technology Health/Wellness Teen Idols Movies/Music Fashion

13 Generation Figures 97% own a computer 94% own a cell phone 76% use Instant Messaging. 15% of IM users are logged on 24 / 7 34% use websites as primary source of news 75% of college students have a FacebookFacebook 60% own some type of portable music and/or video device such as an iPod.iPod

14 Identity Theory Stage 1Identity Confusion Stage 2Identity Comparison Stage 3Identity Tolerance Stage 4Identity Acceptance Stage 5Identity Pride Stage 6Identity Synthesis Cass Model 1979

15 Identity Theory Stage 1: Confusion –Question who I am? –Question what is homosexuality –Debate direction

16 Identity Theory Stage 2:COMPARISON –Where do I belong –I’m different (Not want to be different) –How do I perceive sexuality –How do other perceive my sexuality

17 Identity Confusion Stage 3:Tolerance –Seek out Gay individuals –Delve into subculture and society –Explore the concept of being Gay

18 Identity Theory Stage 4:Acceptance –Increase participation in GLBT culture –Establish thoughts with behavior –They accept that they are Gay

19 Identity Theory Stage 5:Pride –Embrace power of being Gay –Openly advertise Gayness –Display they are proud

20 Identity Theory Stage 6:Identity Synthesis –Refocus concept of power to people –View behavior as self identification –Understand the big picture

21 Generation Trends Language –Down Low or Hook Up –Partners –Label Neutral (Pansexual) Relationships -1 on 1 relationship - Friends with benefits - Non -relationships Media –Books and Magazines –TV and Movies –Computer Technology Outlets –Email –Chatrooms –Facebook / Myspace – Ideology -Pop Culture -Personal Experiences Resources –Counseling Services –PFLAG and Human Rights –GLSEN / Gay Straight Alliance –Student organizations

22 Rainbow Reaction Coming Out - Have open discussions - Link with student organizations - Refer to website - Add them to a listserv - Utilize other resources Related Issues Identity Concerns, Gender Identity, Acceptance, Safety Concerns

23 Rainbow Reaction Role Models –Highlight people on TV or movies –Inform others survivors of adversity –Introduce other leaders and teachers –Live by example Related Concerns Positive Characteristics, Ethical Standards, Moral Values, Mentorship

24 Rainbow Reaction Safe Sex Options - have discussions about choices & behavior - provide education on safe sex practices - advertise on internet - encourage testing Related Issues: health concerns, establishment of reputation, self- esteem, knowledge of options

25 Rainbow Reaction Intimacy Involvement –Discuss relationships and how they work –Promote positive relationships –Remind students this takes time –Role model Related Issues: Self identification, Understanding of Relationships, Managing Emotions, Mental Stability

26 Rainbow Reaction Accountability - Define responsibility - Dispel myths and false information -Praise students on their choices -Recognize affect of your behavior on others Related Issues: Accepting of Responsibility, Ethical Standards, Moral Values, Role Modeling

27 Future Issues Gay Marriage Health Issues Political Agendas Safe Environment Acceptance Understanding

28 Resources East Carolina Safe Zone Howe & Strauss: Welcoming a New Generation of College Students Journal of College Admission Vivian Cass: Identity Model of stages in developing sexual identity

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