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Welcome Plethico Pharmaceuticals Ltd. “Pledged to Ethics”

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1 Welcome Plethico Pharmaceuticals Ltd. “Pledged to Ethics”

2 Manufacturing facility Located within 20 km from the Commercial Capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore, Plethico has two World Class Plants for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. Plethico Pharmaceuticals Ltd. A B Road, Manglia. (MP), India. And Plethico Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Dhar Road, Dharavara, (MP), India.

3 Manufacturing facility ( Dharavara )  Tablets  Capsules  Medicinal Lozenges*  Liquid Injections  Oral Solutions  Nutraceuticals  Herbal Formulations*  Semisolid Formulations

4 Manufacturing facility ( Manglia )  We manufacture following products not made at Dharavara.  Effervescent Tabs  & a dedicated Rifampicin Area.  Isolated Formulations Block.  Tablets  Capsules  Dry Powder for Suspension/ Solutions  Dry Powder Injectables

5 Our Assets  Plethico has the best & most committed ASSET in the Pharmaceutical Industry other than latest infrastructure. OUR PERSONNEL  Quality Assurance :25  R&D (Formulations):10  Quality Control :50  Production :40  Engineering :15  Other supporting services: 10

6 Our 3 ‘Q’ Policy  ‘Q’uality  ‘Q’uantity  ‘Q’uick Service

7 OUR QUALITY POLICY Plethico Pharmaceuticals Ltd is in the healthcare business and “Pledged To Ethics” for Manufacturing and marketing quality drug products that consistently meet the compendial standards by adhering to current Good Manufacturing Practices in its State-of the-art plants, to alleviate the suffering of mankind and delight the customers through its unique and cost effective formulations.

8 Quantity & Quick Service  With good installed capacity Plethico can serve its existing customers and is well equipped to take up additional manufacturing.  Plethico has a proven service record in Domestic & International Markets. We & our business partners value our association.

9 Quality Control Department  Lead by respective Q.C Heads of the plants and supported by a technical team of about 50 personnel, they confirm product quality.  The Department is equipped with the latest world class instruments like AAS, TOC, HPLC, HPTLC, GC, FTIR etc., for confirming the quality of the product.

10 Quality Assurance Department  A team of expert professionals with 25 personnel they ensure consistent product quality & adherence to c GMP.  The Quality Assurance policy adheres to International regulations which comply with standards laid down by WHO, MCC (South Africa), NDA (Uganda), NAFDAC (Nigeria), MOH (Kenya & Kazakhstan), SGS (Belgium) and we have the approvals for exports from the above authorities. The team is also gearing up for UK MHRA approval.  On job training is imparted to all employees to achieve the quintessential aspect “QUALITY” in each unit produced at Plethico Pharmaceuticals Ltd.  Systems govern the operations & SOP’s are followed from entry in to the plant to dispatches.

11 R&D (Formulations)  We have developed 9 Herbal formulations with Vegetarian Capsule for the first time in India for export to Russia and we will be shortly exporting to other countries  Standardized Herbal extracts for these capsules were indigenously developed. The product range includes anti- diabetic, anti-rheumatic, hepatoprotective, anti-lipidemic and rejuvenating agents etc,.  Results of the Stability studies of Gatifloxacin (E/E drops) and Ocular irrigative solutions are found to be favourable for launch in near future.

12 R&D (Formulations)  Plethico is on the verge of Completing the development of ARV molecules (Individual/Combinations) in different Dosage forms like Oral Suspensions/Solutions, Tablets & Capsules etc,.  Our R&D department is developing NDDS Dosage forms like SR, MR, CR – Tablets/Capsules, OD Tablets along with conventional dosage forms in various therapeutic segments.  R&D (Formulations) is under further expansion to meet the new challenges posed by the International market.

13 Lozenges Manufacturing  Plethico is proud to posses the high speed equipments for Medicated Lozenges production imported from Klockner Hansel & Bosch - Germany.  Clarity of our Brand Travisil Herbal Lozenges is a point of envy to our competitors.  Our other medicated lozenges cater to use in Sore throat, fungal infection & we shall shortly be adding NSAID.  The latest addition to our range is Travisil Sugar free Lozenges.  Medicated Herbal mouth freshner Actifresh & Candy Bytes in flavours like Paan Masti, Orange, Lemon, Kairee & Coffee are relished by young & Adults equally.

14 Neutraceuticals  Plethico’s Neutraceuticals division offers Health to all.  Our Health Drink COACH’S Formula with its six variants is not only sold in India but is also well accepted in CIS, Asia & Africa.  We are working at developing a variant for pregnant women & nursing mothers in the under developed countries like Africa.

15 Herbal Formulations Plethico’s Travisil range (Lozenges & Syrup) have been a stupendous success due to its unique Herbal formulation of 16 herbs which are clinically proven & analytically quantifiable as per International regulatory requirements. We have further developed & we make the PET bottle for Travisil syrup in a unique square shape at our PET bottle plant, imported from M/s. Aioki, Japan. The other beauty of the formulation is that it does not freeze in minus temperatures in the CIS region & is a USP for our product marketing.

16 Engineering Excellence Air and Water systems are critical to the pharmaceutical industry. Plethico has installed elaborate BMS (PLC Based) to take care of HVAC system. This system has been installed and commissioned by M/s. Asea Brown Boveri Ltd. and Seimens India Ltd. Separate air handling system are installed in different areas to avoid cross contamination. Water purification system is also PLC based supported by PLC based distribution system installed and commissioned by M/s. Alfa Laval India Ltd. The entire system ensures ‘Zero Dead Leg’ of purified water during distribution.

17 Environmental Commitment  Plant is equipped with HVAC Systems, Water handling Systems and ETP for the effective management of AIR, WATER & EFFLUENTS.  Recycled water is being used for maintenance of GARDENS around the plant.  Echo friendly ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOURCE (Solar Systems) is installed for conservation of electrical energy.

18 Plethico Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Thank You

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