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Training Distributors

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1 Training Distributors
Adeolu Akinyemi 2nd March, 2015

2 Welcome! It’s an Amazing Business Opportunity

3 13+ Ways to Earn Instant Rewards Club2Global Bonus System Binary Pool
Binary Pool Matching Leadership Pool Leadership Pool Matching Leadership Vacation Bonus Club2Global Binary System and Club2Binary Milestone Rewards. Club2Global Bonus System Club2Global Commissions Product Commissions Product Matching Bonus Product Recognition Bonus or Profit Sharing Product Retail Sales Agency Sales Consulting Services Training Services And so much more… .

4 New Product! Nature’s Pure Miracle
This is another option for an overview using transitions to advance through several slides.

5 The Ruzu Bitters is an amazing herbal wonder
The Ruzu Bitters is an amazing herbal wonder! It combines 3 key herbs, and a few secret ones to keep the patency off the limit of those who may access the formula to copy it.

6 The Ruzu Bitters is not just another supplement, it’s curative
The Ruzu Bitters is not just another supplement, it’s curative! It’s not a 60 day trial product, the effects can be seen in under 24hrs. Ruzu Bitters is different from all other bitters in that it’s 100% natural, no additives and not artificial preservatives. All the extraction materials are all natural. It’s natures pure miracle!

7 The Ruzu Herbal Bitter consists of 3 key elements
The Ruzu Herbal Bitter consists of 3 key elements. The Uvaria Chamae (also known as bush banana), Curgulico Pilosa (also known as squirrel groundnut) and Colocythis citrullus (also referred to as bitter apple, desert gourd or egusi). These herbs grow in different parts of the world in commercial quantity and has been produced and marketed for 8yrs with remarkable results and testimonies.

8 Overview of Ingredients
1 The Uvaria Chamae (also known as bush banana) 2 Curgulico Pilosa (also known as squirrel groundnut) 3 Colocythis citrullus (also referred to as bitter apple, desert gourd or egusi) This is another option for an overview slide.

9 Overview of Medical Cures
Diabetes Weak Erection Typhoid and Malaria Vaginal Discharge Menstruation anomalies High Blood Pressure Waist, Back and Pains Fibroid Infertility (Male and Female) Gonorrhea/Staphylococcus Syphilis Pile Obesity/Stomach Troubles Detoxifies the Kidney and Tones the Liver. . . . and so much more! Ruzu Bitters has recorded and is still recording testimonials everyday What will the audience be able to do after this training is complete? Briefly describe each objective and how the audience will benefit from this presentation.

10 Ruzu Research Use a section header for each of the topics, so there is a clear transition to the audience.

11 These properties are based
on reports from different researchers in different countries.

12 Helps in treatment of fever
Bush Banana. Helps in treatment of fever Has a wide spectrum of antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties Eases severe abdominal pains Solution for cerebral diseases Used for amenorrhea and to prevent miscarriage Useful energizing and arresting aging- lassitude and senescence Purgative and febrifugal properties Treats Jaundice Useful to manage childbirth pains Has antibiotic properties and cheaper chemotherapeutic agent Useful for the treatment of bronchitis, and gonorrhea Useful for treating diarrhea and dysentery Also useful for application on wounds and sores to promote healing Potent to relieve symptoms of cardiac insufficiency, coughs and circulatory problems Anti-malaria, anti-diabetic and strong antioxidant properties Weak solution in the treatment of conjunctivitis Blood purification properties Active in treating hemorrhoids, malaria, kidney and liver infections Useful for gargle for sore-throat Primary ingredient of most herbal antibiotics

13 Squirrel Groundnut Treats gastrointestinal and heart diseases Treats leukemia, gonorrhea, and cough As astringent agent, aphrodisiac and demulcent Antidiabetic, anticancer, antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities. It is effective against strains of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria as those of Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Staphylococcus Aureus and Enterococcus faecalis among others.

14 Bitter Apple Strong purgative properties which help to cure intestinal problems such as constipation. Stimulates the kidney and helps to maintain a healthy urinary tract. Powerful hydragogue cathartic and hepatic stimulant. Strong emmenagogue, ecbolic, febrifugal and vermifugal properties. Helps in purifying the blood. Brings relief from poisoning resulting from scorpion bite and snake bite. Powerful laxative. Helps in removing tumors present in the gastro intestinal tract or in the stomach. Aids in the stimulation of liver and facilitates smooth secretion of bile. Used to scrap and remove warts and corns from the skin. Have strong anti-carcinogenic properties and are used in the production of anti-cancerous drugs. Used to remedy blood disorders such as leukemia. Powerful remedy against a health disorder known as ascites. Used to reduce rheumatism as well as arthritic and joint pains. Frequently used to cure menstrual disorders. Generally not consumed alone but often combined with some other cathartics to relief health problems such as amenorrhea, obstinate edema, worm infestation, jaundice, bronchitis, asthma, abdominal disorders and cerebral derangements.

15 Used to treat diabetes, since it may be able to induce insulin secretion from the pancreas after supplementation, while reducing blood glucose and improving lipid levels. Also used in hair growth stimulation with an effect comparable to finasteride, a male pattern baldness drug. WOW! You may say! Why don’t you just get the herbs and eat them yourself? That’s where the technicality of this amazing product comes in. Each of the elements taken separately and in the wrong weights can have poisonous effects. Remember, the same indocid that is a pain reliever is also rat poison. The Ruzu Bitters combination has recorded strong testimonies over the last 8yrs, and has been duly approved by Nafdac. The potentials for export for this Nature’s Miracle is also amazing.

16 What is our compelling “why” for doing this business?
What do you gain as an A2W Distributor? What is our compelling “why” for doing this business?

17 Helping People If you look at the list of ailments above, and the potentials of this amazing nature’s pure miracle, you’ll easily see people around you that need your help. Ruzu Bitters is exclusively distributed by A2W, and offers you an opportunity to make health changes in the lives of your friends and loved ones. The testimonies are real, and the market is BIG! Also you love to be involved in other people’s success stories, there are not many businesses you can freely train others for without the fear of creating competition for yourself. A2W is one of those business models where those who bring sunshine to the lives of others, truly cannot keep it from themselves. In A2W as you help others succeed, you succeed even more.

18 Leaving a Legacy A good name is better than silver and Gold. A2W gives you the opportunity to touch so many lives, and to leave positive feelings and vibes that ensure your good legacy lives on! Here, you interact with people on long term win-win bases, and the result is bonding and longer term relationships.

19 Nationhood One of the biggest challenges in our nation is that as a nation we have only one major source of income. Empowering the middle to low income earning class is one of the ways of building the nations economy. Participating in products and services that have the capacity for export, working with others to form teams that can become strong forces for reinforcing each other and forming synergistic unions is a sure way forward! A2W gives you the opportunity to do all these.

20 Extra Income More than 80% of the everyday people we all meet spend more than they earn. Extra income is not a nice to have, it’s a must have. If you’ll like to have extra income that does not jeopardize your current income stream, A2W is a viable option. It’s an ethical way to earn extra income, keep your current job and do something that leverages on what you already have - Relationships.

21 Meeting New People A wise person once said, that we are all the same people we were 5 years ago, except for the people we have met and the books we have read. A2W offers you the opportunity to meet great people that you could not have met any other way. The structure of meetings, seminars, rallies, awards ceremonies and general meetings offer you the opportunity to come across fantastic people that can help you, and help your business. In terms of building new relationships, A2W is priceless.

22 Enjoying More Time Freedom
Research shows that children who grow up to become exception sports people have one thing in common – Parents that had time for them! The greatest investment you can make in the lives of your children is not a more expensive school, is having their time. A2W gives you an option to begin to plan towards, this, and can become a viable sustaining option that allows you to finally be able to have time for your family and even yourself.

23 Personal Development Empty Bags don’t stand upright! To not know is bad, but to not even know that you don’t know is worse! In order to build the capacity to retain what you earn, you need to become better. We all need to develop ourselves, as what school offers as curriculum is far from enough. A2W offers you the opportunity to learn by reading, learn by listening even participate in teaching others, and most importantly learn by experience. The value of Personal development available in A2W is second to none!

24 Financial Freedom Financial freedom means, I earn sufficient passive income to take care of my living expenses. It’s the ideal destination for people who don’t want to work themselves to death. As you work, you are meant to build assets that have the capacity to take care of you in your retirement. You can do this by cash leverage or by people leverage. A2W gives you access to a phenomenal people leverage platform that allows you to build a team of thousands for committed people from a handful of them. If financial freedom is your dream, there is no better ground up opportunity than A2W.

25 Owning a Business The cost of owning a business is becoming untouchable! Common businesses now require more than common capital to start them. Travel companies can cost you a start up cost in tens of thousands of dollars, retail chains quite scary as well. There are not many businesses to try your hands with and gain expertise before you scale up. A2W gives you the platform to start business with leverage – you can literally leverage on the company. As you deal and learn, you begin to grow until you can actually start something of your own. If you would love to own a business, A2W is a great place to start.

26 Retiring to Passive Income
Some of the people who enjoy A2W most are retirees. This business not only allows you to earn residual income, it allows you to be young again and belong to a family. The best time to prepare for the future is long before it comes, and A2W is a platform that helps you to prepare.

27 Easy NEXT Steps Get in through any of the Starter Packs, and let’s make a difference in the world together!


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30 Microsoft Engineering Excellence
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