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Liar, Liar by: Gary Paulsen published in 2011 Fiction

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1 Liar, Liar by: Gary Paulsen published in 2011 Fiction
Ana C. 6th period

2 Setting This book takes place at a middle school and some scene take place in the main character’s house. The setting takes place in present time. This setting is important to the story because at The main characters school is were most of the conflict is taken place in.

3 Characters Character Physical Characteristics
Adjectives of Personality Text Evidence /Explanation of Adjectives *Kevin (Main character) 1) Brown hair 1) Liar He lies 2) Normal height 2)selfish 2) he lies to make the situation work for himself. Not caring who it affects. 3) Brown 3)confident 3) He thinks he is better than everyone lese at first *Tina Blond active She is in many school clubs

4 Conflict The main conflict in Liar, Liar is that Kevin’s lies are getting out of control and they eventually catch up to him and now he must tell the truth and take the consequences. I think this is Man vs. Society because he has lied and manipulated almost every person he knows.

5 Summary of Plot Kevin has always been a liar. His lies are usually little and harmless but this time they go to far. He has fallen in love with a girl named Tina and wants to prove to her that he is boyfriend material. He wants to spend time with her and get to know her better. He ends up lying to his teachers and spends that time trying to get Tina to notice him. He lies to his family making them all go against each other. And he lies to some of his friends too. Soon all of his lies catch up to him and he has to face the consequences and tell the truth.

6 Theme I think the theme from this book is trying to teach us that honesty is the best policy because eventually your lies will catch up to you. Text evidence: “The truth really does set you free” Page:120. “Maybe the truth in small, preschool sized doses, wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all” Page 88 “I’d be lying(and I’m not going to be doing that anymore”) Page 97

7 Point of View The story is told in Kevin’s Point of View. It shows why Kevin thinks lying is ok and how he changes from the beginning of the story to the end of it. In the end of the book it says that Kevin is no longer going to lie. Making it sound like a fact. But if it was done by a different point of view it could be different because that character might think that Kevin hasn’t changed at all.

8 Symbolism The picture of crossed figures symbolizes lying. This symbolizes the book because in the beginning Kevin thinks its ok to lie. It shows him crossing his figures in the front cover of the book The picture with the other symbol means truth in Chinese. And it symbolizes the book because in the end Kevin changes because he learns to tell the truth.

9 Recommendation Booklist, Starred Review by Booklist said:
This book got a recommendation from: Booklist, Starred Review by Booklist said: “Short and Hilarious… When it comes to telling funny stories no one surpasses Paulsen, and here he is in top form.

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