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THE RISING STAR OF RUSTY NAIL Nov. Wiki-Tastic book review By: Ava F. Miss. Wyatt’s Class 09.

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1 THE RISING STAR OF RUSTY NAIL Nov. Wiki-Tastic book review By: Ava F. Miss. Wyatt’s Class 09

2 Beginning information The title of my book is The Rising Star of Rusty Nail and it is written by Lesley M. M. Blume. The setting is on slide 5. This book tells that you shouldn’t give up and sometimes not to listen to what other people say!!!! Hint ( The Russians and the Americans weren’t friends at the time.) Franny Hansen is an amazing piano player and her teacher can’t teacher any more, a Russian moves into town and is a musician. What do you think Franny might do?

3 Main imformation  270 pages  By: Lesley M. M. Blume  No illustrator  I rate this book WWWW for Wiki- Tastic

4 Characters  The main character in The Rising Star of Rusty Nail is Franny Hansen.  Nancy Orilee ( Prancy )…. is very rich, she is very fancy and gets everything she wants.  Franny Hansen….. is very focused, nice, and a very good piano player.  Sandy Ann… is a very good friend but at one point she gets a little dishonest.  Olga….. is a musician she is very stern and certain.  Mrs. Grimes…. is a little famous, she comes to see Franny play the piano and is very Unappreciative.  Mrs. Staudt….. is pretty nice and she runs a hair salon.  Mayor Reverend Jerry…. is a very nice man and is usually trying to help people.  Charlie…. is a boy who lived in Rusty Nail and is now a lawyer.  Norma Smitty… is a judge at court who loves to gossip!!

5 Setting  Olga’s house  School  Franny’s house  Church  Hair Salon They are at these 5 places through out the book.

6 Problem  The problem was that Olga wouldn’t treat Franny how she wanted to be treated.  Olga wouldn’t give Franny lessons.

7 Solution  Franny starts to work for Olga to get the response she wants for both of her problems!!

8 Plot  The plot of The Rising Star of Rusty Nail is very interesting.  The Rising Star of Rusty Nail was about two girls. One of them is named Franny and she has a passion to play the piano. A Russian moves into town, she is a musician she moves at the time when the Americans weren’t friends with the Russians. Franny’s piano teacher can’t teach her any more so she asked the Russian to teach her. She starts to work for her to get lessons. The Russian starts to teach Franny’s worst enemy Prancy too!! The Russians friend comes into town. There is a big show and Prancy wins against Franny. The Russians friend watches the show. The Russians friend is actually a special person. Read the book to find out what happens!!!!  It’s not so bad to come in second any way but maybe not up against your worst enemy it’s not.

9 Suggestions  I loved this book. I really hope people get a chance to read it.  I liked the book because I like to play the piano and the book had a lot to do with the piano. I also liked the book because it just got kept getting better and better as I read on.  I learned a little bit what the Russians were like how they acted and how they looked and how the Americans and Russians really didn’t like each other.  I would recommend this book to anyone because you are always wondering what is going to happen next and because sometimes you just think about that they really didn’t like each other or really even cared!!!!

10 Thank you  Hope you enjoyed my power point!!!  Have a nice day!!  BBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

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