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Ph. No.: 914-984-4198/203-413-1345 URL:

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1 Ph. No.: 914-984-4198/203-413-1345 E-Mail: URL: Differences between Headstones, Monuments and Markers

2 There are many options for you to remember your loved one. Your choice depends on how you want your loved one remembered, the financial assets you have, and cemetery restrictions.

3 Headstone The headstone is typically a piece of rock (usually granite) that sits erect on the ground, allowing individuals who walk past to easily identify the individual. A headstone is typically less ornate than true monuments and often smaller.monuments It is common to have one headstone per person.

4 Monument Monuments are often the same shape as headstones. There might be some height restrictions, but there is no issue with designing and selecting an image, icon, animal or anything else as a monument for your loved one.

5 Monument Some gravesites have lion monuments twenty feet long by ten feet high, have large obelisks, or tall skinny spindles. A monument might have any icon or image represented typically in three dimensional form.

6 Marker A cemetery marker often sits flat, so you can only read it when standing straight above it. An excellent option for those who are looking to save money. Easiest memorial to maintain. Most cemetery ground crews remove unwanted grass or weeds around it.

7 For a reliable monument and mausoleum builder, contact Polchinski Memorials. For more than 125 years, Polchinski Memorials has been helping families create highly personalized family memorials, cemetery monuments, headstones and mausoleums in Westchester,

8 Contact Us POLCHINSKI MEMORIALS INC Ph. No.: 914-984-4198 /203-413-1345 Fax: 914-769-4155 Address: 7 West Stevens Ave Hawthorne, NY 10532 Email: Visit:

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