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Ph. No.: 914-984-4198/203-413-1345 URL:

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1 Ph. No.: 914-984-4198/203-413-1345 E-Mail: URL: Granite for Cemetery Headstones and Monument Manufacturing

2 MonumentsMonuments are built with materials like granite, bronze, and marble. Among them, granite is the most common and widely used. Granite is preferred because it is durable and attractive.

3 Advantages of Using Granite for Cemetery Monument Manufacturing Has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, modern hydrocarbon and acid rain pollution. Available in a wide range of colors. Price is affordable when compared to materials like marble. Can be etched, polished, and carved to produce beautiful results.

4 Advantages of Using Granite for Cemetery Monument Manufacturing Come in all shapes and sizes to fit any budget. Requires minimum maintenance thereby reducing the maintenance costs. Does not deteriorate easily.

5 Cemetery Monuments in Westchester, New York Polchinski Memorials is a cemetery monument and headstone designer in Westchester. Polchinski Memorials They have been creating highly personalized family memorials, monuments, headstones and mausoleums for over 125 years.mausoleums

6 Contact Us POLCHINSKI MEMORIALS Address: 7 West Stevens Ave Hawthorne, NY 10532 Ph. No.: 914-984-4198 /203-413-1345 Fax: 914-769-4155 Email: Visit:

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