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Detroit Graveyards By: Lauren, Olivia, Daniel and Max A Cyberfair Project.

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1 Detroit Graveyards By: Lauren, Olivia, Daniel and Max A Cyberfair Project

2 History of Graveyards in Detroit Graveyards fulfill the needs and wants of a community by providing a sacred place to bury loved ones. Many of the historic graveyards of Detroit provide a serene place for people to remember those they have lost.

3 Map with Locations Elmwood Woodmere Woodlawn Mount Elliot The largest cemetery in metro Detroit The oldest non- religious cemetery in Detroit Butler The most haunted cemetery in Detroit Then Now Then Now Then Now Then Now Then

4 How Have they Changed The deceased used to be either buried in family plots or crowded church graveyards. These traditional graveyards did not have enough capacity to support future burials and some of the graveyards were a menace to public health that caused contamination of wells and springs. Graveyards have always offered traditional in-ground burial services, but management has made many changes over the years to adapt to the needs and wants of the community. In addition to traditional in-ground burials with above ground monuments, cemeteries have provided for entombment in mausoleums and on-grounds cremation services with memorialization in niches and scattering gardens.

5 Woodmere Old picture from 1932 New picture from 2011 1. Woodmere is still open for burial 2. The reason why woodmere cemetery was created to bury the dead for the suburbs and metro Detroit citizens. 3.Woodmere has changed a lot from its founding date (1867) Changes like prices for burial and cremation have changed. Also the traditions for burial, traditions like closed and open casket funerals. Open casket burials are now less common. Many civil war soldiers were buried in woodmere, but the soldiers were originally buried in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Most Michigan civil war soldiers were buried in Woodmere. 4.Woodmere cemetery helped the people of Detroit by providing a nice place to bury the deceased, also cremation. Without woodmere cemetery, the other smaller cemeteries would be over crowded. This has also helped the paranormal business and tourists because of numerous ghost reports and sightings.civil war

6 Mt. Elliott The Mt. Elliott cemetery is still in business because of its care, it is carefully always up to shape. It is still a serene environment and has many historic features. It was and still is a beautiful place to memorialize a loved one.It has changed over time because the funeral's organization has been changed, the familes mourn is a long process.Cemeteries are important to people of Detroit and people everywhere.Cemeteries are a beautiful or spooky place to memorialize a loved one, in which the bodies are buried in caskets.They have changed over time because people in the old days were more depressed and didn't talk to each other at funerals, they sit quietly and morn over the death, funerals are not anymore at long time of mourning, people back in the old days (early 1900's) wore black outfits and black hats, women and girls would wear black dresses and men wore just black outfits. Little girls wore black ribbons on their braids instead of pink bows as usuall, and families hung black reaths on the front door. The funeral event price has gone up about three- hundred or even four-hundred dollars, and the caskets themselves are about $2,000 to $3,000. New Mt. Elliot- present Mt. Elliot ‘s Cemetery Book- Old Copy

7 Elmwood 1. Elmwood services include Cremation, Mausoleum Entombment, and Traditional Burial(opened/closed coffin) open coffin is less common now because most people don't want to see dead peoples faces and this causes less graveyards to give this service because they don't get money from doing that service and in some graveyards opened tomb burials cost more the the closed coffin. 2. Elmwood is still open for burial Cremation, Mausoleum Entombment the only way a graveyard would close if they had no more room to bury people it would just be open for visits. 3. Elmwood cemetery has changed by it's decor and in the 20th century the flattened the land to make more room to bury people because it is hard to bury people on slanted land. 4. Elmwood cemetery helped the people of Detroit by providing a nice place to bury the cidicions of Detroit and the small suburbs. 5. Elmwood cemetery is useful for the people of Detroit 6. there are many people buried in Elmwood here are some people that are: 28 Detroit mayors, 11 U.S. senators, seven Michigan governors, 28 Civil War generals and 15 black veterans of that war. 7. One of Elmwood's many sevices include putting together flowers for the graves of death days or birthdays for the costumer. 8. contact info phone #(313) 567-3453 fax 313-567-8861

8 Woodlawn Woodlawn has changed over time because of what you wear and also what casket you use. The outfits have changed because the girls wore pink bows and now you wear black. The prices of the caskets Used to be $100-200 now it is about $2,000. Woodlawn has buried some famous people like Rosa Parks. Past Present

9 Conclusion Graveyards will have to change in the future and become more sustainable in the following areas: * Using natural products and techniques for coffins * Considering the ecology of the graveyard * Sustainable landscape management * Integrating natural Habitats as a cemetery feature Water conservation Using energy efficient equipment.

10 Credits Google images Created by: Olivia, Lauren, Max and Daniel

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