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Mark 12:38-44 As he taught, he said, ‘Beware of the scribes, who like to walk around in long robes, and to be greeted with respect in the market-places,

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1 Mark 12:38-44 As he taught, he said, ‘Beware of the scribes, who like to walk around in long robes, and to be greeted with respect in the market-places, 39 and to have the best seats in the synagogues and places of honour at banquets! 40 They devour widows’ houses and for the sake of appearance say long prayers. 41 They will receive the greater condemnation.’ He sat down opposite the treasury, and watched the crowd putting money into the treasury. Many rich people put in large sums.

2 42 A poor widow came and put in two small copper coins, which are worth a penny. 43 Then he called his disciples and said to them, ‘Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the treasury. 44 For all of them have contributed out of their abundance; but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on.’

3 Congregational Budgets and Financial Matters

4 Financial Reports Balance Sheet Statement of Revenue and Expenses Management Reports

5 The Role of the Pastor in Stewardship Ministry

6 The role of the pastor The stewardship committee is not “they” The pastor and the stewardship committee – The pastor is the one person uniquely positioned to “keep your eye on the ball” – Keep the focus on the vision – Keep the focus on scripture

7 The role of the pastor Lead by example (people will be watching) – Walk the walk – Talk the talk Be very careful that you don’t pay too much attention publically to those who are perceived to be the biggest givers

8 Should the pastor know what people give? I think so… – A quantifiable measure of spiritual maturity – An indicator of change in life – Helpful in selecting leadership – Can prevent attempts at financial bullying If you don’t, at least know if there is a significant change in someone’s giving What is the congregational culture around $?

9 Should the pastor know what people give? What should the pastor do with this knowledge? Never let this knowledge affect ministry. Use this knowledge to: – Ask – Thank – Tell

10 Advocate Estimates of Giving The importance of estimates of giving for the stewardship health of a disciple The importance of estimates of giving for the financial health of the congregation – Growth from year to year $100,000  $215,892 in 10 years @8% – Giving patterns in a mobile society

11 The pastor and the budget process I always met with whatever committee was building the budget – Don’t talk too much – Don’t talk too little Protect benevolence, especially Mission Support (it will be in your Letter of Call and in Vision and Expectations) Advocate for other staff When things are tight, look at income and expenses

12 The pastor and the budget process At the annual meeting, keep quiet about the budget unless asked a question Before each council meeting, make sure financial reports are distributed early, and make sure you review them carefully – Ask questions of individuals ahead of the meeting

13 The pastor and handling money Don’t Make sure good financial controls are in place

14 It is important to talk about money! When you aren’t asking for any When you are asking for some

15 Talking about money when you aren’t asking for any

16 Money can be a hurdle between a person and Jesus.

17 Money can be a bridge between a person and Jesus.

18 What’s the difference?

19 It all depends on how you see it!

20 If money and possessions are mine to accumulate… that will be a hurdle every time.

21 When money and possessions are God’s, entrusted to me to… Use Responsibly Give Generously That will be a bridge every time. &


23 Talking about the intersection of faith and finances… can help people deal with one of life’s worries and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

24 Some great Rolf Jacobson quotes: “God cares as much about the 90% that we “keep” as God cares about the 10% that we give away.” “We should invite those-who-belong-to-God into a process of mutual discernment. How does someone who belongs to God invest?... W&W, p. 4 “Because we belong to God, our time and talents belong to God all week. When accountants-who- belong-to-God help people fill out their tax returns, they are participating in God’s work of creating trustworthy economic systems.” W&W, p.4

25 Some ways to talk about money when you aren’t asking for any. Sermons Adult Education – Peace Lutheran, Tacoma, WA Small Groups – Fearless Feasts Managing Money Classes – Financial Peace University

26 Powell’s picture of year-long stewardship Vocational discernment Business ethics Sermon series on gratitude and trust Money management classes Discussion on spending money in ways that serve God’s mission.

27 It is important to talk about money! When you aren’t asking for any When you are asking for some

28 Talking about money when you are asking for some. Special CapitalEndowment Annual

29 Talking about money… when you are asking for some. Special CapitalEndowment Annual Financial Response

30 On Stewardship Campaigns: “We have got to get away from the annual October beg-a-thon!” Terry Parsons

31 Dos and Don’ts of Annual Appeals The congregation’s vision for ministry is central. Thank the congregation for their commitment to ministry. Tell stories of how the congregation’s generosity makes a difference. Have scripture as the center of a 3+ week program. Temple Talks/Ministry Moments/Personal Stories are very important. Don’t use the budget as a part of the annual appeal.

32 Dos and Don’ts Invite people to grow in their giving. Help them know what that means and how to do it. – Growing to the tithe, tithing and beyond the tithe. – Give real money examples. Invite a response – Language and Practice Shape Culture – Shape your message to your audience – Pledge vs. Estimate of Giving vs. Commitment Follow Up is important

33 Traits of an Effective Financial Response Method 1.Teaches that stewardship starts with God. Christ at the center provides security and freedom to respond. 2.Understands that the purpose of God-given gifts is to do ministry. People want to know their efforts and resources make a difference. 3.Stewardship can be a source of enthusiasm in a congregation. 4.Invites people to consider their blessings and personal commitments. Their response is a reflection of their faith and generosity.

34 Why People Give? Gratitude Adds meaning to their life and the lives of others To help people Giving is a spiritual response to God’s goodness Someone asks them Because they trust the leadership They believe in the mission From Generous People by Dr. Eugene Grimm

35 When? Traditionally September -- November Increasingly Popular February – April Parallel with the Lenten Journey

36 Common Elements for Response Planning LEADERSHIP Pastor Chair Financial Secretary TIMELINE Work backward from Commitment Sunday COMMUNICATION Letters, Invites, Bulletin Inserts, Temple Talks, Commissioning Leaders, Skits, Sermons, Children’s Sermon, Telephone Scripts LEADER TRAINING Written Material, One-on-One and Small Group Trainings FOLLOW UP Thank you notes, letters, phone calls and visits

37 Choosing a Program From Passive to Personal Mailing Congregational Dinner Consecration Sunday Congregational Relay Congregational Mission Week Congregational Small Group Congregational Visit

38 Financial Stewardship Annual Response Methods Congregational Mailing Highlights: Basic stewardship principles, ministries in the congregation and church wide mission through mailings. Congregational Dinner Special occasion for fellowship, speaker, and entertainment. Highlights: Lifts up vision for ministry and opportunities to financially support the mission. Consecration Sunday Combines leader education with financial response during worship, followed by a celebration brunch or lunch. Highlights: Education, Celebration, Fellowship

39 Financial Stewardship Annual Response Methods Congregational Relay Provides a systematic method of contacting each household through a series of routes. Info packet passed from household to household asking for commitment. Highlights: Reaches many, interactive Congregational Mission Week Emphasizes small group Bible studies which culminate in a Mission Celebration. Celebrates outreach ministries and encourages people to grow in their generosity. Highlights: Many Involved, Stories of Ministry, Fellowship Congregational Small Group Gatherings in people’s homes to study scripture and learn about ministries of the congregation. Relaxed atmosphere to talk about faith and giving. Highlights: Personal, Focused, Interactive, Opportunity for Questions

40 Financial Stewardship Annual Response Methods Congregational Visit Method Every Member Visit Involves visiting all members (households) of the congregation. Visitors are trained to make presentations and share congregational vision as well as new ministry areas. Each member is invited to share their blessings in response to God’s goodness as well as talk bout concerns, interests and vision of congregation’s future.



43 Dear member of (NAME) Lutheran Church, Each of us is on a walk with Jesus. Every day we have the opportunity to learn from Jesus on that walk, just as his first disciples did. As we disciples walk with Jesus, Jesus wants us drawn closer to him. Jesus wants our walk always to be drawing us deeper into our relationship with him. It is because of this that Jesus talked so much about money as he walked with his first disciples. Jesus recognizes that the lure of money can erect a barrier between him and his children. He says so quite clearly in Matthew 6:24, when he says, “You cannot serve God and wealth.” Perhaps the best example of this truth in all of scripture is the story of Jesus and the rich ruler in Luke 18. Jesus asks the ruler to sell his possessions, give the proceeds to the poor and follow him. The ruler is unable to do this. His loyalty to his possessions is so strong that he cannot follow Jesus. Jesus wants you to be a generous giver. He wants this not because our church needs your money. He wants this because Jesus knows that you need to give. You need to generously give yourself and your possessions away in order that you might follow your Lord. Clinging to possessions blocks your relationship with Jesus, just as it did for the rich ruler. Giving generously to Jesus opens the way for a new and deeper level of walking with Jesus. In worship on Sunday, (month) (day), you will have the opportunity to complete your estimate of giving card indicating your plan for giving to (NAME) Lutheran Church for the coming year. Make your generous giving a part of your walk with Jesus. Sincerely,



46 Letter to non-giving members, to be printed on the congregation’s letterhead Dear member of (NAME) Lutheran Church, This past Sunday in worship many members of our congregation returned their estimate of giving cards for the coming year. It was exciting to see so many come forward to return these cards that describe their giving plans for (YEAR). I am writing to provide you with an estimate of giving card and an envelope in which you may return this to the church office. These are exciting days at (NAME) Lutheran. [Detail several aspects of the congregation’s ministry.] You membership in (NAME) Lutheran is important to the entire congregation. We value you and trust that the ministry of the congregation has provided you strength and support in your faith. Please know that you can call on me at any time. Please complete and return the enclosed card as soon as possible so that we can complete this year’s stewardship program. Sincerely, Pastor

47 Letter acknowledging receipt of estimate of giving card, to be printed on the congregation’s letterhead Dear [Member’s name], Thank you for your partnership in the gospel at (NAME) Lutheran Church. Our congregation is a blessing to many in our community, members and non-members alike. Specifically, I am writing to thank you for your estimate of giving for next year. According to our records, you have indicated that you plan to give $_________ per week/month/year. If this is not accurate, please contact me at the address or telephone number listed below. Your gifts will make a difference. [List some important ministries of the congregation, and others supported by the congregation.] Again, thanks for your support of (NAME) Lutheran Church. Sincerely, (Name) Financial Secretary (Address) (Telephone number)

48 What’s happening in the world of Annual Response Methods Some congregations have abandoned them or made them very low-key Some congregations have moved to a customized ask Smaller congregations tend to still use them, especially non-metro congregations

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