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2013 Best Practices in Basic Stewardship Surprising Gifts.

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2 2013 Best Practices in Basic Stewardship Surprising Gifts


4 * In a still-uncertain economic climate * Moving from a relaxing summer * to the quickening pace of a new church year * Yes, it’s September, and November is coming!

5 …or to build on your year-round stewardship ministry.

6 the “big picture” of the life of the church… and

7 an everyday spiritual practice for Christians

8 Ten Best Practices for your Fall stewardship campaign

9 If you have a committee that’s meeting, great! * Re-connect with a fun autumn gathering * Add a few new members * Consider an ad hoc campaign committee If you don’t have a committee, form one! * Invite the unexpected * Create a timeline Enlist all of the leadership of the church

10 Adjust your perspective: * abundance, not scarcity * positive, not negative * joy, not anxiety Shape your language: * “the budget” is really the mission spending plan all mission: local and wider

11 “Abundance is not something we acquire; it is something we tune into.” – Wayne Dyer Abundance

12 * Don’t shy away from the topic of money * Provide support and education * Ask for the same gift from everyone: not the same amount, but meaningful Challenge the comfortable, comfort the challenged

13 4. Approach giving as a year-round, whole life spiritual practice. A practice forms us as disciples: We grow into more generous people as we give generously.


15 * The spiritual practices of first fruits giving and proportional giving… * challenge us to grow our giving by a regular percentage each year

16 …are also shared with joy


18 * Reasonability * Challenge * Commitment * Compassion * Community Kennon Callahan Stewardship and Giving in an Effective Church (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1992)

19 We often TRANSMIT on the Commitment and Challenge frequencies, but our RECEIVERS are set on Compassion and Community.

20 * Surprising Gifts: 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17 * Other Scriptures in the theme materials * Abundance Bible study * Share Scripture in all of your communications to the congregation

21 * First fruits: the first line on your budget * Ask preachers to share the story of their own giving * Talk/write about the church’s giving


23 * The offering A time of delight in giving? * Consecration Sunday A celebration you wouldn’t want to miss?

24 * Creativity: gather an ad hoc committee of story-tellers * Create a narrative budget * Use DVDs, photos, skits, etc.

25 1. Build the stewardship committee. 2. Set the tone. 3. Nurture financial wellness. 4. Approach stewardship as a year-round, whole-life spiritual practice. 5. Understand motivations for giving. 6. Ground your work in Scripture. 7. Teach giving by modeling it. 8. Make giving moments life-giving. 9. Tell the story of your church – lay out the vision!




29 Scripture assures us that first God gives to us: “God reached out in love and surprised you with gifts of unending help and confidence.” We can take heart; God knows our needs and hopes and wants only the best for us.

30 Surprising Unmerited Love We are encouraged to keep our focus on God, confident that God wants the best for us.

31 Surprising Unmerited Love * The world may ignore us * Take heart – God knows who we are * Pray, ask, engage deeply in your faith * Engagement aligns us with God’s love and intent * We might surprise ourselves with Godly giving

32 Surprised! Isn’t it surprising that God does not look and point a finger at us for what we do wrong but rather loves us enough to show mercy and grace? Quite simply, the reason for all giving is God’s surprising grace!

33 Surprised! “Our prayer life can help us to face ourselves honestly, our faults as well as our gifts… Honesty flows from openness: * An open heart, * An open mind, * A life opened to God and to transformation. – Kathryn Matthews Huey

34 * Zacchaeus had a transformative encounter with Jesus * Transformation comes for us when we remain willing to see, to ask, to believe, to grow * Transformation comes from our hearts * Our giving is transformed when we let our hearts be surprised by the power of salvation

35 “Casi Cielo” Almost Heaven * First, God gives to us God… reached out in love and surprised you with gifts of unending help and confidence * With confident and hope- filled hearts, we respond It’s “casi cielo,” almost heaven

36 When have you experienced surprising gifts?

37 When have you offered a surprising gift? Who was surprised – you or the recipient?

38 When has giving led to deeper connections with others in your life?


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