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2011 Stewardship Darnestown Presbyterian Church Stewardship Roundtable Event May 25, 2011.

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1 2011 Stewardship Darnestown Presbyterian Church Stewardship Roundtable Event May 25, 2011

2 Darnestown Presbyterian Church 156 year old church Darnestown, MD (suburbs) 450 members Only 3 pastors in the last 35 years Growth area but highly transient members Pretty Church on the corner

3 Trends in DPC Giving and Finance Drop off in giving in 2009; no year-end rally. Decline in pledging and pledge dollars in 2010. Almost 80% of our budget is in fixed costs. Building & Ground expenses and needs are increasing. A challenging economic and job environment. Face 2 nd straight year of deficit financing. 3

4 Membership & Pledge Trends Flat to Down Over Last 10 Years 4

5 10 Year Pledge and Giving Trends Flat for 10 Years; Dropping Last 3 Years 5

6 10 Year Expense Trends Fixed Expenses are Up 6

7 Decline in Giving Across Churches

8 The Elephant in the Room Discussion DPC spending was running at the level of a larger Church...... In reality the giving levels of our Church were not increasing

9 What are Other Churches Doing?

10 Commitment at DPC to Church “Transformation” Discussions at the Session Level Pastors leading “transformation” movement Listening to our members Small Group Ministries Dedicated Education Time

11 Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations Radical Hospitality Passionate Worship Intentional Faith Development Risk-Taking Mission and Service Extravagant Generosity

12 Extravagant Giving Focuses on the notion that Stewardship rightly focuses on the Christian’s need to give...... Rather than the church’s need to receive... Not simply a money- raising strategy – but spiritually powerful truth.

13 3 Year Stewardship Plan Year 1: Meet the “Christian’s Need to Give Head-On” – Ask Our Members to “Step-Up” Year 2: Integrate a year-long strategy and events around Stewardship and Long-Term Giving Year 3: Integrate “Extravagant Giving” with other “Fruitful Practices” of the Church

14 Start the New Year Planning Process Earlier Met with Session to share our 3 Year Stewardship Plans Asked Committee and Ministry Chairs to plan ahead early for 2011 Ministries (Budget) Commitment to be more “open” about our members need to give Introduce Tithing to the Congregation

15 Re-Introduced Stewardship Booklet Introduced idea to Session Committee Chair participation Prepared in August/September Distributed in October Print and online versions

16 Made It Easy for Committee Chairs to Contribute

17 Goals of the Stewardship Booklet To make Stewardship more “real” to members Deliver the message of the “Christian’s need to give” Ask DPC members to “Step-Up” and increase their 2011 pledge Reintroduce the idea of “Tithing” to members A guide to introduce new members to “Stewardship”

18 The Stewardship Campaign Stewardship Booklets distributed during worship, mail and email (weekly e- letter) Minute For Stewardship Stewardship Sermon Stewardship messages in Sunday bulletins, weekly e- letter and monthly newsletter

19 Constant and Consistent Communications Mentions in Weekly E-Letter Mentions In Monthly Newsletter

20 The Stewardship Campaign Stewardship Mailings to member homes (letter, pledge card and envelope) Stewardship Sermon Minute for Stewardship Stewardship messages in bulletins, e-letter and newsletter Dedication Sunday: November 21, 2011 Pledging concluded December 15 th

21 The 2011 Results 120 pledge units – up 25% from 2010 $379,964 dollars pledged -- up 46% $3,333 average pledge amount – up 30% 88% of our offering budget pledged Finished 2010 over budget

22 What Happened? The “JOY of Giving” message resonated with members rather than the “Church’s need to receive” Commitment by the Session, Pastors and Stewardship team to change outlook Resources and support material presented early and often Combined with “Church” transformation

23 Tactics and the Spirit Must Work Together Tactics and Mechanics are Important Commitment from Session Stewardship Booklet content The message repeated often through Church outlets Pastor’s sermons Dedication Sunday Must be hand-in-hand with Willingness to give “We give out of faith, not out of our money.” Recognition that we owe our resources and gifts to God There is “JOY in Giving” We are a Church on the Way Back Up

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