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Sexual Anatomy Female-External.

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1 Sexual Anatomy Female-External

2 Vulva External portion of the female reproductive system. Includes:
Mons Veneris, Labia, Vestibule, Urethral Opening, Vaginal Openings, Clitoris,Introitus, Hymen Function: Protect the woman’s internal sexual organs. Act as a source of her sexual pleasure. Enhance the arousal of her partner.

3 Vulva Vestibular Bulbs: (beneath the vulva)
Structures on each side of the vaginal opening that engorge with blood and swell during sexual arousal. They are attached to the clitoris at the top.

4 Mons veneris (Monis Pubis) Mound of fatty tissue over the pubic bone above the vagina. Pad of fatty tissue that cushions the pubic symphysis (slightly movable joint between the left and right pubic bones). Relatively delicate and could be bruised by the impact of sexual intercourse or riding a bicycle. Mons is supplied with a large number of nerve endings.

5 Labia “Latin for lips” Extending down from the mons, the vulva includes two prominent sets of skin folds. Source of sexual sensations. Beneath the outer folds of the labia majora is a network of connective tissue and fat with erectile tissue under. Usually folded together to protect the urinary and vaginal openings.

6 labia Labia Minora: Form the inner lips of the vulva.
Bartholin’s Glands: Secretes a few drops of fluid during sexual arousal. The few drops of fluid that they secrete during sexual arousal are not enough to effectively lubricate the vagina. (In most women).

7 Vestibule “Entranceway”
Inside the labia minora. Rich in blood vessels and nerve endings. More sensitive to the touch than the labia minora. _______________________________________________ The labia minora meet to form a fold or small hood of skin called the prepuce (clitoral hood) When the clitoris is erect and the labia minora spread, the vestibule become visible.

8 Urethral opening Duct through which urine is discharged from the bladder. Located below the clitoral glans. The urethral opening is not a reproductive organ. Although urine and semen both pass through the male penis, for women, urination and coitus do not occur through the same bodily opening.

9 Introitus and Hymen Introitus: Opening of the vagina

10 Introitus and Hymen Hymen: Membrane that partially covers the vaginal opening. Thin membrane containing a large number of blood vessels. Annular Hymen: Surrounds the vaginal opening. Septate Hymen: Form a bridge over it. Cribriform Hymen: Appear as a sieve like covering. Normally the hymen has an opening large enough to permit menstrual flow or the insertion of a tampon, but too small to permit entry of an erect penis without tearing. Function of the hymen is unknown: Great deal of cultural significance. Presence of an intact hymen was historically considered proof that a woman had never had intercourse. Intact hymen is not proof of virginity. Some girls are born with minimal or incomplete hymens Can also be ruptured by accident.

11 Introitus and Hymen


13 clitoris Function is sexual pleasure:
Clitoris is located in the vestibule at the top of the labia minora under the prepuce. Average size is about 16 millimeters, approximately the diameter of a dime. Considerable variation in size and shape from one person to the next.

14 clitoris Clitoral Glans:
Head of the clitoris, which has a large number of nerve endings. Located at the top of the clitoral shaft.

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