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Se. Mission To increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another.

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1 se

2 Mission To increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another.

3 Vision To be the leader in fostering powerful partnerships to impact the human care issues that matter most to the people of our community.

4 We do this by: 1.Convening forums around important issues. 2.Facilitating collaborative efforts around service solutions. 3.Collecting resources. 4.Distributing resources.


6 For Every 1000 Americans… 405 are married 173 speak a language other than English at home 159 have no health insurance Source: Time, Special Report: America at 300 Million October 30, 2006

7 For Every 1000 Americans… 126 live in poverty 122 are 65 and older 1 is in kindergarten Source: Time, Special Report: America at 300 Million October 30, 2006


9 NSV Population Growth 1980 – 2030 (Projected) A rapidly increasing population translates into more human service demand Source: Virginia Employment Commission, Economic Information Services Division and U.S. Census

10 Population over 65 Winchester 14% Frederick County13.1% Clarke16.6% Shenandoah County19% State of Virginia12.2% Source US Census

11 Population by Race WhiteBlackHispanic Origin Winchester 74.5%10.9%15.4% Frederick County91.8%4.6%3.6% Clarke91%5.5%3.6% Shenandoah County95.3%2.2%6.3% State of Virginia71.3%19.8%8.2% Source US Census


13 2012 Federal Poverty Level Family Unit Size Annual Gross Income 100% of poverty Full-Time hourly Wage for 100% of Poverty 1 Person$11,170 $6.58 per hour 2 People$15,130 $7.56 per hour 3 People$19,090 $9.54 per hour 4 People$23,050$11.51 per hour For each additional Person add:$3,960 Source: US Dept. Health and Human Services

14 Residents Living In Poverty- 2010 Virginia11.1% Winchester19.3% Frederick Co. 7.4% Clarke Co. 8.3% Shenandoah Co.11.7% Source: US Census

15 Children Living In Poverty- 2010 Virginia14.6% Winchester24.7% Frederick Co.11% Clarke Co.10.1% Shenandoah Co.17.2% Source: US Census

16 Median Household Income 2000 vs. 2011 Source: US Census VirginiaClarkeFrederickShenandoahWinchester $40,209 $60,665 $51,601 $67,962 $46,941 $62,173 $39,173 $46,016 $34,335 $41,008

17 Homelessness* On any given night, approximately 0.13% of the population is homeless. 42% of the homeless are families with children A person must earn $18.09 per hour ($36,635) to afford an average 2 bedroom apartment. *An individual or family who lacks a fixed, regular or adequate night time residence and an individual who has a night time residence that is a temporary shelter ( HUD 2011). Source: Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness- 2011


19 Education Levels 2011 (Population 25 and over) HS GraduateBachelor Degree Winchester 79.7%29.7% Frederick County 83%23.1% Clarke 87.5%29.2% Shenandoah County 82.7%17.5% State of Virginia 86.1%33.8% Source: US Census

20 Child Day Care Facts - Virginia Number of children, under 6 needing child care: 380,668. Number of working mothers with children under 6: 150,885. Average annual full time cost of center based childcare or home- $4,750-$8,800. Source: National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies- 2011

21 Kindergarteners Below Readiness Levels (2011-2012) Source: Kids Count Virginia

22 On Time Graduation 2010 Source: Kids Count VA


24 Percentage of Uninsured Percentage of Uninsured Winchester 20% Frederick County 14% Clarke13% Shenandoah County 16% State of Virginia15% Source: County Health Rankings

25 Overall Health Ranking Winchester70/131 Frederick County 16/131 Clarke8/131 Shenandoah County 22/131 Source: County Health Rankings

26 Mental Health Facts Virginia suicide rate...11.2 deaths per 100,000 people. (National Rate 11.3). Rates of suicide are higher for older people. 9.5% of Americans (18+) have depressive disorders. Twice as many women (12%) as men (6.6%) are affected by depressive disorders each year. There are over 100,000 Virginians with Alzheimer and related dementia. Source: National Institute of Mental Health/ Alzheimer Association-2011

27 Teen Pregnancy Rate 2010 Per 1000 females ages 10-19 Source: Kids Count, Va. Dept. of Health


29 Senior Concerns Source: AIRvan Consulting LLC $$$

30 Senior Concerns Source: AIRvan Consulting LLC

31 Senior Unmet Needs Source: AIRvan Consulting LLC MED D

32 Senior Unmet Needs (continued) Source : AIRvan Consulting LLC MED $$$

33 2010-2013 PRIORITY ISSUES

34 EDUCATION GOAL: Improve on-time graduation and advanced learning Decrease the percentage of children entering kindergarten in need of remedial assistance. Increase public school graduation rates. Increase the percentage of area students who participate in advanced learning programs. UWNSV Community Needs Update: 2010-2013

35 INCOME GOAL: Decrease the number of financially unstable working families (earning less than $25,000 per household ). Help individuals secure jobs earning enough to support their families. Help individuals participate in language and financial literacy training programs. Provide support for families to meet basic needs (food, shelter, utilities, etc.). UWNSV Community Needs Update: 2010-2013

36 HEALTH GOAL: Reduce the incidence and prevalence of health risk behaviors Improve health behaviors for individuals in Northern Shenandoah Valley. Insure the availability of health and mental health services for people in need. Assess future health needs and service issues of an increasing senior population. UWNSV Community Needs Update: 2010-2013

37 CALL TO ACTION… GIVE …financially support programs and services aimed at priority needs. ADVOCATE …promote local services and efforts to respond to unmet priority needs. VOLUNTEER …provide your time and energy to make a difference in your community.


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