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September 17, 2014 League of Women Voters Public Forum The College of Charleston.

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1 September 17, 2014 League of Women Voters Public Forum The College of Charleston


3  “Its most basic meaning suggests that schools communicate with police about student misconduct in a way that leads students to develop arrest records and eventually serve time in prison. But the term is also used to refer to a more subtle and more common chain of events: students are repeatedly suspended, fail academically, and have their social, emotional, and educational needs unmet by the school; they withdraw from school or are expelled; and this school failure or withdrawal substantially increases the risk that they become ensnared in the criminal justice system” (Kupchik 2014: 96-97).

4  Widespread externalization of students  Disparate Impact Race Students with disabilities LGBT youth (Himmelstein and Bruckner 2011)  Caution: Pursuing the Silver Bullet Privileging schools

5  Internalization to Externalization  War on Youth Warnings of “Super-Predators” (90s)  Diminished Discretion in Justice Systems From Mandatory Minimums and Three Strikes to Zero-tolerance policies in Schools  Incarceration—the best idea we’ve had  Widening the Net: “Disturbing School” in SC  Politics of policy and ignorance of evidence-based research  Expanded adoption of CJ “logics” (Kupchik 2014) “Militarization” of police and schools “Broken Windows”  School Resource Officers (SROs) (Na and Gottfredson 2011)

6 Source: U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights. 2014

7 Source: Charleston County School District 2014


9 Source: SCDJJ 2013.

10  January 8, 2014: “Dear Colleague” Letter  June 3, 2014: School Discipline Consensus Report (Council of State Governments Justice Center)  Commitments to reform in CA and TX  Charleston County School District

11  Charleston County School District. 2014. Report of Student Suspensions, Expulsions and Attendance, 2012-2013. Retrieved 9/4/2014 essmentEvaluation/ReportsStatistics/index.php  Patrick Griffin, Sean Addie, Benjamin Adams, and Kathy Firestine. 2011. Trying Juveniles as Adults: An Analysis of State Transfer Laws and Reporting. Washington DC: OJJDP.  Kathryn Himmelstein and Hannah Bruckner. 2011. “Criminal Justice and School Sanctions Against Nonheterosexual Youth.” Pediatrics 127 1: 49-57  Paul Hirschfield. 2012. “A Critical Assessment of Theory and Research on the ‘School to Prison Pipeline.’” Paper presented at the American Society of Criminology Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, Nov. 14-17, 2012.  Jacob Kang-Brown, Jennifer Trone, Jennifer Fratello and Tarika Daftary- Kapur. 2013. A Generation Later: What We’ve Learned about Zero Tolerance in Schools. New York: VERA Institute of Justice.  Aaron Kupchik. 2014. “The School-to-Prison Pipeline: Rhetoric and Reality.” Pp. 94-119 in Franklin E. Zimring and David S. Tanenhaus (eds.) Choosing the Future for American Juvenile Justice. New York: New York University Press.

12  Chongmin Na and Denise C. Gottfredson. 2013. “Police Officers in Schools: Effects on School Crime and the Processing of Offending Behaviors.” Justice Quarterly 30: 619-650.  Charles Puzzanchera. 2013. Juvenile Arrests 2011. Washington DC: OJJDP.  Charles Puzzanchera and Sean Addie. 2014. Delinquency Cases Waived to Criminal Court, 2010. Washington DC: OJJDP.  SCDJJ. 2013. Annual Statistical Report. Columbia, SC: SC Department of Juvenile Justice.  U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights. 2014. Data Snapshot: School Discipline. Washington DC: U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights.  U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Education. 2014. “Notice of Language Assistance Dear Colleague Letter on the Nondiscriminatory Administration of School Discipline.” Retrieved September 8, 2014 title-vi.pdf

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