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By: Jennifer Tuck and Allison Thompson ECED 3271-01.

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1 By: Jennifer Tuck and Allison Thompson ECED 3271-01

2  The Win-Win Disciple Theory is a strategy that is used to handle a discipline problem at the moment that it occurs, targeting the root of the problem.  The root of the problem is said to be the students’ unfulfilled needs.  The purpose of this theory is to prevent behavior problems from occurring.

3  1.) Needs are being met with no discipline problems.  2.) Even though the students’ needs are not being satisfied, students are coping with unmet needs responsibly.  3.) Kids are acting out as a result of unmet needs.

4  The position is defined as the students’ behavior as a result of unmet needs.  1.) Attention seeking  2.) Avoiding embarrassment  3.) Anger venting  4.) Control Seeking  5.) Energetic  6.) Bored  7.) Uninformed

5  Must be accepting of the students’ position.  Must teach students how to deal with their positions maturely.  It is critical for a teacher to know their students’ positions in order for them to handle discipline problems effectively.

6  1.) Pillars (Philosophy) I. Same Side II. Shared Responsibility III. Learned Responsibility  2.) Procedures (Ounces of Prevention)  3.) Positions (Places students are)  4.) Process (Strategies for the moment of disruption and follow-ups)  5.) Programs (Pounds of Prevention)

7  The key purpose of the theory is to “promote life skills, cooperation, and critical thinking about choices and consequences”  It is important for children to be corrected instead of being punished in some way.  Why it is called The Win-Win Discipline Theory? When we meet the needs of the students in a responsible and respectful manner, bad behavior decreases; therefore they win. When teachers are able to teach their students in an environment that is safe and productive, they win. As a result, it is a “win-win proposition”.

8  dr_spencer_kagan/ASK15.php dr_spencer_kagan/ASK15.php  losophy.htm losophy.htm

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