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“I choose to Surrender ” Miss. Joyce Matheka. Human Nature.

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1 “I choose to Surrender ” Miss. Joyce Matheka


3 Human Nature

4 PROCESS OF SALVATION Justification Sanctification Glorification 1 2 3 Spirit Soul Body

5 Building blocks of wholeness

6 Love Nurturing Security Trust Spiritual identity Encourage ment Godly understan ding Gender- identity Acceptance Affirmation Hope Worth Creativity PurposeGoals Sense of identity

7 Experiences Unmet needs Unhealed hurts Unresolved issues

8 Unmet need Nurturing Unmet need Unhealed hurt Unresolved issue Godly understand ing Unhealed hurt Unmet need Unresolved issue CreativityUnhealed hurt Unmet need Unresolved issue

9 Defense system at the bottom Self-controlSelf-reliance Self-protection Self-defense

10 Symptoms of incompleteness Unhealed Hurts Fear Distrust Doubt Pain Hidden- agenda Unforgiveness Unresolved issues Pain Confusion Insecurity Fear Anger Resentment Unmet Needs Lust Inferiority Wrong desires Fear Pain Neediness Hopelessness Wrong understanding

11 Unhealthy Behaviors Unhealed hurts Drugs Alcohol Medicines Denial Suspicion Programs Victim Mentality Psychosomatic illnesses Unresolved Issues Rigidity Legalism Intolerance Criticalness Perfectionism Indecisiveness Unmet Needs Overeating Fornication Sexual gratification Soul ties Wrong relationships Backbiting Sarcasm Cruelty

12 Strongholds put in place Logic Reasoning Argumentative Justification Denial Defensiveness Wrong ideas Wrong beliefs Wrong Motives Wrong Patterns of Thinking

13 THE SOUL (Mind, Will, Emotion)

14 Matthew 11:28-30 Romans 12:1-2

15 Benefits of choosing to surrender it all 1.You will find rest Matt 11:30 2. Holistic growth Luke 2:52

16 3. You will produce the Fruit of the H.S Gal 5:22-23 4. The devil will not torment you from within Eph 4:27 5. You will know God’s will Rom 12:2 And many others

17 How do I surrender it all? 1.Choose to Pray Matthew 18:18;16:19 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 & 1 Pet 4:7

18 2. Choose God’s Word John 8:32 Hebrews 4:12

19 Conclusion


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