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Final/Shipout Inspection Approved for Public Release.

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1 Final/Shipout Inspection Approved for Public Release

2 Final/Shipout Inspection2 Where to Start The Contract Review/Order Entry Checklist generated at the beginning of the order would be extremely helpful… –If not available, need to do a purchase order review now Approved for Public Release

3 Final/Shipout Inspection3 Where to Start Electric Boat Purchase Order Content and Requirements: –Invoked Drawings –Invoked Material/Product Specifications –Invoked Standard Clauses –Special Instructions invoked specifically for this Purchase Order (Buyer’s text) Supplier’s in-house status of the affected product or service Approved for Public Release

4 Final/Shipout Inspection4 Electric Boat Purchase Order Requirements Are all Supplements to the purchase order available? Is a complete copy of the purchase order, including line item part number information, drawings, Buyer’s text, standard clauses, etc. available? Approved for Public Release

5 Final/Shipout Inspection5 Drawings Is the revision of the drawing(s) and/or specification(s) invoked by the purchase order available? Is a complete copy of the drawing including General Notes, Engineering Parts List (EPL), Views, etc. available? Approved for Public Release

6 Final/Shipout Inspection6 Material Specifications Is the service or product to be delivered in accordance with the specification invoked in the EB purchase order? Is it to the correct revision? –If not, is the revision used allowed per EB Spec Effectivity Index (EB2P756)? Approved for Public Release

7 Final/Shipout Inspection7 Special Instructions Are there special instructions in the EB purchase order (Remarks or Buyer’s Notes) that affect the hardware and/or documentation? Are there special instructions in the part number that affect the hardware? Approved for Public Release

8 Final/Shipout Inspection8 In House Status of Material Have all the requirements of the manufacturing and inspection processes and systems been completed? Is Receipt Inspection OQE (test reports) available? Have material markings been applied and maintained and correct? Are in-house Travelers/Routers/Work Orders completed and signed off? Is inspection and testing completed and documented? Are Special Process procedures approved, completed as required, and test reports signed? Etc., etc. Approved for Public Release

9 Final/Shipout Inspection9 Final Inspection and Testing When all the information has been gathered, the FINAL SHIPOUT INSPECTION can be completed: –Complete final hardware inspection and testing in accordance with the appropriate requirements. –Assure all inspection and testing objective evidence has been documented and is available. –Assure all marking requirements have been applied on hardware, marking is correct, and is completely legible. –Assure all non-compliances are documented and approved on a Vendor Information Request (VIR). Approved for Public Release

10 Final/Shipout Inspection10 Certification Documents Assure all records, test reports, drawings, specifications, VIR’s, VPAR’s, and other documents required by the Purchase Order are available, legible, and that all work and actions are complete prior to requesting Electric Boat Source Inspection. Assure a copy of the OQE documentation that is to accompany the shipment of hardware is available. Also retain copy for file. Approved for Public Release

11 Final/Shipout Inspection11 Supplier Delegated Inspection Program (SDIP) Electric Boat Supplier Quality has a program allowing qualified suppliers to act on behalf of Electric Boat Inspection Program is Supplier Delegated Inspection Program, further described in Electric Boat website Quality Section/Documents Approved for Public Release

12 Final/Shipout Inspection12 SDI Program Benefits Company and Inspectors are qualified and approved by Electric Boat Supplier Quality Assurance to participate in the Program: Established history with Electric Boat 95% Quality Rating for one year minimum Demonstrated capabilities – hardware & software Supplier management commitment to the SDIP Qualified Inspector and Analyst perform inspection and verify OQE documentation on behalf of Electric Boat Inspection. Approved for Public Release

13 Final/Shipout Inspection13 SDI Program Benefits – (con’t.) No waiting for Electric Boat Source Inspection for Level N product. Assures product and documentation have been verified acceptable prior to shipment. Assures Level 1 and SubSafe product and documentation are adequately prepared for Electric Boat Source Inspection. Approved for Public Release

14 Final/Shipout Inspection14 Where to Get More Information for the SDIP Electric Boat Web Site ( section) Electric Boat Cognizant Supplier Quality Engineer Electric Boat Buyer Approved for Public Release

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