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Micro Teaching: Part 4 Lecture # 19 Dr G L Gulhane 1.

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1 Micro Teaching: Part 4 Lecture # 19 Dr G L Gulhane 1

2 Review of Lecture 18 Skills of probing questions Skills of explanation Skills of stimulus variation Skills of blackboard writing Dr G L Gulhane 2

3 Micro Teaching: part 4 Today’s lecture Dr G L Gulhane 3

4 Blackboard Writing Skill i.Legibility ( Easy to read ): A legible handwritin Micro teaching 4

5 Blackboard Writing Skill Micro teaching 5

6 Blackboard Writing Skill 6

7 Micro teaching 7

8 Cont. Skills of Micro teaching Techniques 6. Skill of Achieving Closure: When a student- teacher delivers lecture and sums up properly and in an attractive way, the skill is termed as “Closure Skill”. The lesson/period remains ineffective in the absence of proper closure. Micro teaching 8

9 Feedback in Micro teaching Feedback is the information supplied to the individual. The success of micro teaching depends on feedback. Which can also be used within the process of teaching as well as after the lesson taught. It is used in various forms in case of micro teaching by the supervisor, video-tape, films, T.V., which are various sources of feedback. Micro teaching 9

10 Advantages Of Microteaching 1.It focuses on sharpening and developing specific teaching skills and eliminating errors. 2.It enables understanding of behaviours important in class-room teaching. 3.It increases the confidence of the learner teacher. 4.It is a vehicle of continuous training for both beginners and for senior teachers. 5.It provides experts supervision and constructive feedback. Micro teaching 10

11 Why teaching profession is good? Micro teaching 11

12 Remember!!! ¤Even the best teacher can learn a great deal from his or her students Micro teaching 12

13 Secret Micro teaching 13

14 Need of the hour Micro teaching 14 Working Together, We Can achieve our goal and expected qualities in higher education

15 Present Teacher Expected Teacher Micro teaching 15

16 Summary Microteaching involves presentation of micro lesson Audience….small group of peers. Feedback given by peers role playing as students Participants learn about strengths & weakness in themselves as teachers Plan strategies for improvement in performance To teach is to learn Secret to education is to respect the pupil Dr G L Gulhane 16

17 Thanks. Micro teaching 17

18 References: Dr G L Gulhane P G Department of Education Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University Amravati Continuous practice being a good teacher makes us a good teacher Micro teaching 18

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