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2 It’s different What’s the sales point?
CAS CL5200 has obtained the OIML R76/2006 certificate 2. CAS CL5200 is compatible with all CAS label printing scale 3. CL5200 has a Wide & high legible display 4. CAS CL5200 has competitive price It’s different What’s the sales point? have competitive price have competitive price 1. CAS CL5200 scale has obtained the OIML R76/2006 certificate 2. CAS CL5200 is compatible with all CAS label printing scale Confidential 2

3 Contents. Contents. Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 Summary Hardware Software
Network Application Specifications Focus 4 5 6 Contents.

4 Development Summary Development Background Target Market
Increased demand for the low-cost and high function label printing scale Substitution of CL5000J, LP-1 Achievement of cost competitiveness Target Market CL5500/CL5000J/LP-1 selling country Market for the low-cost label printing Major Specification Full compatibility with other label scale Full graphic LCD display Printer : Printing speed 100mm/sec Confidential 4

5 Label scale line up MARKET SHARE
Increase the middle - low market share by developing 5200 Increase the market share by full line-up of the label printing scale Full-line up CL7000 CL5500 CL5200 CL5000J Middle-low market LP-1

6 Model type CL5200 Type CL5200-P CL5200-B CL5200 Stylish pole scale
Compact bench scale Stylish pole scale 6

7 Hardware Features Wide & high legible display Key-pad Layout
Full graphic LCD Wide & high legible display Tare / Weight / Unit / Price : 4/5/6/6 - Graphic LCD(PLU Name, Program Menu) For EZ PLU Management PLU Keys Key-pad Layout 54, 72 speed keys help you call up PLU easily with “Double click” function double up the efficiency

8 Hardware Features High speed printer Printer Paper cartridge
: Max 100 mm/sec High printing resolution : 202 dpi - Various label size support Width: 40mm ~ 60mm Length: 30mm ~ 120mm Paper cartridge Easy loading cartridge Various paper support : Labels, Continuous labels Auto measuring system

9 Hardware Features Perfect Network support Interface
wired/wireless ethernet, USB Device, RS-232c, PS/2, CashDrawer Memory Extensive memory supports up to 10,000 PLU

10 Software Features CL-Works
You can control all the program data by CL-Works. This software could also be used at CL5000, CL5000J-C and CL5500 Barcode Supported barcode types EAN13, EAN13A5, EAN8, I2OF5, UPCA, UPC13, CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, CODABAR

11 45 20 Software Features Powerful Sales Report Plan ahead with Powerful
X,Z sales report - Manage your store more effectively Total Clerk Group PLU Hourly Daily Monthly Total Label format 45 Fixed label format 20 Free format

12 & reliable networking works
Features Powerful, flexible & reliable networking works Stand-Alone mode Stand Alone Mode Server /Client TCP/IP Server/Client Networking Master /Slave TCP/IP Master/Slave inter scale Networking

13 Features Network TCP/IP Server Scale #2 Scale # 3 Scale # 1 Supreme Network connection Suitable for any market size Big, medium, small open markets Pre-pack, self-service Hyper market Security system for each scale

14 Network Features TCP/IP communication protocol
• IEEE802.11g specification wireless network • Wireless Security : WEP 64/128, WPA, WPA2 • One to one, multi to multi & wired/wireless network

15 Exploded View Spec(Structure) TRAY ASS’Y POLE TYPE ASS’Y

16 Hardware Specification
CL5200 Series Spec. Hardware Specification Model CL5200 Max. Capacity(kg) 3/6 6/15 15/30 Readability(g) 1/2 2/5 5/10 External resolution 1/3,000 (dual interval) Display Type 208 X 48 dot Full Graphic LCD (Tare : 4, Weigh : 5, Unit : 6, Price : 6,7 ) Printing speed Max 100 mm/sec Printer resolution 202 Dpi Interface Wired/wireless LAN, USB, RS-232c, PS/2, Cash drawer Label size (mm) Width: 40 ~ 60, Length: 30 ~ 120 Power AC 100~240V 50/60Hz Operating temperature(˚C) -10~+40 Platter size(mm) (W * D) 380 X 240 Dimension (mm) (W * D * H) B Type : 409 x 441 x / P Type : 410 x 500 x 535.8 Product weight(kg) B Type : 6.95 / P Type : 7.65 16

17 Spec(Packing&Dimensions)
Packing information Model Type Box size Quantity in 20ft/ CTNR CL5200-P 1ea/BOX 540*450*280 mm 350 CL5200-B 480*450*245 mm 480 Dimensions Confidential 17

18 Anyshop scale Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace Focus on Segments
Open market Anyshop scale Butcher shop Supermarket 18

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