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Box Label System.

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1 Box Label System

2 Hardware 920i Universal Mount with Memory Card
Label Application Program – Formats can be downloaded from Label Software like Labelview Stainless Steel Scale Base SST3™ Stainless Steel Label Printer

3 Hardware Options 920i to Computer Data Interface Example: RS-232

4 Hardware Options 920i to Printer Wireless Data Interface

5 Hardware Options Multiple Work Stations

6 Scale Base Stainless Steel Construction
Platform Size: 18″ x 18″ (other sizes available) Capacity: 100 lb x 0.05 lb (other capacities available) NTEP Approved Overload Protection 10′ Load Cell Cable

7 Scale Base Load Cell Options: Stainless Steel Environmentally Sealed
Stainless Steel Hermetically (HE) Sealed IP69

8 Controller 920i Universal Mount HMI Enclosure: Stainless Steel NEMA 4X
Tilt Stand Graphic Display Memory Module Option Interface Options Bar Code Scanner Ready on Port #4

9 SST3 Printer Stainless Steel Construction
IP69K, High Pressure Washdown Rated 10-IPS Print Speed Total Barcode and Graphic Support Wireless Data Connection Option

10 Software 1000 Product File 100 Customer File Five (5) Label Formats
Pallet Label Product Reports Multiple Printer Ports Lot Number Hot Keys Operator Friendly

11 Software: Product File
PLU Number (5 Character) UPC ID (5 Character) Product Name (30 Character) Tare Weight (Numeric) Fixed Weight (Numeric) Description Lines (4) (50 characters each)

12 Software: Product File
Sell by Date Box/Pallet Low Tolerance High Tolerance Label to Use GTIN

13 Software: Customer File
Customer ID (5 characters) Customer Name (20 characters) Address Lines (2) (40 characters each)

14 Software: System Parameters
Auto Check Weigh Print Audit Trail Label Serial Port Line Printer Serial Port Serial Number Start Serial Number Reset Set Serial Number Allow Keyed Weights

15 Software: Label Selection
Formats can be edited from the front panel. Label Formats, five (5) Total and Subtotal Pallet Labels

16 Software: Operation Select from the following items: Select PLU
Print Pallet Label Keyed Gross Weight Hot Keys Re-Print Last Label Enter Lot Number Main Menu Void Last Weight Select Customer Return to Previous Other Items:

17 Software: Operation Select Product:
Scroll through product, scan a barcode, or directly enter the PLU number to select a Product to begin labeling

18 Software: Operation Hot Keys
For quick reference, define hotkeys for frequently labeled products Once programmed these keys are accessible from the operator’s menu

19 Software: Operation Main Menu
The following selections are available from the Main Menu

20 Software: Operation Report Selection Menu Single PLU All PLUs
Transaction Lot Customer Clear PLU Report Clear Transaction Data Clear Lot Data Clear Customer Data

21 Rice Lake products are sold and supported through the world's largest network of local scale dealers. Our service network meets the regulatory requirements for putting legal-for-trade scales into operation. For a distributor in your area call (800) or

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