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Around the World Global Builders Group, Inc. 900 Wendell Court Suite A Atlanta, GA 30336 Paul Beekman – President

2 GBG is a combination of several successful International Companies with over 40 years’ experience in the design and project management of building strong “GREEN” communities GBG takes a holistic approach by teaming with the local governments to construct a panel plant in the area and employ local labor to help manufacture and build homes. GBG has three methods of building green homes. For the low cost homes, we use a steel and foam cast panels that will withstand winds up to 160 MPH and will last for over 100 years. For larger homes we use higher gage steel with a close cell polyurethane that can withstand wind up to 200 MPH. We also have the Azera Blast Proof panels that are patented and can withstand bullets fired from an AK47 up to mortar shelling.

3 GBG Steel SIPS – for lower cost to moderate home construction.
GBG Armored Forever Green System – Secure homes for large construction and military security. We have two systems available depending on requirements. Foam Core Panels HyFi Panels 3

4 GBG Steel SIPS Product Overview Manufacturing Plant
GBG Construction Services

5 GBG Panels - Core Product for Building
The Panels GBG uses a patented process, introduced in 2004, that is the greatest advance in building envelope construction in decades. This innovative composite approach combines structural steel strength and high density insulation in a single building product for walls, ceilings and roofs. These advanced products mean you can build homes that are safer, energy-efficient, waterproof, mold-proof and better protected against termites and other wood-destroying organisms. Insulation-values… R-23.4 for 4” and R-46 for 6” Panels. This is opposed to R5 for CMU block and R-9 to 11 for Stick Frame.

6 Panels Benefits Strength… Buildings have been engineered with our products to withstand 160+ MPH winds. Construction Time… Projects go up much faster. Can dry-in a home in 3-5 days and finish a home in 2 weeks Energy Efficiency… Doubles the R-values of wood frame with insulation and more than 5 times better than concrete block. Sound Reduction... reduces the transfer of sound by 6-8 db’s Indoor Air Quality… air tightness provides a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable environment Decay Resistant… no wood for insects to attack Fire Resistant… Minimum self-ignition temp: 932°F, Minimum flash ignition temp: 698°F Maintains Structural Integrity In Fire Conditions… Polyurethane foam is a thermo set plastic and retains its structural integrity until completely consumed by fire. Melting does not occur.   6

7 Steel SIPs Panels Benefits - Continued
Earthquake Resistant... increased rack and shear strength by three times compared with standard stick-built components. Connections are designed to withstand up to 8.0 scaled earthquakes Mold and Mildew Resistant… protects the structure from termites, mold, mildew, and decay Indoor Air Quality… air tightness provides a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable environment Reinforced Polyurethane (closed-cell )… Spray adds structural integrity throughout the wall system. In testing conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), spray-applied polyurethane foam insulation between steel-studs in wall panels increased rack and shear strength three times when compared with standard stick-built components. 7

8 Steel SIPS VS Cement Construction

9 GBG - Steel SIPs Manufacturing Plant

10 Manufacturing Plant Construction Services
Plant Set Up : Assist in construction site selection and set up Work with sub-contractors and trades to set up plant construction Order all needed equipment for set-up Set up supply line and get all material ready to go into production Training of manufacturing personnel and supervision Help line available for any post-installation issues 10

11 GBG Steel Manufacturing Process
1 2 3 Picture Descriptions 4 5 1. Taking pre-cut steel members and setting them into place 2. Assembling the panel cast 3. Checking and finishing the panel mold 4. Installing SIPs panel into R.I.M (Rapid – Injection – Molding) 5. Locking down panels to get ready for foam injection 11

12 6 7 8 9 Picture Descriptions 6. Most critical step in process - injecting foam into panels – needs temperature and humidity consistencies 7. 20’ panels during drying stage 8. 30’ panel during drying stage 9. Completed panels stacked for shipping 12

13 GBG Steel Home Design

14 GBG will Design and Build Homes from 38 SM to Over 5,000 SM & Condos Up to 4 Stories

15 Innovative Building Solutions for Today’s World
Global Builders Group, Inc. 900 Wendell Court Suite A Atlanta, GA 30336 Paul Beekman – Innovative Building Solutions for Today’s World

16 GBG – Armor Systems ArmorSkin ForeverGreen Armor Glass Armor
Foam Core Panels HyFi Panels Glass Armor 16

17 GBG ArmorSkin One of two US patented products approved by US government for security buildings High strength energy-absorbing super-polymer. Military-grade formulation which possesses extremely high material tear strength and superior toughness. When subjected to an exothermic explosion, the super-polymer's molecular geometry is pushed to a very high energy state, enabling it to absorb the kinetic energy of the blast's shock wave. Provides containment of underlying fractured substrate preventing the debris of shrapnel fragments. Military testing has demonstrated blast pressures protection up to 250 psi/ms at 0.25" thickness. A two-component 100% solids formulation, with NO VOCs. Skin thickness has no limitation. Applied using a 2-component high-pressure liquid spray machine. 17

18 Click above to play video
GBG ArmorSkin Click above to play video 18

19 GBG ForeverGreen System
CSIP - Insulated Construction Panels ::: Concrete Structural Insulated Panels (CSIP) that enable rapid construction of homes and buildings. Advantages: strength, long life, safety, disaster protection, and energy efficiency. Site-built or precast.

20 GBG Armor Key Advantages
2 armor systems for different ranges of applications EPS foam system 1 – 10 psi blast HyFi™ precast 1 – 40+ psi blast Fixed and flexible installation versions precast/pre-molded cast in place (without forms) No need for coarse aggregate low cost mortar (7500 psi) sufficient low strength SCC concrete (16 inch spread) reduce amount of concrete by up to 80%

21 GBG Armored ForeverGreen System
US Military approved, industrial grade, composite concrete blast proof modular buildings and panels. Blast Proof Panels CSIP (Concrete Structural Insulated Panels) that combine the values of traditional concrete precast with fiber reinforcement and proprietary additives to enhance the strength. Have passed third-party military tests to protect buildings from explosion and projectiles. Available site- built and precast. Is US IRC Code compliant.

22 GBG Armored Building Systems: Different Designs for Different Jobs
Foam Core Panel HyFi Panels Field placeable spray-on; custom fit Fiber reinforced precast or tilt-up

23 GBG - Armor Systems ArmorSkin ForeverGreen Armor Glass Armor
Foam Core Panels HyFi Panels Glass Armor 23

24 GBG Foam Core Panels Insulated Concrete Walls
ForeverGreen :: A Comprehensive Rapid-Finish Concrete Foam Core Insulated Panelized System GBG has partnered with a worldwide wire mesh & insulated foam panel fabrication equipment manufacturer to produce a EPS foam core panel that is sandwiched between 2 layers of reinforced concrete Rapid assembly system with on-site finishing using structural concrete plastering on each side of the foam panel Energy-efficient, rapid installation, safe, withstands extreme heat and corrosion. 24

25 GBG Foam Core Panel Overview
EPS foam core (2-8 inches) 3-D electro-welded galvanized steel (90kis) 1.5 inches of 7500psi mortar, both sides (up to 18,000 psi mortar available)

26 GBG – Form Core Insulated Concrete Panels
Fast, simple, and safe energy-efficient construction system, utilizing structurally reinforced concrete insulated panels for walls, floors, roofs, stairs and creative architectural designs.

27 GBG Foam Core - Construction Method

28 Cut Out of Panels


30 GBG Foam Core 3rd Party Test

31 GBG Foam Core Armor Blast Test : 5 psi Blast Pressure : Real Time
Click above to play video

32 GBG – Armor Systems Armor Skin ForeverGreen Armor Glass Armor
Foam Core Panels HyFi Panels Glass Armor 32

33 GBG ForeverGreen Blast Proof Panels Patented Design for Exceptional Performance
Building consist of a three-dimensional cage of high- strength, 100 ksi tensile strength micro-rebar electro- welded together Rebar dimensions : 2.5 – 3.0 mm Rebar spacing: 2 x 3 inches (horizontal and vertical) Rebar location – both inner and outer walls, ceilings, roof, and foundation Joints - every joint overlap is reinforced with additional wire mesh rebar: wall panels, wall – floor joints, wall- roof joints wall-foundation joints

34 GBG ForeverGreen Projectile Protection

Precast or tilt-up with new patented fiber Normal strength concrete, ~ psi No rebar required 2-6 inch thickness possible Blast tested to 200 psi – passed Multiple-hit capability Low flexure blast wall Fiber reinforced precast or tilt-up

36 GBG ForeverGreen Armor System = Affordable Safety
Rapid Panel Placement – Faster Construction High strength factory quality mortar = 6,000 – 18,000psi Monolithic concrete structure Blast proof – protecting from most explosive dangers Projectile proof – NIJ Level III and Level IV capable Fireproof – concrete won’t burn Earthquake resistant – doesn’t vibrate apart Hurricane/Cyclone, and Tornado resistant Flood Resistant – not damaged by water, won’t mildew

New, patented hybrid macro-fiber can be added to any conventional concrete - low strength - high strength Reduces or eliminates the need for conventional rebar Mixed using conventional mixers and batch plants Very little impact to wet concrete slump Improves blast fragment resistance of concrete by 10X or more Cost effective blast resistance additive

38 GBG HyFi - FIBER Large diameter, nylon bundle fiber
At 1% (by volume) loading of fibers per of concrete, there are ~ fibers per square foot of armor (at 6 inch thickness) This high loading of these long, high strength nylon fibers add great strength and flexibility to the concrete structure

39 GBG – HyFi Blast Testing

40 Blast Testing Test design: 6 x 6 feet x 6 inch precast panels
1. Conventional 4500 psi concrete with double rebar cage – no fiber 2. Same as above plus fiber concrete design 1% by weight – with fiber 75 pounds of TNT Standoff distance – 5 feet Panel supported on all 4 sides on steel frame Double rebar cage #5 6 inch centers

41 Fiber Reinforced Concrete Blast Testing
75 pounds of TNT 6 ft.

42 1. Post Blast of 6 inch thick, Double Rebar Cage Precast Panel with NO FIBER
Severe damage to side away from blast Large chance of fatalities from flying fragments BOTTOM TOP

43 2. Test Results of Same Blast WITH FIBER Reinforcement
Loss of <1% of weight of panel Very Little cracking on back side Structure is very Serviceable Very little injury, very small chance of fatal occurrence Peak pressure 9000 psi, impulse 2 psi-msec BOTTOM with Fiber

44 GBG Protection Systems
ArmorSkin ForeverGreen Armor Glass Armor 44

45 GBG Glass Armor Can be added as protection to existing windows!
Lightest, thinnest and most affordable ballistic and hurricane-resistant glass on the market today. A strong synthetic film and special chemical bonding system that applies to ordinary glass transforming it into a protective shield. Bullet-resistant and shatter-resistant Hurricane protection :: resists category 3 hurricane winds. Tested the Miami Hurricane Center. Traditional 1/4" thick window glass in large 6' x 8' panels were treated AZERA Glass Armor and then were subjected to extreme forces. One test included three large 2 x 4 boards thrown against the window at 40 feet per second. Glass Armor was the first and only system to pass the test at 70 DPs or more, using a film application. Smash & grab protection :: Keep windows from entry points to home or office Energy-efficient, scratch-resistant and clear. 45

46 GBG Glass Armor Permanent Protection for Glass
Provides blast, projectile, or storm protection to any window – new or existing! 46

47 GBG Worldwide Construction

48 GBG Construction Service Offering for the International Market
GBG is ready to 48

49 GBG Construction Services Capabilities
Preconstruction Set Up Evaluate projects for manpower, equipment and infrastructure requirements Manage logistics requirements from evaluation to installation Construction and Training Set up training and education for needed skill sets for total project Building Trades – Site preparation - Excavations - Foundation Concrete Finisher – Pluming – Electric – HVAC - Finishing Landscaping – residential and commercial Security – project and personnel Construction Ancillary Services Offered Turn-Key Road Construction – Community Planning Foundation Solar Lighting – Water Filtration Rough-In Sewer Systems – International Shipping   49

50 Global Builders Group 50


52 GBG Building International
Global Builders Group GBG Building International Product/Process has International Potential due to: • Ease of production using proven, flexible production model • Use of system does not require “special” labor skills • Readily available raw materials, recycled steel, polyurethane & fiberglass cloth • Rapid & flexible panelized construction • Competitively priced/superior performance Delivers: • High energy efficiency/lowers energy costs • High durability & longevity/low maintenance • Rapid construction capability/low labor • Green building material 52

53 Ecuador

54 Columbia

55 Antilles

56 St. Thomas

57 Venezuela

58 Panama

59 Italy

60 Argentina

61 Eritrea

62 Brazil

63 Solar Power by GBG

64 Solar Power by GBG This 24,000-watt ET Grid-tie Solar System features the Solar Edge system—a great new way of maximizing the sun’s power using Solar Edge Power Boxes. Eighty Solar Edge Power Box optimizers are paired up with eighty 300-watt ET solar panels and strung to four ETL listed 6.0 kW Solar Edge inverters.

65 Solar Power by GBG Why is a Solar Edge System Better than a Traditional Grid-tie Solar System? In a traditional Grid-tie Solar System, if only one solar panel in your system is shaded or is down, each and every other solar panel in the array replicates the same power output, reducing the entire system’s power output.  In a Solar Edge system, Power Box optimizers are paired up to each solar panel allowing each panel to operate independently at optimal performance. Fewer Constraints and More Flexibility in the Design Process:

66 Solar Power by IPC Solar Power by Eritrea


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