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Corporate Presentation. History 2001 – Founded as AIM Building Products Inc. 2002 – Renamed NUDURA Corporation 2002 – Brought on Technical Services/Quality.

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1 Corporate Presentation

2 History 2001 – Founded as AIM Building Products Inc. 2002 – Renamed NUDURA Corporation 2002 – Brought on Technical Services/Quality Control team with 10 years ICF Experience 2003 – Launched new website 2004 – Move to larger facility 2004 – October opening of new production facility in Kentucky 2005 – March opening of new production facility in Utah 2005 – Year end opening of new production facility in Georgia

3 Company Vision To achieve brand recognition and a global presence in the construction industry NUDURA will develop the ICF market by continually manufacturing new and innovative products at the right price through a dedicated global network of trained distributors

4 Mission Statement NUDURA Corporation is committed to leading the ICF industry in both product innovation and price to position ICFs as the dominant choice for residential and commercial construction

5 NUDURA Strengths Over 50 years of combined ICF industry experience Team of specialists that know NUDURA and the competition Leading the industry in product technology and innovation National exposure – sales and marketing Breadth of product offering includes all recommended accessories Most comprehensive training program in the industry

6 Product Offering Standard 8’ forms available in 4” – 12” folding units 45° & 90° folding form units Radius walls with tongue and groove connection Height adjusters with webs & ties Taper top form units; one sided or two sided Brick ledge form units one sided or two sided Adjustable brick ledge extension T Form Units available in all sizes End caps with fastening strips All specialty products available in all cavity sizes Ceiling technology Flooring technology

7 Product Offering

8 Product Accessories Easy Buck window bucks – one size fits all 8’ – 10’ bracing, scaffolding and alignment systems High wall bracing, scaffolding and alignment system kits Waterproofing and parging materials Low expansion foam Concrete vibrator Multi purpose anchor / hanger system Form locks Parging Fiber mesh Tape products Screws

9 Features and Benefits Folding form Reduces shipping costs by over 40% Eliminates block damage Reduces job site labor – assembly Four way interlock eliminates taping and typing at corners 4 way reversible interlock Reduces waste Reduces inventory Wrapped bundles Keeps blocks protected Easier loading and unloading Job site efficiency

10 Features and Benefits 18’ height Makes calculations simple Reduces the number of courses required Can be cut in ½ horizontally for two 9” forms 8’ length Eliminates joints Reduces waste Assembles quickly EPS Oven cured for greater dimensional stability Thickness is the same on all form cavity sizes Colored to reduce glare

11 Features and Benefits Web design Patented, hinged, folding web with a vertical locking mechanism reduces floating, separation and wind bracing requirements Maintains rebar alignment Allows forms to be easily cut in half Unique design makes top and bottom of form stronger Reduces deflection during concrete placement Provides 1 ½” fastening strip

12 Technical Support Fully qualified staff corporately and in the field Installation Manual Engineered typical section drawings Backfill tables Lintel tables Design guides Estimating program

13 Distribution Network Industry professionals throughout North America Local inventory Bracing inventory – rent or purchase Field sales and technical support On site training/supervision and support In class training Active local marketing to expand market

14 National Advertising Trade Shows World of Concrete NAHB The Design Build Institute of America Construct Canada National Home Show and more……..

15 National Advertising Trade publications Permanent Buildings and Foundations Concrete Monthly Concrete Homes Multifamily Executive Concrete Concepts and more…………

16 NUDURA Marketing Corporate Brochures Technical Bulletins Floor technology Ceiling technology Low Expansion Foam Waterproofing Concrete Vibrator Tall Wall T Form Unit Brick Ledge Extensions Presentation Folders

17 NUDURA Marketing Truck Signs Corporately and through distribution

18 NUDURA Website

19 On line forms Product Promotional Accessories Training courses Reference Tables Lintel tables Backfill tables Code Approvals Technical Bulletins Product Specifications Installation Manual Photo Gallery……..

20 Why choose NUDURA? Sell only through distribution Sales team in the field to support distribution Broadest product offering in the ICF industry Quick and efficient to build with Adaptable to almost any residential or commercial design

21 Why choose NUDURA? Save on labor costs Save on sub trades Reliable field support Reduced Maintenance Comprehensive training With NUDURA, you not only build structures that stand the test of time, you build a solid reputation

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