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NEW MATLOSANA CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY RADIO MINISTRY Spreading the Gospel of Jesus worldwide via internet streaming on our website:

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3 NEW MATLOSANA CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY RADIO MINISTRY Spreading the Gospel of Jesus worldwide via internet streaming on our website:


5 MORE ABOUT LIFE FM Life FM is a registered Non Profit Company (NPC) Christian community radio station that is God funded and focusing on the needs of the Christian community. Life FM was founded among three Christian evangelists who recognized the need for Christian commune in the broadcasting industry.

6 MORE ABOUT LIFE FM Since the 22 nd of December 2012, Life FM has specialized in speaking “LIFE” to our Christian community with messages that breathe with the life given Spirit of Jesus Christ, messages of hope, faith and love for our fellow Christians

7 MORE ABOUT LIFE FM As fully Christian Broadcasters we at Life FM cast out in three local languages (70% English, 20% Afrikaans and 10% Setswana).

8 What’s Happening At Life FM?

9 Life FM Focuses on the Christian Community and broadcasts sermons and Christian talk shows from our community’s preachers, born again Christians as well as national and international preachers.

10 We at Life FM aim to target all Christians in the age-group of 15 – 45. These people are generally getting to know a life partner, getting married, having children without knowing how to keep a family together because of our country’s broken nature.

11 Life FM is very focused on the family. Therefore if Life FM could reach out and touch the heart of our community Christians by spreading the Life that Christ brings, their lives as well as their loved ones lives could escalate into building a better and healthier nation.

12 By focussing on the family, teaching and informing people how to keep a family together through prayer, morality, strategy and creating a sense of belonging, it will have a huge impact on sexual abuse, alcohol abuse, drug abuse and crime. If a person feels that he/she belongs they will not have a need for any of the above to make them feel any sense of self-worth

13 If children have a home to go to, they will not be in the streets getting up to mischief, not practising sex, not just “safe sex” but any sex which will lower teenage pregnancies and gangstering. Teach them biblical principles about marriage and sex. This will correlate and have an impact on high HIV/AIDS rates. A new way of living a family life needs to be cultivated to save our community/nation.

14 But What Makes Us Tick? This is our drive at Life FM, to let the love of God fill our hearts and mend the broken and the spiritually tortured.

15 How has the target group and the target area been identified? Participating in counselling sessions we have come to the conclusion that a lot of people are broken emotionally, physically and spiritually. They do not have the knowledge or support to help them through these times in their lives. The newspaper, community and the news on television are mediums with different aims. Showing for example a rapist getting convicted, trialled and jailed is only one part of the problem solved. Through the radio station we can bring a sense of healing to victims without exploiting them. When these people have been empowered they will have the strength and courage to tell their stories without being ashamed which in return will help someone else again. Crime can so easily lead to crime, we at Life FM aim to heal before this can happen.

16 How Are We Currently Affecting The Community Members who aren’t Christians?

17 Health campaigns We have taken hands with the Department of Health to inform and educate our community on matters of health. This program is running once a week in the District Matlosana show.

18 Traffic Through our traffic info line another perpetrator was caught red handed whilst stealing dogs for reselling. The message was broadcasted on air, 21/01/2013 whereof the police was also tuned in and thought they would make a turn. This lady was apprehended and the dogs were saved. The community is also informed on traffic info such as accidents and roads to avoid due to bad surfaces.

19 Unemployment By informing the community of different skills to implement improvement. Life FM is joined with the local newspaper and personnel agencies to let the community know of different vacancies that is available.

20 Community matters We arranged with our local city council and the mayor of Matlosana to broadcast important community meetings. Many of our community members are not in a position to travel to the meetings locations. Whether the obstacle is transport, health or work related. Everyone can now be part of the important community meetings.


22 To become a partner with Life FM, please contact Barend at Cell: 081 347 5865 Email: To advertise on Life FM, please contact our sales team at Cell: 074 837 5651 Email:

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