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5.3 Sexual Abuse & Violence

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1 5.3 Sexual Abuse & Violence

2 Key Terms What is Sexual Abuse? Sexual act without consent
What is Incest? Sexual activity between related family members What is Sexual Harassment? Unwanted sexual remarks, behavior, or touching What is Sexual Assault? Force or the threats used for sexual activity What is Date Rape? Unwanted intercourse by someone the victim knows What is the purpose of Sexual Assault & Rape? To gain power over the victim.

3 What Is Sexual Abuse? The acts can range from kissing & fondling to forced intercourse. Incest is sexual activity between non married family members. Incest usually starts out “innocently” w/hugs & kisses. Victims, especially children find it hard to admit to sexual abuse because they usually know & trust the abuser.

4 What Is Sexual Harassment?
Behavior that makes your school, work, or home environment intimidating, hostile or offensive. It is most dangerous when the harasser holds a position of power over the person being harassed, such as a doctor, teacher, or boss. How Should You Respond To Sexual Harassment? Tell the harasser to stop. Report the harassment.

5 What Are Examples of Sexual Harassment?
Telling unwanted sexual stories or jokes Making sexual remarks about a person’s clothing & the way it fits on the person’s body Staring at a person’s body or body parts Continuously asking a person out or sending gifts, s, or love notes after they ask you to stop Touching, patting, or pinching someone in a sexual way Getting too close to or brushing up against someone Offering something a person needs in return for sex. SEXUAL HARASSMENT IS ILLEGAL & YOU CAN BE PROSECUTED!

6 What Are the Effects Of Sexual Assault & Rape?
Physical/ emotional trauma. Injuries: bruises, cuts, broken bones. Possible pregnancy &/or STI’s. Post-traumatic stress disorder.

7 How Do You Protect Yourself From Sexual Abuse & Violence?
At Home: -Keep windows/doors locked. -Don’t open doors for strangers. -Make sure you know neighbors. On Street: -Don’t be out alone, night -Be alert. -If you feel threatened yell & run to people By People You Know: -Avoid hostile or disrespectful people. -Be careful about meeting people from the Internet.

8 Why Don’t People Report An Assault?
Because they: Know their attacker Want to forget it happened. Are embarrassed Feel guilty & blame themselves Are afraid of their attacker, family, friends, &/or partners

9 What Are 5 Things You Should Do If You Are Sexually Assaulted?
Get away from further harm. Call 911 & then call family &/or a friend Don’t change your clothes or take a shower! Go to a hospital or a police station before going anywhere else. Seek therapy or counseling. What Are Three Consequences Of Not Reporting An Assault Right Away? You can’t seek medical care. If it is not reported, it can happen to someone else. It will be hard to prove you were assaulted.

10 Summary Describe sexual abuse.
Describe why victims of sexual abuse find it difficult to admit they are being abused. State five examples of sexual harassment. Describe 3 facts about sexual assault & rape What are the five things a person should do if they are sexually assaulted? Describe three ways you can protect yourself from sexual abuse & violence.

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