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Healthy Breakfast Exhibition on School Parent’s Day.

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1 Healthy Breakfast Exhibition on School Parent’s Day

2 Healthy Breakfast Exhibition Board

3 EAT BR Please cut along the lines


5 ST, GE




9 1. Breakfast provides us energy after overnight fasting. 2. Breakfast provides essential nutrients for our development. 3. Eating breakfast and good performance go together. If you eat breakfast, you can concentrate more,

10 get higher marks in examinations, and have a better memory. 4. Students who eat breakfast have less health problems (e.g. headache, stomachache). 5. People who eat healthy breakfasts often have healthier diets overall. 6. Even old people who live a long life usually eat breakfast every day!




14 Breakfast should provide 30% of daily energy. Follow the Healthy Diet Pyramid to choose the best breakfast: choose high-fiber grain foods as the main part, such as whole-meal bread or noodles or rice; eat some vegetables and fruits and maybe some milk or an egg or a slice of cheese; and avoid high-calorie, high-fat, high-sugar and high-salt foods.

15 Eat mostEat less Eat moderately Eat more Meat, egg, bean & diary products Vegetables & fruits Cereal Oil, sugar & salt



18 Whole wheat bread Low fat cheese Oatmeal or congee Fruits Skimmed milk Pure fruit juice Unsweetened soymilk Noodle soup with vegetables Unsweetened cornflakes Boiled egg Cheung fun

19 Hot dog Fried noodles Hamburger Hash browns Chocolate milk Instant noodles Boxed fruit drink Fried dim sum Fried egg Cream cake

20 soymilk

21 Low Fat


23 Ingredients: Whole wheat bread, low-fat cheese, tomato, lettuce Four quick steps: 1. Wash tomato and lettuce leaf thoroughly. 2. Cut tomato into slices and chop some lettuce. 3. Put a slice of low fat cheese, tomato slices and chopped lettuce onto a piece of whole grain bread. 4. Put on another piece of whole grain bread, finished!

24 Ingredients: Unsweetened cornflakes, skimmed milk, banana and raisins 3 easy steps: 1. Cut banana into pieces. 2. Pour a cup of milk into a bowl of cornflakes. 3. Add banana and raisins. Finished!

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