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The MCH Monitor Service “The first real education marketing innovation in decades”

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1 The MCH Monitor Service “The first real education marketing innovation in decades”

2 The Monitor Process

3 Every name verified, every month

4 Monitored Schools Monitored schools are “compiled” every month, 12 months a year.

5 Monitored Schools New names are added to the MCH database within the month after they were added to school websites.

6 Monitored Schools Other names are deleted and the rest are verified as still there.

7 Monitored Schools Job functions and emails are monitored and updated where necessary also.

8 Monitored Schools Monitored data makes MCH’s database a real- time database.

9 Schools with Personnel Changes

10 After 3 Months of the New School Year  28,500 schools monitored.  1,750,000 names monitored, ~ 40% of all names.  150,000 new names at Monitored Schools.  90,000 emails on new names.  8.5% of names in Monitored schools have been replaced with new names.  Current counts are always available at

11 Counts Will Increase  Each school requires an investment in time and effort.  MCH will keep adding Monitored schools throughout 2013 and 2014.

12 Advantages Over the Once a Year Approach  Personnel listings on school websites are updated 5 times a year on average. So when do you compile?  The great vulnerability of the once-a-year approach is that you have to pick the one time you are going to make the effort.  If you “scrape” websites before the new names have been added, you just updated your database with last year’s names.  If you wait long enough for most websites to be updated, your database won’t be ready until long after the time you need the new and verified names.

13 Use Cases

14 Fresh New Names Make your brand one of the first they have heard from. The fastest way to get in front of them is through emails.

15 Fresh New Names  Reach the educators who have joined the school most recently through periodic marketing campaigns.  You could set up a campaign to run monthly or even weekly.  Expand to a whole “welcome to the school” or “welcome to the industry” kind of campaign in which you are doing a multi- channel series using email, mail, and telemarketing.

16 Use Only the Most Accurate Data Select only names from Monitored schools when doing a less than an “all names available” promotion.

17 Use Only the Most Accurate Data  Since there is no additional charge for these names, you are effectively getting a premium list for your campaign.  Why not start with the best and most accurate names?

18 School Opening The Monitor Service is the only way you can get up-to-date names at the start of the school year.

19 School Opening  Most databases still contain the last school year’s names.  The greatest changes in personnel happen from July to October.

20 Spring, the Most Important Period Monitor names become more valuable as the school year goes on, especially compared to teacher files that are updated once a year in the Fall.

21 Spring, the Most Important Period  Many marketers mail/email most heavily in the Spring.  This is the time of year when our monthly updating cycle will have made 7 or 8 months of cumulative changes in the current school year to become the only truly accurate database available.

22 Monitored is a School Selection You can use the Monitored school selection in combination with any other available selections and be assured of the most accurate names and emails available!

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