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Literary Devices.

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1 Literary Devices

2 Idiom: Phrases that are not literal
Example: I can’t help you right now. I’m all tied up! What does this mean literally? What does it really mean?

3 Simile: Compares two things with as or like
Examples: She was mad as a tiger at him for pulling her hair. She acted like a tiger after he pulled her hair. What is being compared? What do they have in common?

4 Metaphor: Compares two things
Example: She was a tiger after he pulled her hair. What is being compared? What do they have in common? What is the difference between this and a simile?

5 Personification: Animals and inanimate objects are given human qualities
Example: The smoke from the fire crawled up the side of the house. What is being compared? What do they have in common?

6 Hyperbole : an exaggeration
Example: He was huge. He had to be the most gigantic 6th grader that ever lived! What makes this an exaggeration? Can you think of another exaggeration?

7 Irony: sarcasm/ the opposite of an expected outcome
Example: I was just thrilled that there was a pop quiz. I didn’t even do my homework! What are they really trying to say?

8 Imagery: descriptive language- sensory details
Example: The sweet almond and pumpkin aroma of the tea brought back memories of cool August evenings at home. What can you see, smell, taste, touch or hear?

9 Dialect: when dialog is written to reflect the ways a language is spoken by a group or location
Example: “Y’all mus’ be crazy, if’n ya’ll think there’s no homework t’night!” How would this be written in standard English?

10 Symbolism: something that represents another thing or idea
Examples: An olive branch is a symbol of_________ Red is often symbolic of ____________ Can you think of any other symbols?

11 Onomatopoeia: words resemble the real sound they represent
Example: The soda went clug, clug, clug down her throat as she guzzled it. Can you think of any other examples?

12 Let’s Practice. Name that literary device
When Sara went swimming she was the fastest fish in the water.

13 Name that literary device
In math class, John got the right answer and the teacher said, “You sure hit the nail on the head.”

14 Name that literary device
Drip drop drip went the leaky water faucet.

15 On Your own Name that literary device
1) The teacher gave us so much homework. This is going to take forever to finish.

16 Name that literary device
2) “There ain’t nobody gonna come ‘ere an’ take ma stuff. I gotta real mean dog set ta attack.”

17 Name that literary device
3) Sam was like a broken record player in the way he would repeat himself over and over.

18 Name that literary device
4) After three hours of questioning and the suspect had still not given up any information, the detective knew he would be a tough nut to crack.

19 Name that literary device
5) “Time to take out the trash,” said Billy’s mom. “Oh great,” said Billy as he rolled his eyes. “That sounds like a ton of fun.”

20 Name that literary device
6) Rebecca was a grasshopper when she jumped high up into the air.

21 Name that literary device
7) As the door opened with a loud creak, the scent of freshly baked muffins poured over me. My mouth began to water and my stomach let out a low rumble. I was certainly hungry.

22 Name that literary device
8) As Jacob stared up at the American flag flowing in the wind, he could not help but think about all the things that flag stood for. The flag was so much more than just sewn cloth.

23 Name that literary device
9) The rain drops raced down the outside of the window before they relaxed in a spreading puddle.

24 Name that literary device
10) Thump thump thump thump went my heart as the doctor listened with a stethoscope.

25 Answers 1) Hyperbole 6)Metaphor 2)Dialect 7)Imagery
3)Simile 8)Symbolism 4)Idiom 9)Personification 5)Irony 10)Onomatopoeia

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