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THANK YOU. Lesson-1: Application of urea supergranules in rice cultivation.

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2 Lesson-1: Application of urea supergranules in rice cultivation

3 Presented by- Dilruba Hossain Junior teacher Bangladesh International School and College Dhaka

4 1.To know different forms of urea fertilizer 2. To know the limitation of granular fertilizer 3. To know the benefits of urea super granules 4. To know the doses of urea super granule 5. To know the method of application of guti urea in rice field


6 1. Granular urea needed split application in several times. 2. There is possibility of leaching loss due to quick decomposition. 3. This fertilizer can be wash out from the soil with rain or irrigation water. 4. Using this fertilizer involved much loss and higher cost.

7 Advantages of using urea supergranules: 1. Urea supergranules need to be used only once in a season. 2. Using urea supergranules save 20-30% of the nitrogen. 3. Urea supergranules supply nitrogen to the plant slowly. 4. Using urea supergranules can produce 15-20% higher yield.

8 Dose of urea supergranules There are different weights of a single urea super granule, viz. 0.9 g, 1.8 g and 2.7 g. If the weight is 0.9 g, 3 granules is to be placed in the middle of 4 hills for boro rice. For aman and aus 2 granules is to be applied. For 1.8 g, 2 granules should be used in case of boro and 1 granule for aus and aman. If the granule size is 2.7 g, then 1 granule is enough for all rice.

9 Rice plants are transplanted maintaining 20×20 cm distance. Within 5-7 days of transplanting before being the soil hard, urea supergranules should be applied. Application of urea supergranules is become easier when it is applied in the field containing 2-3 cm of water. At first the urea supergranules are placed into 10 cm deep in the middle of first 4 hills of first line. Then the granules are placed in the middle of the next 4 hills maintaining same depth. When first line is completed, the seconds line to be started which is followed by second, third, fourth line and so on. Methods of application of urea supergranules



12 Thank Y ou

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