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CRS Rice Bowl: Lent 2014. Agenda Program Overview CRS Rice Bowl and Pope Francis CRS Rice Bowl 2014 What makes CRS Rice Bowl a success? Questions/Discussion.

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1 CRS Rice Bowl: Lent 2014

2 Agenda Program Overview CRS Rice Bowl and Pope Francis CRS Rice Bowl 2014 What makes CRS Rice Bowl a success? Questions/Discussion

3 Overview †CRS’ Lenten faith formation program: prayer, fasting, giving †Connects Catholics in the United States with our brothers and sisters around the world †Brings Lent to life for faith communities and families in the home Photo by Philip Laubner/CRS

4 CRS Rice Bowl & Pope Francis †Weekly Quotes from Pope Francis in the Lenten Calendar offer reflections on solidarity and justice †Meet Saint María Guadalupe García Zavala, one of the first saints Pope Francis canonized, in the Our Catholic Identity: Examples from the Saints †Get daily reflections, including Pope Quotes, sent directly to your phone and track your Lenten sacrifices as part of the NEW CRS Rice Bowl mobile app (available for iOS and Android)

5 On this year’s Rice Bowl… †The Lenten Prayer o PRAY together as a family †“I Promise…” o Commit to FAST to help those around the world †Symbolic Give Amounts o Find out what your ALMSGIVING is doing for the world’s poorest

6 Countries Featured in 2014 Kenya Developing Employment Opportunities †Sacredness and Dignity of the Human Person Guatemala Childhood Education †Rights and Responsibilities Philippines Humanitarian Response and Rebuilding †Option for the Poor Malawi Agricultural Development †Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers Haiti Mother and Child Healthcare †Social Nature of Humanity Santa Fe, NM Local 25 percent †Global Solidarity

7 Lenten Calendar …it’s back! As you journey through the weeks of Lent… †Learn about the 2014 Featured Countries †Reflect on the importance of Catholic Social Teaching principles †Encounter Christ through the Stations of the Cross †Read passages from Scripture †Prepare a Simple Meal with your family on Fridays †Hear Thoughts from Pope Francis †Give to your Rice Bowl through fun and engaging activities

8 Lenten Calendar : Stories of Hope

9 2014 CRS Rice Bowl Poster

10 NEW RESOURCES, Classic Materials †Coordinator’s Guide – integrate CRS Rice Bowl into parish’s Lenten activities o Engaging Parish Ministries focuses on bringing CRS Rice Bowl to Youth Groups, Small Faith Sharing communities and Whole Group Catechesis o Blessing of the CRS Rice Bowls integrates Rice Bowl into your parish or school liturgy †Educator’s Guide – bring CRS Rice Bowl into your classroom with lesson plans, activities, and prayer services for grades 1-12 o 10-Minute Lesson Plans insures that even the busiest classroom has time for Lenten reflection and learning

11 Ordering Materials Materials available in English and Spanish Materials free of charge Order at 1-800-222-0025 or Visit our website to find even more great resources!

12 Supporting a CRS Rice Bowl Parish †Emphasize to parish leadership that CRS Rice Bowl supports Lenten faith formation o Prayer, fasting, almsgiving & learning! †Ensure that every family gets a Rice Bowl †Enlist support from Pastor o Pulpit announcements are powerful! †Integrate CRS Rice Bowl into parish life o Religious Education & Youth Ministry o Parish-wide simple meals and catechesis o Reminders during Lent (bulletins, homilies, etc.) o Parishioner involvement in Rice Bowl collection

13 Rice Bowl Success What really makes a difference? A passionate Rice Bowl ambassador in parish (1)Talk to Pastor/parish leadership about increased engagement in CRS Rice Bowl for 2014 (2)Provide leadership/encouragement for implementation of CRS Rice Bowl (3)Speak at Masses during Rice Bowl distribution: “Why I support CRS and participate in Rice Bowl…” (4)Follow up with clear collection plan at end of Lent to make sure donations are returned

14 CRS Rice Bowl: Spotlight on Religious Education †10-Minute Lesson Plans mean even the busiest classrooms have time for Lenten reflection †Blessing of the Rice Bowls & End of Lent Prayer Service resources offer students the opportunity to ritualize CRS Rice Bowl †Our Catholic Identity: Examples from the Saints allow students the chance to learn how holy men and women have served the poorest and most vulnerable

15 Where do your CRS Rice Bowl contributions go? †75% of all donations support CRS’ programs around the world o Agriculture projects help farmers improve harvests o Mother and child health projects offer health and nutrition services o Water projects bring potable water to communities o Microfinance projects provide better incomes o Education projects provide opportunities for a better future †25% of all donations fight hunger and poverty in your diocese o Food pantries, shelters, soup kitchens and more! CRS Rice Bowl: Serving Locally, Serving Globally

16 Questions? Thank You!

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