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1 Lent 2015 Lent Fast Day 27/2/15

2 Matched funding

3 working in Myanmar (also known as) Burma

4 Meet the people Kyin Nu Martin Zin Thu Thu “The joys and hopes, griefs and anxieties of the men of this age, especially those who are poor or in any way afflicted, these are the joys and hopes, the griefs and anxieties of the followers of Christ.” [Gaudium et spes]

5 Interesting facts about Myanmar Population of 53 million - roughly same size as England and Wales BUT geographically the country is larger than Italy and Germany combined. Alongside other countries it ranks 150 out of 187 on the HDI scale (Human Development Index). Rice is one of the staples of the country. Most meals, including breakfast, are accompanied by rice. The national sport is ‘Chinlone’

6 Some of the issues Access to natural resources Drugs trade used for financing arms Lack of infrastructure so limited economic opportunity Suspicion and mistrust due to previous failed ceasefires Power struggles between armed ethnic goups Lack of coordination and cohesion between the government and military forces as well as within the military itself Links to some useful websites

7 Fast Day envelopes Can be handed in at the collection or posted back to CAFOD. Please do not send cash by post Please post regular gift envelopes back to CAFOD

8 Other resources ‘How to’ guide Prayer Card ‘Fold-over’ poster to promote and say thank you Children’s Liturgy Matched funding flier Downloadable Colouring sheets

9 Other resources You can download and print from Lent calendar of reflections, scripture and activities An info sheet on Myanmar Stations of the Cross Weekly children’s liturgy resources Or order any of these, as well as collection boxes, by calling CAFOD or emailing

10 Anything new? Lent Fast Day Short talk hints & tips to make it more successful than ever!

11 Primary schools, Secondary schools and Youth Groups

12 In primary schools Resources feature Zin Thu Thu ‘ Cut it out’ labels to stick on boxes & jars

13 In secondary schools

14 Opportunities to do something different – it’s over to you… New regular gifts set up between Ash Wednesday, 18 th February, and 17 th May will also qualify for UK Aid matched funding. Get someone to give the Short Fast Day talk! Hold a frugal lunch each week with soup and bread, and maybe some of our Lent reflections or Stations of the Cross Schools and young people will be ‘Cutting things Out’ - can you do this in your parish too? Can you work with your Children’s Liturgy throughout Lent to get the message across? What other things might work in your parish to unlock the matched funding from the government?

15 What will we achieve with this matched funding? Over 3 years we are aiming to reduce poverty, promote gender equality, and develop environmental sustainability in Bangladesh, Kenya, Myanmar and Zimbabwe. Directly transforming the lives of 300,000 marginalised women, men and children through stronger, sustainable livelihoods. And indirectly transform the lives of around 400,000 more people in the families and communities of those 300,000 people.

16 Our focus will be on Climate-resilient agriculture To enable communities to have a voice and empower them to engage with local government and private sector To increase crop and livestock productivity To provide year-round food security To reduce malnutrition To train more women to become leaders To enable people to protect themselves and their families from extreme weather: storms, droughts, and floods …And to help them recover when extreme weather strikes

17 Ensuring this is all done through CAFOD’s partnership approach Local knowledge and skills drive the ideas Partners are grounded in local communities where they work. Partners are committed to support communities over the long term Projects are centre round active community participation Building capacity is central to ensure the sustainability of our projects

18 So remember Every £1 raised between Ash Wednesday and 17 th May during our Lenten appeal will be matched funded by the UK government!

19 Thank you Lent 2015

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